Having fun with a petite girl after class and filling her up.

So back when classes started this semester. In one of my classes specifically a lecture class I had meet sat next to this girl and over the course of the first few classes we had started to get to know each other pretty well. So after one the class in February she had invited me back to her dorm. So I went with her.

Once we got back to her dorm we had talked for a few minutes, then to my surprise she reaches her hand and starts rubbing my thigh. I think nothing of it as we had gotten pretty close to the point where we we’re basically dating. She says to me at this point that she wants me to fuck her. I’m the sweetest most innocent voice ever. So I say of course anything.

At this point she’s ripping off her shirt pants bra panties showing me her tiny perfect b cup boobs. This instantly gets me hard as I pull my pants and boxers off as well as my shirt. She takes no time and lays me down on her bed and starts sucking my cock. Taking as much of it as she can. I eventually begin pushing on her head gently making her gag on my cock and have some spit come out from it. She keeps sucking on it with me making her gag every so often for about 10 minutes. This is when she climbs on top of my dick and starts to ride my cock bouncing up down. She keeps riding me for 5 minutes until I shoot a load inside of her. She hops off we switch positions to missionary. I begin to fuck her here more aggressively with each stroke and she only lasts about 10 minutes before she cums like crazy which kicks in my instincts and makes me cum again. I pull out and we just lay there in her bed shaking from the enjoyment. I ended up spending the night in her room. She also tells me not to worry as she is on birth control.

I’ll keep you guys updated as this happened at the end February. We started dating after having this much fun with each other so I’ll continue to post here more stories from us.

NSFW: yes

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