Having the Gordon’s baby

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NSFW: yes

*(I honestly am not sure what to flair this as, it’s sort of free use and dubcon and a little incesty)*

Sarah was about to turn on the dryer when she heard a tap on her door. “Do you have a minute, sweetie?” Mom said from the other side. “Sure, what is it?” Sarah answered. But Mom just came in, and dad, and sat on her bed as she stared at them like a deer in the headlights. Okay, so what was this all about?

“Why don’t you take a seat, hun” dad said to her with a pleasant smile. Sarah sat down apprehensively. “What’s going on, you guys?” she asked. Mom had seemed way too…smiley the last few days. She’d insisted on going for a jog and that Sarah join her, then that Sarah shower right after, and now she was beaming a big goofy awkward smile at her. Sarah wasn’t smiling.

“Oh, we just wanted to bring you in on a little something that’s going on, that’s all” dad began, choosing his words carefully. Sarah’s mind raced. Were they…getting a divorce? Moving? What the hell?

“So you know our friends down the street, Bob and Donna Gordon” dad began. Sarah nodded, still mystified. “We’ve really gotten to know them well over the last few years, and they’re just a fantastic pair. They’re just as sweet a couple as you can imagine and they’re awfully fond of you, believe it or not. They’re always asking about you, how it’s going with your little part-time job and your grades and, well, you’re practically like a daughter to them. You know they haven’t been able to have children, right?”

“I think Mom told me that” Sarah nodded along, puzzled as to how this could possibly have anything to do with her.

“Yeah, that’s been really tough for them. They’ve tried lots of things and just haven’t been able to make it work,” “It’s been really hard for Donna, especially” Mom chimed in. “Yeah, that’s right” dad said. “Anyway, that’s where you come in, sweetie.” They both smiled and nodded at her at this point, as if she was supposed to follow them.

“That’s where I come in…how?” Sarah asked, her stare blank. “Oh…oh, okay, well, see, Mrs. Gordon can’t, well, can’t conceive or carry a baby at all. Really just can’t do any of it, I’m afraid.” dad trailed off again as if Sarah should get where he was going. Another few seconds of awkward silence ensued.

“aaaaand?” Sarah asked, getting a little annoyed at how vague dad was being. He just laughed awkwardly and glanced beside him where Mom was still beaming at Sarah like an idiot. dad bobbed his head, signaling for her to help him out. “Sarah, honey” Mom cleared her throat, her voice syrupy sweet. “You’re going to help them have a baby!” The words were delivered with so much excitement it sounded like Mom was telling her they were buying her a brand new car.

“A BABY? What the hell, how am I supposed to help?” Sarah said, immediately defensive and sitting up straight. “Now settle down, settle down, hun” dad said. “It’s going to be a piece of cake, honestly. We’ve talked it over with them over the last two weeks and it works out perfectly for everyone. And they love everything about you, hun, they really do-”

dad, no, seriously, just tell me exactly what you guys are thinking and quit being so mysterious” Sarah blurted.

“Right, right, sorry. Here it is. So hun, first, this is the perfect time in your life to carry a baby. You’re healthy, in great shape, it’ll be a cinch for you. A woman Donna or your mother’s age, it’s very difficult for them, even if Donna could. So there’s that. Once you’re carrying the baby, they intend to be very supportive-”

“Once I’m carrying the baby…like, what the hell? How?”

“Oh you know how babies are made. The old-fashioned way, honey. Hold that thought” dad said. Mom’s eyes sparkled at her as she leaned against dad. “So after you’re carrying the baby, they’ll come to all your midwife visits and help you keep up on all your nutrition and exercise, they’ll be very supportive and take over right after you’ve given birth. We figured you’d take a gap year, and your mother and I have already reached out to the chancellor’s office and they’re quite all right with that.”

Sarah felt her face getting hot and a sense of helpless rage building as her dad droned on cheerfully. “They’ve offered to compensate us, too honey. We just want you to know we didn’t sign you up for this without our eyes open. They’re going to pay your mother and I, and we’re going to set aside part of it for you for some of your college expenses, and some of it is going to make it possible for your mother and I to take that European trip we’ve wanted to do for years.”

Mom bobbed her head with happy excitement. “Isn’t that wonderful, honey? They’re going to be so grateful, and your father and I are too!” she gushed. “But I don’t…when you mean the old-fashioned way, are you seriously saying you told him he can have sex with me?” Sarah stared at her parents like they were aliens.

“That’s about the size of it. Your mom and I know you’re not a virgin from doing a little recon through your emails, so it’s not like you don’t know how that works” dad chuckled. “I know he’s probably not your type, hun, being quite a bit older than you, but he’s a great guy, it’ll be a cinch. You’ll just have to let him, uh, keep you topped up for a few weeks-”

“are you, are you fucking KIDDING me” Sarah’s words dripped with rage.

