Helping Mrs. Davis and no regrades.

I met Dr. Davis and his wife about 2 and half yeas ago. They
are my best friend’s neighbor. My buddy is just one of those guys that has
at all times been in the right place at the right time when it comes to life. I
really do not know how he falls into his luck. But he is my best friend and I’m
not jealous of him. But the dumb luck is crazy.
My buddy has never owned a home. All the time rent as he is at all times
all over the place so buying just didn’t make any sense to him. But his
accountant told him he needed some investments and recommended him buying a
house. He didn’t need it but he did think about it and said at some point he
will want to retire and his dream is to play golf every day so he wondered what
the hell he would buy a house on a golf course and it would be ready for him
when he was ready to be home and retire.
So he bought his house in an upscale area on the 7th
hole of a golf course. With him not being in the states very much I was the guy
that would check on the house. Making sure all is good when he is not home.
That is when I met Dr. Davis and his wife Mrs. Davis. They
are the neighbors next door and they are very nice. Again, my buddy’s dumb luck
Anyways none of this was a pain or even a wondered but it all
just worked out. Just about every time I was checking on the house as most of
the time it was on weekends. I would at all times run into Dr. Davis and his wife. 6
months or a year into this We found that we all got along nicely and once in a
great while when I was checking on the house, they would invite me for dinner
or a drink on the back deck. Nothing crazy just being nice.
Sometimes I would except other time I had better things to
Let me tell you a little about then now. They are older. He
is 80ish and she is 70ish. He still looks good for his age but of the 2 of them
life is starting to take it toll on him. He was in the military and then being
a busy Dr. all his life. Well, you can see he does not have the bounce in his
step as much as he use to.
Her on the other hand is aging well. I’m not saying she
looks 30 still or anything.  But she gets
up ever day. Puts herself together. Goes out and plays golf every day. She even
walks the course no riding. She is in very good shape again for her age and you
can tell she is still proud of her looks. Again, she dolls up every day. She
at all times has her hair done nice, at all times has some light make up as she has the
sort of face that does not need much but she like to high light her eyes and
lips so the make up is there.
The reason I am writing this now is a girl I’m dating said I
should write it out and post it.
But she asked me as she knows the whole story already. My
girl also knows exactly what caught my attention when it comes to her and that
is her big ass “G” tits.  But she asked,
before you saw Mrs. Davis naked. What made you think she was good looking at
the begin?
To tell the truth I knew the minute what made me take a
second look.
With my girl now. It is really hard to say I’m not a tit
man. My god my girl has “G” tits for god sakes lol.
The first two times I met Mrs. Davis, all I saw was about
the first 1/3 of her. Her head and shoulders for the most part and some of her
breast. The first time she was behind some shrubs as Dr. Davis and I ware
talking. And the second time she was standing on the other side of the car
getting ready to leave as Dr. Davis and I were talking again.
It was the third time I saw her that made me take the second
look at her. I was out front of my buddy’s house getting the mail and the
Davises had their garage door about half open. As I’m walking up the driveway I
look up and I see these nice tight, shapely, shinny, tan legs walking from one
side to the other of the garage. All I could see at this point were legs.
When I saw them, I stopped to look at them and the first
thing my mind wondered. Looks like the Davises have a daughter
Then the garage door opened all the way as Mrs. Davis was
just getting ready to go play golf and she was in one of those cute golf outfits
the ladies are wearing now. The short skirt with shorts under them and a form
fitting top.
So, to answer my girl’s question and I hate to say this but
for her age at 70+ it was her legs first and then a few months later I saw her
in some very tight jeans and heels and she had an ass to match her legs.  
So, it is now 2 and half maybe 3 years later. From the time
I met the Davises. I have had wine on the deck with them a few times and dinner
a few times. So, we all do know each other very well now.
Dr. Davis started having some medical problems. That will
happen in your 80’s. So, I have ended up being the go-to person they will ask
to play in golf games with Mrs. Davis for charity and stuff like that as he
can’t swing any more.
One day I get to the house and getting the mail etc. I see a small box on the
porch. I walk up and my buddy belongs to a business that will send steaks in the
mail from time to time. So, I at all times open the boxes. Well, I get the things in
the house and open the box and I was not ready for this. Inside was a dildo. I
stopped in my tracks as this shocked me. I begin to laugh as a million things
run in my head.
I had no clue my buddy was like this. But ok good for him. I
go to close the box back up and that is when I saw the label and it was
delivered to the wrong place. It was for the Davises.
Now I’m so not new to toys. I love toys. So, looking at this
very entry-level dildo made me giggle as it reminds me of someone that has
