Helped a nursing bridesmaid

Went to a wedding helped a bridesmaid

Went to wedding yesterday, one of the bridesmaids just had a baby 5 weeks ago, first time away from baby and she found out her pump didn’t work, she was panicking and I noticed it and asked if she was ok? She told the what the problem is and asked if I could look at it.

I had a room for the night at the event so I asked if it would be better to go up so not everyone knew her company, she agreed do we went to my room, I tried to get her pump to work to no avail, I wondered I had it one time, it was running , she went to the bathroom and said still very weak suction, she asked me to come look at it I came around the corner and her engorged breast was in it but not being pulled hard enough to get her milk to flow, I put my hand on the cup on her nipple and pulled it away with no effort at all, upon pulling it off her nipple her milk started spraying all over the place, it hit me in the face, on my clothes and the mirror.

She apologized profusely and I told her not to worry, but bring it’s letting down to spray in the sink to help relieve her engorgement, she only had a few minute letdown which helped a little but she was still really full, I told her to just express in the sink until she was good enough to go back to the wedding, she said she was afraid of getting milk all over her dress, I told her I’d go back do she could take her dress off and express , she told me not to go but just sit on the bed and she’d stay at the sink and take her dress of and express her breasts.

After about 20 minutes she told me her hands were getting tired and she was still engorged, she then asked me if I would be offended if she asked me to help, I was surprised but told her no I wouldn’t be offended, she told me to come to the sink, when I walked around the corner she was standing there bent over the sink with her gorgeous breasts just hanging there so sexy and full, with nothing but a lil white thong on, wow she’s beautiful, she told me to get behind her and to reach around and gently begin massaging her breasts and see if I could get her to flow, I stepped behind her and reached around and grasped those gorgeous boobs, they were very warm and full still, I milked them for like 20 minutes, got some milk out but still not enough.

Morgan told me she needs suction to really get flowing, so then she asked if I’ve ever had fresh milk, I told her a few times, she asked if I would want to nurse, I was more than happy to help, it took about 5 minutes but she started glowing good, after 10 minutes I switched and did the same thing to her other one, she was so thankful , I noticed she was laying back with her legs spread, I noticed and mentioned to her I see she was a lil wet, she told me she had came by my sucking, I told her that was hot, then next thing I know the thing was off and it was right there in front of me, she asked me to just eat it slow as it hadn’t been touched since 5 weeks ago it was absolutely amazing, she came several times, I gave her a good covering on her tummy then we cleaned up and went back down To the wedding.

NSFW: yes

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