He gave me relief – Short Sex Story

I went with my ex husband and two kiddos to a marriage retreat in Alaska (a marriage retreat is an event for military families where they put you up in a hotel and you watch videos about marriage and they provide childcare so the couple can have bonding time). My son was only 5 months old and never got the hang of breastfeeding so I pumped instead of directly feeding. I produced so much (we are talking 40-50 ounces per day) so I had a freezer stockpile and decided to let my milk “dry up”.

This involves “weaning” from the pump and the breast eventually get the message that the milk is no longer needed. I returned the medical grade pump I was renting and had a small hand pump for expressing enough to stay comfortable. I started feeling uncomfortably full of milk midday and couldn’t wait to get back to our room to pump some out so my breasts would stop hurting.

Our kids were at childcare so my ex and I went back to our room and I took the pump out and tried to get it to work. I realized a small plastic valve was missing so the pump would not work. I think my ex saw the fear in my eyes because he asked what was wrong and I told him the pump was not gonna work and that my breasts needed relief. The resort we were staying in is in the middle of nowhere so it is not like we could just pop out and get a replacement pump.

I realized my ex staring at my breasts and he offered to help me express the milk. We were standing by the sink in the room and took off my shirt and bra. My breasts were so full that drops of milk were just dripping. He bent his head and took one of my nipples into his mouth. At first I was so full that it hurt a little even though he was being gently… but within seconds I felt the tingle sensation of a milk letdown and his eyes popped open wide in surprised as my milk early flowed into his mouth. His look of surprise turned into a look of bliss and he moaned… the nipple that was not in his mouth was just pouring all over his shirt…

He stopped for a second to take off his milked shirt and to tell me he was surprised how much was coming out and that it tasted like vanilla ice cream. He went back to his task on the other side and by this time I was ridiculously turned on… the pain of being engorged with milk, the fear of not being able to get it out with the missing pump part, the slight pain of my ex getting the milk going changing to pleasure and relief… it was hot.

I grabbed a small towel from the sink to keep the side he was not working on from getting milk everywhere. There was so much milk it got to the point where he would suck some out and spit it into the sink because he couldn’t drink much more 😅

After the urgent need of releasing some pressure was cured we went to the bed. He laid down and I sat beside him and took off his pants. He started started sucking again and I put the catching towl down and let the milk from the other side pool in my hand… then I took my hand and rubbed my milk on his dick. He moaned and gave my breast a break so he could throw his head back and enjoy the handjob, but after a bit the milk made his dick a bit sticky… so of course I had to give him head to clean it off. I was so turned on that my breasts were still just dripping milk, although it was drips and not a torrent like before. He wanted to finish inside me so I stopped licking and sucking my own milk off his dick and laid down so he could fuck me. He was so close to cumming already that he went nice and slow and sucked more milk while slowly sliding in and out of me. He kissed me and I was surprised when he released a mouthful of my own sweet, warm milk into my mouth. It DID taste like vanilla ice cream.

He did this a couple more times before cumming in me and rolling off. We both just laid there, completely sticky from my milk getting literally everywhere. I felt so much better having my breasts drained. We showered together and had another quickie before we had to pick up the kiddos. It was one of the most sensual experiences of my life. I still can express a few drops of milk even years later and absolutely LOVE having my breasts played with and sucked on.

NSFW: yes

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