“Oh don’t be a stinker” Mom said, still smiling. “Do I sound like I’m kidding?” Sarah snapped. “I can’t believe you guys think this is a good idea. I’m not….I’m not letting your friends fuck me and get me pregnant. I’m not…I don’t care how much they want to pay you. What makes you think I’m okay with this?”

For the first time, her parents frowned. They looked at each other, and dad reached for Mom’s hand. “Honey, we’ve really looked at this from all the angles and it just makes sense for our family and theirs. We’ve decided it’s what we’re going to do. We’d appreciate it if you’d have a positive attitude about it. You’re going to be helping them in such a wonderful way, the least you can do is…is not be a brat about it. And I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you may NOT say the F word to your father and I. I don’t care how old you are.”

Sarah’s stomach sank and her face went beet red. They’d decided. This had happened before. They just made up their minds. And it was totally pointless to try to talk them out of it.

“I know it’s a lot for you to digest, honey, so it’s fine if you’re a little, a little not-used to the whole thing” Mom said. “But babies don’t just show up in a day, so you’ll have months to think about it and come around to the idea. And I think when you see how happy this is going to make the Gordons, you’ll understand where we’re all coming from right away. So, on that note, they are coming over in a few minutes” Sarah’s mouth dropped open “and you’re all showered and fresh and I hope you’re tidied up downstairs however you’d be to be presentable for a boyfriend. Not that he’s your boyfriend, of course. Why don’t you wear some of those cute shorts and that sexy little t-shirt you got at the beach, it’s attractive and easy to take off”

“What do you mean easy to take off?” Sarah almost gagged on her own words.

“Easy to take off, silly, you don’t have sex with your clothes on, at least I assume you don’t. We have a little cushy spot set up for you down in the living room. Mrs. Gordon wants to be present and your father and I want to be there to be supportive, and we feel like there’s a little too much emotional baggage trying to crowd us all into your bedroom or their bedroom, so we’ll just hang out downstairs while you and he get started. No no, honey, that’s that” Mom cut her off as Sarah was getting ready to argue.

dad nodded in support of Mom. “Honey, please don’t put up a fuss, it’s settled, it really is. Try to look on the bright side, you’ll see why this is best” he added. He and Mom stood up together. “Give yourself around ten minutes and then come on down” but he was interrupted by the doorbell. “Oh goodness, that’s them now. I’ll answer it. Stan, make sure she comes downstairs presentably and doesn’t just sit up here and sulk”

Mom hurried downstairs. dad reassured Sarah that none of this was negotiable, then went downstairs himself. Sarah could hear them laughing and chatting happily with the Gordons. She sat on the side of her bed feeling like she was gonna hurl.

“Almost ready?” dad hollered up to her after what seemed like ten seconds. Sarah got up and walked around her room in a daze. Her hair was still damp, but not very…she just threw it into a ponytail with a scrunchie. She didn’t bother to change, and just went downstairs in the same casual saturday t-shirt and shorts that she was wearing already. She felt numb.

“Oh…you didn’t change. Oh well, next time, it’s not that important” Mom sniffed as she led Sarah into the kitchen. The Gordons greeted her profusely. Mom and dad explained that they’d already told Sarah ALL the details and lied that she wondered it was a fantastic idea and was thrilled to be helping. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon expressed their infinite gratitude. Mr. Gordon especially told her how grateful he was that she was gonna help his poor wife. Mom pinched Sarah twice when she caught her with a pout on her face.

When they went to the living room, they walked in a troop surrounding Sarah on all sides as if she were a treasure they were guarding or a skittish animal that might run away. Sure enough, there was a twin mattress on the floor with a sheet and several pillows piled on it. Mrs. Gordon had started rambling about the midwife they were gonna use; they were SO confident in her, she had infinite referrals, she’d coach them through the whole pregnancy and do checkups, and she’d connect them with a birthing class. dad popped open a bottle of cold chardonnay and poured a glass for himself, Mom, and Mrs. Gordon.

“None for you, tiger” he said to Mr. Gordon as he handed a glass to his wife. “Gotta keep that count up” he added with a wink. Mr. Gordon smiled self-consciously. No one seemed quite sure what to do next as Sarah stood with her arms crossed and Mrs. Gordon blathered. Finally Mom broke the stasis.

“Honey, go ahead and get your clothes off. Don’t be shy around us” she said gaily, as if getting nude around your parents and the neighbors was the most natural thing in the world. “Guess I’ll ditch some threads myself” Mr. Gordon said to no one in particular. He started to take off his shirt. dad gave Sarah a severe glance…do it now, his eyes said to her firmly.

So she stripped. Her skin felt cold and goosebumped as she slid her clothes off. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon sighed appreciatively as they looked her nude body over. “Oh dear, what I’d give to have a tummy like that again” Mrs. Gordon said wistfully. “And your hips, they’re so…oh, the boys must stare at you.” “She’s got good genes, that’s for sure” dad quipped proudly. “Of course she does…she’ll make a beautiful little boy or girl. Probably not twins though, but one can dream” Mrs. Gordon sighed again.

