Having fun with my Best Friends Step-brother – Short Sex Story

It was a “regular” Saturday afternoon and I was spending the day at my best friends house. We were supposed to go to the beach but it was raining all day. Her parents weren’t home, so it was just me, her, and her step-brother

We were going to have lunch so my best friend sent me upstairs to ask her brother what he wanted to eat. I went to his room across the hall and knocked- no answer.

I opened his bedroom door and saw him jerking off in his gaming chair. “Fuck- Do you know how to knock” I remember him saying. He pulled up his sweatpants quickly.

I closed the door behind me and walked closer to his desk. He looked at me up and down as I went on my knees. “You need help with that?” He nodded.

And that’s how I ended up fucking my friends step brother. After he finished eating me out, I put my clothes back on and walked out and went downstairs.

“So? Is he hungry? What does he want?” She asked

“Oh he’s full”

NSFW: yes

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