Having fun with my Son’s friend

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“I want you to think about it,” Alex said. I looked at Alex. He was a nice and decent guy. He had a wonderful job and wanted to marry me. The issue was that I didn’t know if I wanted to marry him. I didn’t know if I wanted to get married at all. I had been divorced for almost ten years, I had a son, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to remarry.

In any case, I had doubts if Alex turned me on enough. Sometimes it was nice. There were times when he really enjoyed it when we fucked, but usually, it was boring. It wasn’t Alex’s fault. I certainly couldn’t blame him, it wasn’t Alex, it was me. I knew what the issue was, I was a realist and I hated kidding myself about such things. The issue was that every time I and Alex had sexual relations, I found myself thinking of my son’s friend Varun ( After the death of his Mom and dad he lives with me and my son since my son went abroad for his uncle for higher education, both of us came even closer)

I think of Varun in a way that I should not think of in fact he is the same as my son’s age (like my son). I think about fucking Varun and sucking Varun’s cock and doing all those things that I did with Alex. How could I marry Alex when I was obsessed with my son’s friend?

“You’re dreaming, honey,” Alex said now. You haven’t heard a word I’ve been saying: You have a faraway look in your eyes, as if you were thousands of miles away on another planet. What’s going on? I moved my hair out of my eyes. Some of the men at the other restaurant tables were looking at me Men were at all times looking at me, looked at me in a special way that said they would like to undress me, and I at all times enjoyed that. Even Varun looked at me like that. The other day I had caught him looking at the neckline of my blouse taking a look at my tits.

I smiled at Alex now. “It’s one of those nights, honey. I’ve got a fucking headache again and I think I’d like to get home early. Alex was disappointed, I could see it in his eyes. But he was a good guy. He nodded and smiled and said that he would take me home right after dinner.

I felt much better, I wasn’t in the mood to face Alex tonight. What I needed was a quiet night at home so I could think about my problems. There must be some way out of the predicament I was in, I had to think of something. I couldn’t continue to have this crazy attraction to my son’s friend and let it screw up my life.

Dinner over, we left the restaurant and got into Alex’s car. I felt sorry for Alex. Maybe it was bad of me to cut off his desire for me on a quiet night like this. As Alex drove the car out of the parking lot, I leaned against him and kissed his cheek. I then slid my hand into his lap and felt for the bulge of his cock.

When I found his cock, I squeezed it and said: —You are a great guy, dear.

I unzipped his zipper and slid my fingers inside his fly to discover his cock. It was already half hard when I pulled out, it was already dripping with juice and I used my thumb to spread it around. Alex had a good dick. The knob of his cock was circumcised and that is why his cock at all times reminded me of Varun’s. he was circumcised like Alex and every time I handled or licked Alex’s cock I wondered it as doing it to Varun.

When I got to my house, Alex wanted to go in, I dissuaded him. I said that I was too tired, but that I would blow him right there in the car.

“My God, Maaya, people are walking on this street. Suppose someone sees us.

“It’s dark, honey. They won’t see anything if I have my head in your lap. I finally convinced him that everything was fine. Right now I had a strong urge to kiss his cock and I was getting mad at him for putting it off.

I settled with my head in his lap and my mouth on Alex’s mast. I knew it wouldn’t be long. Alex never lasted long when I had his cock in my mouth. I didn’t care, what I wanted was a load of thick sperm down my throat and the sooner I got it the better. I loved to suck any cock. I liked them fat and skinny, long and short, the more cum a man had, the more I liked him. When I sucks a cock, it was almost like I was nursing, when a man gives me a load, it was almost like I was taking milk from him.

What I wanted more than anything in the world was to drink my son’s friend Varun’s milk. I wanted Varun’s cock in my mouth and his balls to shoot his sperm and feel it down my throat. Would I ever get that from Varun? It seemed impossible, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming about it. Now, while I sucked Alex’s cock, I imagined it was Varun’s and shuddered with emotion.

Before long, Alex was moaning and squirming and warned me that I would soon make him take out the semen. Sometimes I sucked him for a while and then masturbated him. Tonight I wanted his load down my throat.

Then Alex gasped, threw his head back, and began to come. I kept my lips locked around the knob of his cock as his load burst into my mouth. He came four large spurts against my palate. I held his slimy sperm in my mouth to the very end, and then, when I finally pulled my mouth off his member, I swallowed the load all at once. I had a small orgasm as the thick drop of semen slid down my throat, I wasn’t surprised by that. It happened often, especially when I could hold the entire load in me mouth before swallowing.

Now that I had drained his balls, he was in a calmer mood and ready to go home.

Thank God, I wondered. Alex was very sweet, but he wanted to spend a night at home with me. I kissed Alex and promised to see him in a few days and hurried out of the car and walked to the house. At the front door, I turned and said goodbye to Alex. He waved at me, backed up, and pulled his car away from my driveway.


Maybe I’m stupid, I wondered. “Maybe I should marry him and stop dreaming of crazy possibilities.”

It was horrible for a woman to be obsessed with my son’s friend like that.

Opening the front door, I entered the house. It was calm. Usually, Varun had the television on downstairs or upstairs in his room, but now everything was quiet and I wasn’t even sure if he was home. I closed and locked the door and went up the stairs to the bedrooms. The door to his room was open and I saw that he had the light on there. Then I looked in and there he was in bed fast asleep.

There was nothing wrong with a young man taking a nap at night. He still had no reason to wait for me to come home for hours. There was nothing wrong with sleeping.

But there was more than that. he had his pants and undies down to his ankles and his hand was holding his cock. He was just holding his cock with his fingers. his cock wasn’t hard, but Then he noticed the wad of Kleenex on the bed and the shiny spots on his thigh and realized that he had been masturbating.

I quietly entered the room, there was a magazine on the floor. I bent down and picked it up and gasped in surprise when I saw what it was. A sex magazine I turned the pages and realized with a begin that the magazine had a theme, all of the photos featured young men and older women. Women like me and young men who looked young enough to be senior high college students.

I put the magazine on a nearby chair and looked at Varun again. I looked at his cock and the way his fingers curled around his shaft and wished that I hadn’t been there to see him shoot his load.

It was crazy, of course, he would never have done it in front of me. I imagined his hot sperm gushing out of his stick in a geyser of semen. Boys his age at all times got a lot of milk when they came. They at all times had full balls. I couldn’t withstand touching it. Settling down, I sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to run my fingertip over the pink bag that held his balls.

Varun moved and opened his eyes. He looked at me and his eyes widened with surprise and fear, and he took his hand from his cock to grab the sheet and cover himself. I stopped him. I put my hand on his member, shook my head, and said.

“Don’t worry darling, everything is fine.

“My God, Aunty, I… [**Continue reading……………………………**](

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