Helping out a Friend – Chapter 15 [femdom][bondage][pegging][forced-bi](Novel length)


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Nate couldn’t even look up. She wasn’t gonna suggest trying this was she? He re-focused on her question though and answered, “yes…for some reason I often think of spread eagle on the bed like we have already done, but face down on it. Um…maybe with a pillow under the hips.”

“Well, this is all really interesting. Let’s go back to the bedroom and see what that position looks like, shall we?” Kim said, and it wasn’t a question…

“Y-yes Mistress,” Nate said nervously. All he could think about as she followed him to his bedroom was how she was gonna tie him, after he admitted all those things to her, and how she could very easily put the strap-on on herself and take him. It filled him with fear, but his cock throbbed in the cage. He had no idea what it would feel like to be fucked like that, but the videos he had seen made it seem to be both pleasure and pain much of the time. He knew that he desired it as a fantasy of something he need to do as a male submissive, but had no idea what it would really be like.

Kim followed, looking at Nate’s ass the whole way. Anal sex was something she had never experimented with, neither on herself nor on a partner. She had been fine with that and had never given in much wondered. But now her mind was filled with this aspect of it. Wearing a fake penis and actually penetrating a man with it? Fucking him like so many men dreamed of fucking women? There seemed to be some real inherent power just thinking about it. How might it feel to actually do it? Most of all she was curious what kinds of sounds Nate might make from it. Or well, Jon too. She was at all times turned on by male moans, but how might they sound different with being bound and penetrated?

Once in his room, Nate nervously grabbed a pillow and put it in the center of the bed. The rope was still attached to the corners of the bed, and he nervously laid down on his stomach, his hips over the pillow, raising his ass in the air. He hadn’t spread his legs on his own very far yet, he was already feeling more exposed and vulnerable than ever.

Kim was excited as she saw Nate get right into the position he had mentioned, pillow and all. She set to work right away with tying his wrists first, wanting to feel the power right away of making him helpless. She was really feeling just how much power she had with every moment that passed with their pretending for this, and rather than scare her, or put her off, it was really exciting her. She almost wished she had explored this sort of thing a long time ago. She stretched his arms out to the corners and tied them tightly so that Nate would feel a little extra helplessness. Not so tight as to be dangerous and cut off his blood flow, but she wanted him unable to move much at all. She smiled as she finished the last knot on his wrists and could hear his breathing go a little more ragged.

She went down to his ankles, and he had his legs far too close together for the rope to reach, and she really enjoyed tying him as tightly as efficient. She could tell him to spread his legs, but decided to just grab an ankle and pull the leg wide to see how he would react. She did so, pulling his left ankle to the corner, and he gasped, but didn’t struggle against it. She hummed happily as she securely tied the ankle, making sure his leg was spread as widely as it could be.

He hadn’t spread his right leg on his own, so she repeated the process of grabbing it and moving it, perhaps a little more roughly than was required, but certainly not enough to hurt. Again, Nate gasped, but this time moaned afterwards as she stretched it as wide as it would go. Interesting. He seemed to like that little bit of physical handling. She finished that knot and then paused to look down at him.

And what a sight it was! He looked so helpless and spread out, and she loved the way his nude and still quite red ass was raised up, ready to be taken. His caged cock and balls were easily visible with how wide his legs were spread, and she could even see a bit of his tight hole. They had come so far, so fast in their pretending to be in this dynamic, and it was really quite amazing to look down at her nude and bound roommate so exposed and vulnerable for her.

She was so tempted to do more than just have him tied like this, and feeling the absolute power she had over him in the moment, she climbed onto the bed between his legs. His ass was still quite red and she brought a gentle hand to it to caress it. Nate gasped and moaned and she asked, “so how does the position feel? You had said this is what you most often think of for….um….getting fucked, to put it bluntly. How does it feel?” she asked, enjoying the way his buttucks were quivering beneath her touch.

“It…I feel so absurdly vulnerable and exposed. It’s…it’s a bit embarrassing to think about what I look like in this position, but…fuck, even knowing that we are pretending, I can not help but feel real fear at being penetrated. But that fear also arouses me if that makes sense,” Nate answered.

She got a little more bold with her caressing hand as he spoke, realizing how vulnerable he was and how vulnerable he felt and fully enjoying exploiting that. She let her hand pass over his crack and get closer to his anus. It made his voice tremble when she did so. She wondered about what he said about fear and understood. It was a little like the fear you had the first time you had sex with a new partner. The fear was real, but it wasn’t a bad thing that you didn’t want. It was quite the opposite. It added to and fed your arousal.

“You look amazing Nate,” she said softly, and he really did. She had never paid much attention to men’s asses beyond a cursory look until now. The fear that he was feeling really turned her on though and on impulse she got to her knees and then carefully brought her hips to make contact with his ass. She was clothed and not wearing the phallus, but perhaps it would add to it for both of them? Nate whimpered when he felt it and she almost did too as she felt how wet she was getting.

She started to move her hips, simulating the motion of fucking him as a top. “So I could just take you like this…” she said, “Nice and steady and deep…” she said and pushed a little harder when her groin hit his buttocks on the word ‘deep.’

“Y-yes Mistress…” Nate replied and had trouble even getting that much out as he felt the pressure of her hips press against his naked ass. He felt so vulnerable. Kim shocked him then by laying down on top of him fully. He could almost feel the heat of her crotch pressing against his ass she started to gyrate her hips.

She said in a low husky voice in his ear, “I could just take you like this for hours and there wouldn’t be anything you could do to stop me would there?”

“No Mistress,” he squeaked.

“But you wouldn’t want to stop me would you?” she whispered, even closer to his ear.

“N-no Mistress,” he whimpered as she continued to work her hips against his prone ass.

Kim wasn’t sure what had come over her, but this felt so right. Even taunting and teasing him like this felt right. They were just pretending but…fuck this aroused her. She really could just fuck him like she said, and there would be nothing to stop her. Sure, this sort of talk seemed a bit over the line, but she was just adopting her role and pretending right? That was what she told herself. She could almost taste that delicious aroused fear coming off of Nate in waves and it only fed her desires more.

She couldn’t withstand one more tease.

“Maybe I should go get that strap-on right now?” she said, voice low and full of her arousal…

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