He cooked for her alright… – Short Sex Story

I’ve been dating my unicorn gf for 7 months now. She knows how much I enjoy her hotpast stories. It took her a minute to open up but now she likes re-living her past with me. There have been many stories, believe me.

Every time she thinks she’s told them all to me another one pops into her mind.

Recently we were driving home after a great night out and she pointed out a restaurant by the beach that she particularly loves. Then she said “oh shit” and laughed her sexy laugh. I asked if there’s a story I need to hear.
She said I guess so but this one’s bad. I don’t want to talk about it. I just need to forget it. She knows that won’t fly with me and she can tell me anything, plus she had a few drinks so I got my story.

One night before she met me she was out late with friends and headed home. An acquaintance that she barely knew texted her and asked what she was up to. He owned this restaurant she had pointed out and invited her over and offered to cook for her. So she said why not? She was gonna be driving right past and she was hungry.

When she got there the restaurant was closed and he was the only person there. It was a very nice restaurant with several floors, the top floor had a balcony overlooking the beach.

She was well aware he had a major crush on her but she had been avoiding him for 2 reasons I’ll distribute at the end.

The setting was perfect. They were having wine in the kitchen and he was cooking for her. They made out off and on and he told her how hot she was etc.

She was wearing a short black dress with high heels.

When they finished eating he grabbed her and took her up the elevator to the top floor and attacked her on the couch. They made out and he went down on her until she came. Then he took her to the balcony and fucked her from behind while she stared at the ocean. He unloaded inside her quickly as you can imagine.

I told her that was hot as fuck! What’s the bad part?

She said he was half her age. I said that makes it even better babe. Then she told me who he really was. He’s best friends with someone very close in her family. I don’t want to reveal more but after she said that I responded, “ok you were bad” lol

She’s been worried ever since he might say something but he’s been cool. If certain people found out it would be very bad for her.

As a follow up. She went on a first date to that same restaurant a few months later. Of course her date had no idea when the young owner came over and gave them the vip treatment. When she excused herself to go to the ladies room the owner grabbed her and led her to the elevator and back to the couch again. They made out and he fondled her and then she went back to her date. I asked how long she was gone and she said 20 minutes. She had already decided she didn’t like her date and didn’t care. Lol

I’m thinking of making reservations and seeing how long her trip to the ladies room will last this time.

NSFW: yes

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