Heatwave – Short Sex Story

I (18F) can’t sleep, my room is stiflingly hot, I make my way to the fridge. I’m too hot to eat but the cool air helps my mood. A popsicle will have to do.

Everything about it is sticky, the wrapper, the stick, my hands. It feels nice sliding in my mouth icy cool and sweet. Cherry’s favorite flavor. I grab a second one and head back to my room.

I chew on the first popsicle stick as I unwrap the second. I glance in the mirror and get an idea. I want to feel cool inside and out. I suck on new popsicle and get it nice and wet. My clit gets a bit sweeter as the popsicle travels the length of my slit. Through my folds, around and around my clit, up my thighs and back down again.

It slides easily into my hungry pussy. She slurps on it as I move it in and out. There’s a pool of melted pussy juice underneath me. My G spot is sending out sparks. I suck on the popsicle as I finger my chilly clit. I rode my fingers to the coolest orgasm I’ve ever had.

NSFW: yes


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