Helping out a Friend – Chapter 12 [femdom][bondage][pegging][forced-bi](Novel length)


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“Do you know what a chastity cage is?” he asked, trembling a little…

Kim wondered about it and didn’t really know. She knew what chastity meant, but a cage? Like a prisoner or something? “I am afraid I do not Nate. I mean, I can guess a little based on the words, but it is probably better if you explain it to me,” she said softly. Nate was still draped over her lap, hands tied, and red freshly spanked ass in the air. She was in no hurry to let him up as she felt that continuing to talk from this position of power made Nate perhaps a bit more forthcoming.

This would be interesting, Nate wondered. Sometimes people had very negative reactions to something like this because it was deemed so out of the typical. Even freaky. He felt so submissive after that spanking and with her hand on his sore ass. He had to keep reminding himself that this was just pretend and that she wasn’t really his dominant, but it was nearly impossible to not just defer to and obey her, and offer her more and more submission. He was pretty sure he would never be able to look at her the same way, but for the sake of their living arrangements, he would have to try to, or at least hide it.

“It…it is a little device, usually made of either plastic or metal, that um…goes around the penis and with a little lock, it…it is secured there, unable to be removed without the key. prevents or restricts erections, prevents normal masturbation, and hence tends to prevent orgasms. Um…typically in a femdom type of relationship, the Domme keeps the key and determines when his cock can be released and able to even have an erection,” Nate started and he sensed Kim was about to ask something else, but he wanted to get another point across first.

“Though it is a physical device that does those things physically, it…it is really more of a psychological tool. Carrying that key reminds you that you control his pleasure and his denial. I would feel that power all the time because that cage around my cock is kind of always felt. Almost like your hand gently wrapped around it claiming it as yours. I know that I am completely reliant on you to even have an erection, and it’s something that can affect psychology quite a bit, making me more submissive just by passively being there and feeling that control,” he added trying to convey what a chastity cage might mean in words, but it was hard to do.

“I…that is really quite interesting Nate, but I am having trouble picturing how something like that would even work. Is it safe? Does it hurt? Or do you not know?” Kim asked. She was a bit aroused by the way he described it though and found that sort of curious. Having that sort of control over a cock? Men were so obsessed about their cock’s anyway, so she could see that it might have a pretty big impact if they couldn’t even touch it themselves. Combine that with orgasm control and denial? She was more than curious.

“Providing it fits properly, it is pretty safe. Can be worn in a lot of cases for at least days, if not weeks. Um….it doesn’t hurt precisely, not in normal use, but attempted erections can be a bit uncomfortable I guess is the best word for it,” Nate answered because he had worn one on his own and had done some reading about them.

Kim wondered about what he said and came to the conclusion that he must have experience wearing one to know that much. “Do you have one Nate?” she asked softly, letting her hand trail down his thigh.

“I…I do,” he said simply, feeling butterflies in his stomach at the admission.

“Would you show it to me?” Kim asked, letting her hand travel back up his thigh and gently over his ass again. Nate shivered and suppressed a moan.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied softly.

Kim immediately set to untying his hands, though it didn’t take long. The knot he had shown her was quite secure, but also designed to be very easy to release. Nate realized then that he would now be walking in front of her fully nude for the first time, fully displaying his erection to her. His face was bright red as he got up from her lap. He was still completely hard and there was nothing he could do to hide it. He went to his closet and had to bend over to look in his box of toys to discover the little box that had the cage, aware that her eyes were probably on him.

Kim’s eyes were very much on him. Seeing that impressive erection and knowing that he was gonna remain naked for her felt like such a powerful thing. He was obviously very embarrassed by it, and that made her want him to stay that way all the more. His red ass being bent over like that filled her with more thoughts that aroused her.

She figured that when he came back, he might try to sit and hide and so when he turned around and started walking back, his erection leading the way, she said, “Can you stand in front of me and show it to me? I don’t want to have to crane my neck.”

Nate almost tripped over his own feet as he changed his direction. He had been headed for next to her so that he could sit and feel a little less exposed. Blushing as much as efficient, he went to stand in front of her instead, his cock jutting out obscenely. He opened the box and pulled out the little metal cage. It had an inline lock rather than using one of those little luggage locks. It was a normal ball trap device with a small cage that was very effective for both comfort and effectiveness in containing attempts at erections.

He explained how the ring went on and then how the front piece came over the penis and the two would be locked together. Kim held out her hand so that she could look more closely, and it was only inches away from Nate’s erection. He meekly handed over both pieces along with the key and lock.

She turned it over in her hands, fascinated by it. Knowing it was a bit wrong, but still enjoying Nate’s embarrassment, she looked directly at his crotch without trying to hide it. Nate actually had a very nice cock she would enjoy looking at it as they continued to pretend. So it was a little over the line. Jon could deal.

“So that is supposed to fit in here?” she asked incredulously looking at his erection and back at the cage. His erection was probably 6 or 7 inches and the cage part that would hold it might be no more than an inch and a half.

“It…it does, but not while already erect,” Nate said awkwardly as she looked at his cock. He had never felt so awkward in his life.

“I see,” she said, and took both pieces and placed them on his nightstand, seeing the clock there showing they still had all day to play around and explore, though it was getting toward lunch. “Do you ever wear it?” she asked, genuinely curious.

“I…I have I said, it is more of a psychological tool than a physical one. With just being able to take it off whenever I want and not have a dominant with the key, it is not very fulfilling,” he admitted.

Kim decided to ask. He might say no, but she wanted to learn and this seemed like a brilliant way to learn about it. She looked up at Nate and his red face with a steady gaze. “Well, you have already given me authority over when and if you can orgasm while we pretend to be Domme and sub. Would you be willing to wear the cage for me and let me hold the key while we do so?” she asked.

Nate felt caught in her gaze, but his cock throbbed a foot away from her face…

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