never had a toy before and wondered maybe they will try one but don’t know what
to get.
It was funny but at the same time I can’t lie. I did flash
to a wondered of Mrs. Davis using it. So, I taped it back up to make it look
like it was not open and I took and laid it on the doorstep of the Davises and
Two weeks later I was meeting up with Mrs. Davis for a
charity golf game a best ball one. And no lie she had a glow to her I had not
seen in some time. That is when the dildo flashed in my head and I smiled
thinking good for her.
But really it was almost like a new person. She had a smile
on her face even more than ordinary and she had a bounce to her step. I was very
happy for her.
I’m really not sure when it all happened but. Between
golfing with her, having dinner and drinks on the deck. Her and I started
texting a lot. Nothing sexual at first. Just about this and that. Then we
started sending memes. And that opened a can a worms. The more memes we sent
the sexier and naughtier they got.
Then one day Dr. Davis hit me up to be a part of a card
game. He asked me to be there at 5 but the game was not gonna begin till 6.
I wondered he just needed some help setting up. I got there and it was a little
odd of a conversation. It was sort of all over the place and parts of it were
him thanking me for being there for him to help out with the charity work she
does and being someone for her to talk to etc.
 But then he would
move off that and talk about the game we were getting ready for and then how he
has been with all the medical problems etc. Again, sort of all over the place.
But I could tell something was on his mind.
Then just before the other guys got there, he took a deep
breath and said, Look, thank you so much for being there for her. He stops and
looked me in the eyes and tells me. She really likes you and I want you to know
I’m 100% ok with it. It is nice to have someone I trust to be there for her.
I’m not the man she married years again and there are a lot of things I just
can do. So, it is really nice know a great guy like you is there for her.
Then the door bell rings and we stopped talking about it and
it was a full night of poker and drinks and laughs. It was late and I was to
play golf the next day with her and I stayed the night at my buddy’s house
after the game.
The next day was a golf tournament and it was doubles. So,
her and I teamed up. We didn’t win but had a great time. She will hardly ever
drink on the course but. Today didn’t really count for anything just fun and she
had a few drinks with our game. Later at the ceremony she and I had some more
drinks and dinner with the groups etc. As the night went. I was not looking at
the time. But we were just about the only people in the bar now and we were
sort of off in the corner.
Now it was her that looked like she had something on her
mind.  She reached over and held my hand
and looked me in the eye and thanked me for being there for her after her husband’s
medical issue.
It is so my pleasure. I have a great time with you.
Aaaw that is so sweet of you to say. Even to an old lady
like me.
She stands up and said, “let’s get going looks like they are
closing up.”
We walk out to my car as I dove us to the club house this
time. I walk her to her side of the car and I unlock it.
Just before I open her door I stop and looked her in the
eyes. I’m not sure if it was the drinks talking but I just came out and said
it. But it is all true.
Mrs Davis, you may have been on earth for a few years. My
eyes drift down her body and back up to her eyes. But there is nothing I see
that I would call old.
We were both locked in aaawww what had just came out of my
mouth. She at all times hugs me and kisses me on the cheek. As a thank you for
helping her with something or being there for her for golf.
She opened her arms for the hug and she stepped to me.
Normally she will wrap her arms around my body or some time my shoulders. But
this time she wrapped them around my neck and instead of turning her face to
kiss my cheek. Her lips found mine. It was a gorgeous soft kiss. But quick.
Our eyes never stopped looking at each other’s eyes.
We both pulled away and I opened the door and helped her in.
We drove to the house and I walked around to open her door. I held my hand out
to help her up and there we are face to face again. I could not stop myself. I
pulled her in to a kiss again. This time we held each other tight. Our mouths
opened and it was full of passion. We made out for a long time. I had her
pressed against the car.
I was rock hard now and I was griding my hard cock to her.
When she felt it, I felt her moan in my mouth. Her fingers dug in my hair. Her
other hand grabbed my ass pulling me tight to her and I felt one of her legs
lift up and wrap around my leg gripping me tight.
The only thing between us was my thin shorts and her skin
tight thin shorts under her skirt. It was all I could do from unzipping my
shorts and pulling her shorts to the side and driving in her. I drove the head
of my cock up into her covered pussy.
That is when she started shaking and clawed my ass holding
me to her and she moaned out…… “Oh god”
We stopped kissing and she was looking in my eyes. I am
still feeling her twitch as she looks me in the eyes getting her breath.
I think you just made me cum.
I didn’t know what to say. Sorry, glad I can help, etc etc
all ran in my head.
I pulled her face to me and kissed her again softly and we
parted methods.   


There is more if you all would like to hear more.

NSFW: yes

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