Having Fun with my GF

Hello, I’m (M28) and my Gf (F26) I have written several stories before, and you’re invited to read them as well. I’m currently on vacations with my Gf on Madrid, and we just can not keep our hands to one another, having all the privacy in the world, it has open us both sexually.

So this story happened days ago. We were shopping, for clothes, etc. My Gf loves the clothes from ZARA so we went there, and she grabbed some sexy outfits. I saw her grabbing a pair of cowboy boots, which I didn’t like, the boots were made of some synthetic fur, and was like a ordinary brown and white cow, I told her not to get those boots, but she said that she loved them, so of course I bought the boots for her among other things. (it will matter later)

We arrive to the apartment, and I’m just chillin in the living room, while she’s trying on her new outfits on the bedroom. She changes and comes to the living room to show me, and asks for my comment. Every single thing fit, and she looked beautiful, she was super excited to say the least for all the new clothes she just bought. She then tells me that she has a surprise for me. She goes back to the bedroom, and 3 minutes later she comes back to the living room, with the most sexy emerald green lingerie, she says: It’s time for daddy’s reward.

I got instantly rock hard, she escorted me to the bedroom, where she laid on the bed, I could see her nipples through her bralette, I admire her gorgeous body, with her perfect olive skin, her massive tits she has perfect round double C’s. She then proceeds to be in the doggy position, to show me her gorgeous round perfect ass, and I see how the thong she has barely cover her asshole and pussy, I’m in heaven. I take out my cock and started to jerk myself at the beauty I’m witnessing. I then grabbed her ass, and she slapped my hand, and tells me: No touching, I’m ovulating right now, I just wanted to give you a show. She actually was ovulating I could see her pussy juicies flowing through the separation the thong made of her pussy lips, she was dripping wet. I told her that is not fair, that she made me this horny to no give me her pussy to fuck her brains out. She then says: I know daddy’s been a good boy, hmm let me think. She then tells me she has an idea. She goes to the bathroom, and comes out almost naked, only with the pair of boots I hated, and now love.

She then laid on the bed in front of me, opens her legs wide, and tells me: come here cowboy and lick my pussy. I was shocked to say the least, she looked amazing, the cowboy boots were perfect, her pussy was dripping wet. She then spreads her pussy lips and tells me: please daddy eat my pussy. I went down on her like my life depended on it. She started moaning like crazy, all flustered. I’m gonna town on her pussy, kissing her clit, sucking on it, licking it, entering her pussy with my tounge, while rubbing her clit with my fingers. She tells me: mmm yes daddy!! I’m going to cum!!, she moaned like crazy she came and a lot of grool started to exit her pussy, It taste like glory, impossible to describe the taste, but it at all times make me go into a frenzy of a caveman.

I was all over her body, kissing her tits, kissing her neck. She then tells me: Fuck me! Fuck me daddy! I need your cock!!. Apparently now she didn’t care she was ovulating I love when she turns into a dirty slut. I didn’t hesitate not for 1 second, I quickly put my cock inside her, my god, she was wet, my cock was sliding easily on that pussy all the grool she had, made me think for a second I already cummed inside her, but no it was her delicious pussy juicies. I started ramming hard on that pussy, going as deep as I could with each thrust, then she says she’s going to cum, her legs started to shake and so the boots, while she started squirting all over my cock, I grabbed her legs by the cowboy boots and started to go faster and faster, she then tells me: Ohh my god I’m going to cum again daddy!!. That almost made me cum inside her I had to stop for a few seconds to hold it in. She’s gasping for air, her face all red and flustered, her pussy soaked, she recovers quickly and she moves on top of me and rides me, now she’s the cowgirl. She grabs my pulsating cock and shoves it in her pussy, she starts riding it first slowly, sensually. I can feel her clit rubbing against my pubis, by this point I’m about to cum for sure, but she needs to get off first, I try to hold it in, she then says: Ohh yes!! yes!! I’m going to cum!!, which I replied: Me too!!, I don’t know what got into her, because she never let me cum inside her, I guess she just went for it and told me: Yes!! daddy, let’s cum together!!. I shoot what seems to be the biggest load ever in man kind, she started twitching all over, she was on extasis, she fell over me and we laid there for hours just to catch our breath, my cock still inside her, I could feel all my cum and her pussy juicies leaking out of her pussy, my now soft cock slides out of her pussy and I see all the cum flowing out of her, it was a lot.

Now were hoping she doesn’t get pregnant, let’s hope for the best

NSFW: yes

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