Mr. Gordon was buck naked now, his middle-aged body standard-issue for an accountant. He gave Sarah an apologetic smile, His penis was definitely starting to stiffen as he stared at her. Mrs. Gordon put down her glass of wine as Mom and dad plopped on the couch. Donna hugged her husband, wiped a tear from her eye, and kissed him. She slid her hand down his belly and started to stroke his cock…”you’re going to give me a baby” she whispered to him out loud. “Think of me while you do it, please.” “I promise I will, dear” he assured her.

Mom motioned to Sarah to stop scowling again. “Hop on that mattress, hunny” she said, and clapped her hands. Sarah sat on the mattress as Mr. and Mrs. Gordon canoodled briefly. Then he approached her as Donna sat on the couch between Mom and dad and picked up her glass of wine again. They all stared at her.

“Why don’t you, uh, lay down?” Bob suggested to her. Sarah flopped down on her stomach, staring at the wall. Mom cleared her throat. “Um, honey, they say missionary is the best position for conception…on your back, please” Sarah rolled over unceremoniously. Bob had a bottle of lube in his hand and was coating his dick with it…”want some of this?” he offered. Sarah decided he had plenty and declined.

Sarah went entirely wet-noodle on him as he spread her legs, first one, then the other. She was determined not to be any more a part of this than she had to. He didn’t seem offended. “Would you like me to give you oral sex first, or touch your clit a little to get you warmed up?” he offered politely. “No thanks” was all Sarah could answer. “She’s got some butterflies so she’s probably just going to lie down and let you do all the work, Bob, don’t mind her. Once she’s gotten used to you she’ll have more fun I’m sure” Mom encouraged him from the couch. Bob looked relieved as he mounted her.

“It’s providential that she’s not a virgin” Donna said as her husband positioned himself at Sarah’s pussy and got ready to enter her. “I know, what a relief” Mom answered. “Let me know if I’m going to fast or squishing you” Bob said to her. He smelled like aftershave. Sarah felt his hardon squish against her pussy lips, then part them, then she breathed in as she felt her pussy slowly get filled with the first few inches of his cock. “Ohhh…” Donna breathed from the couch and wiped her eyes again. “I’m just so happy”

Sarah stared at the ceiling, mortified as her neighbor started to fuck her in front of her parents and his wife. He held himself up off her body at first, then as he got deeper inside her he lowered himself down and laid on top of her like a big heavy blanket. He started to breathe heavily in Sarah’s ear and grunt laboriously as his hips began to thrust back and forth and he worked in the resistant tightness of her young pussy. “Remember to pace yourself, honey, you’ll, ah, release more if you don’t finish right away” Donna encouraged her husband. He grunted in affirmative.

Satisfied that her husband was doing his best, Donna started to talk about birth plans again, extolling home birth to Mom and dad. They were intrigued and asked questions as Bob steadily fucked their daughter. “Spread your legs a little wider, honey” dad said to her once. She opened them a few more inches. Bob’s skin started to feel a little warm.

He continued his rhythmic thrusting for an eternity as the two women chatted with each other on the couch. Sarah happened to glance at her father and realized he was staring at her with slitted eyes…he sat up at one point and rearranged his pants. He was getting a hardon watching his daughter get impregnated. Sarah looked back away in disgust.

As Bob fucked away in Sarah’s fertile young snatch, Mom and Donna put their heads together and agreed on the schedule for the coming weeks. Sex between Bob and Sarah would be twice a day until she got a positive pregnancy test. They’d swing by the Gordon’s house for dinner and to let him give Sarah’s babymaker a fresh load of spunk. They’d keep up the routine for two weeks; after that Mom and dad were going out of town for three days, so they’d just have Sarah stay with the Gordons.

Bob was pausing now and then to keep from orgasming too quickly. “Do you think that’s just about there, hun?” he asked his wife. “You tell me sweetie, how do you feel?” “I feel great, I think I’m ready” he answered. “Then do it, please” she purred.

Mr. Gordon wasn’t slow in obliging. “Ohhhhhh” he groaned and unloaded inside his pathetic little unhappy surrogate, gushing who-knows-how-many weeks of held-back semen into her as he kept his cock jammed so tightly against her cervix that it made Sarah grit her teeth and wince. Donna shivered in approval on the couch.

Before Bob could slide his dick out of her, Donna hopped down from the couch and had her husband and Sarah both lift their hips so she could shove a pillow under Sarah’s ass. “This’ll keep you elevated and hold it all inside better” she explained. Sarah just counted flowers on the wallpaper.

Mr. Gordon dismounted her and got dressed. Mom told Sarah to lie still for at least fifteen minutes, and dad poured Mr. Gordon that glass of wine he’d been missing as he slid his pants back on. They clinked their glasses gaily as they planned and looked forward to the baby that Sarah would definitely carry.

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