He used me as a (f)ree use fuck toy, in front of his friends


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We had been doing this for awhile now, so much that we had non verbal cues on what to do. When he gestured down, I would immediately begin sucking his cock, no matter what. If he slapped my ass, I was supposed to slid down my panties so he could pound me from behind. It was so exhilarating, just the wondered of it got me soaked. One night he had his buddies over for poker, everyone one was buzzed, if not drunk at this point. I passed him as I made my way to the kitchen, and he gestures down. Without even hesitating, I started sucking his cock. All of his friends watching him slam his cock in my mouth. He turned me around and started pounding my ass so hard I was squirting. His buddies begin taking out their cocks and jerking them. I told everyone to cum on me, and they all almost popped. Including my boyfriend who started fucking me harder. After they came all over my face, ass, and tits I heard a load moan and my boyfriend cumming in my pussy. It was so hot.

NSFW: yes

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