He penetrated me [F] less than an hour after we found each other online [22F]

Hello everyone! All I wanted to do was distribute the most thrilling experience of my life. Yesterday in class, I paired with a really tall German guy while using my phone to swipe. He asked if we could meet up that evening for drinks and he was very cute and confident.
My desire is so intense that I just went for it! When I suggested that we meet after class at a coffee shop downstairs from my apartment, he was really startled! He most likely took a break from his work at home office to come meet me.
I waited outside the coffee shop for less than 20 minutes when I saw him coming. It being a warm day, he was wearing sunglasses, and his hair was well styled. I simply had a gut feeling that he was gonna screw my brains out.
When I told him I had coffee at home, he smiled and opened the door to the coffee shop for me, but he also acknowledged that it was a more economical choice. I buzzed him into the lobby and simply breathed in his aroma as we took the elevator up. He was a good bit bigger than I was.
When we got to my place and I switched on the coffee maker, we had a little flirt and spoke about our favorite positions. Before the coffee was even finished, he asked if he could kiss me. I then got on his lap and we fooled about for a bit.
I couldn’t wait any longer, so I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bedroom. I merely gaped at his cock as I pulled his pants down. The biggest one I’ve ever seen, I took my time to make sure I watered it all the way so I could walk on it the following day.
I was too excited to say no and instead urged him to softly penetrate me, which he did. He asked to lick my ass. When I virtually ran to him, he was simply continually sticking his head inside and outside. I told him that I was ready to push us farther if he wanted to.
It was without a doubt the best sex I’ve ever had, and I think I’ll be telling my girlfriends about it for years to come. When I asked if he could come over after class this week, he told me that he would be there whenever I contacted him.

NSFW: yes

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