Having fun in the bakery

True story. This all happened in August 2019.
We were a group of friends from school. We have traveled together 11 times now. This is the story of our third trip. We decided to go to Ljubljana and we didn’t have enough money to stay in a fancy hotel. Instead my friend found a clean apartment that had 4 floors and the owner and his family lived in the first floor, they rented out the other three.

It was a good choice, the apartment was clean and way cheaper than a hotel.
Obviously the city is nice, but I don’t want to talk about the architecture and old churches.

Since we were not in a hotel, nobody served us prepared breakfast and we had to wake up early to make our own. My responsibility was to buy fresh bread before others make the breakfast. I naturally wake up early so I was fine with it. I don’t want to cause any problems for her so I won’t talk about addresses.

There was a bakery 15-20 minutes from our apartment. And the girl who sold them was super cute. Thin, tall, brunette. From the moment I opened the door and I saw her I wanted her. Luckily she spoke some English. Funny how we don’t know the language of our neighbor countries but everyone speaks English. Anyway.

With a broken English, I started to ask her about different kinds of bread. And which one was the best. She didn’t actually know. But she asked the old lady who made them in the back and she loudly answered. She then translated to English and explained to me. The kind old lady eventually came out of her working space covered by flour and gave me fresh bread from the oven and told me the ones in the shelf were from yesterday.

For the first three days I kept buying bread and talking to that beautiful girl every day. Asking her about the city where we should go and where the best bars are. Things like that.
The fourth day or the fifth not sure, she looked really messy and said that she had a bad day. I complimented her and told her that even on a bad day she still looks better than any other girl in Ljubljana. She blushed prettily and thanked me. From that day I turned on my game. Joking, complimenting and teasing. She was very fun and sweet.
Then one day she was giving me directions to a bar that was very nice. I already knew where it was but I lied and said I didn’t know. Anything she said to make me figure out, I pretended to be confused. She told me to bring out my phone out of my pocket and she’ll show me on a map. I lied and told her that I forgot to bring my phone. I was really lucky, if one of my friends called me at that moment, I would have been screwed.

I told her, now that her shift is over and she is free, she should take me there and show me since I can not discover it. She looked hesitant. I risked it all and showed my interest and told her, besides I don’t want to go there without you. It won’t be fun without you.
I made the right move!
She smiled and agreed.
I told my friends that I want to walk around and take photos, they believed me cause I have a photography page.
Now I had a free day with her. I met up with her at the nearest square, she didn’t want to tell me where she lived. We walked the streets a little bit. And then went to the bar, after some cocktails and dancing I tried to kiss her but she turned around. I think she saw someone she knew, because she was still very warm but refused to kiss me.

Later that night, I said I want to get some fresh air and we went to the open terrace and sat down on a wooden bench, she was a smoker, I don’t smoke. As she was smoking, I sat beside her with my hand on her left knee. She suddenly got serious and said, I am not that type of girl! I said I don’t know what type of girl you are, but I want to understand!
As I said that I put my hand on her neck and went in for a kiss. She opened her mouth and put her tongue in my mouth. She tasted great. I think it was because of the drinks she ordered, she tasted like strawberry.
As I was sucking on her tongue I ran my other hand through her hair again and again. Almost combing her hair. I was hard like stone while kissing her. It was actually a little annoying because I wanted to grab her boobs so bad but I couldn’t do it in public.

I whispered in her ear, if you make me wait anymore, I’ll die! She laughed! Told me that I should learn to be patient. I said, if you could see yourself the way that I see you. You would figure out why I can not wait.
She smiled and after acting shy for a couple of minutes agreed to leave the bar.

She said, I have a place we can go to. I wondered she was gonna take me to her house. As we were sitting in the cab I kept touching her thighs up and down. While she was holding my other hand. Then we reached the square where I had met her first and got out of the cab.

My heart was beating so fast, we were holding hands as we were walking. I noticed the familiar buildings all around me and noticed that she was taking me back to the bakery! She had a key and opened the front door. But kept the lights off. She pulled out her phone and turned on the light. I did the same. She said neighbors should not understand that we are here after working hours.

There was a big space back there where they made the bread and next to it there was a little room with a desk, computer, chair, safe and calculator stuff like that. There was also a big sofa.
The second she closed the door I grabbed her and pressed her against the wall, I started kissing her like I wanted to eat her. She accidentally bit my tongue or maybe it was on purpose, I don’t know. It hurt really bad but I didn’t stop, couldn’t stop. I didn’t even say anything. As we were kissing, I reached into her dress and squeezed her boobs. She had small boobs but really firm and solid. Every time I squeezed her boobs she moaned softly.
After a while I calmed down a little and let go of her. I helped her to undress, take off her panties and I saw that she had a big bush.

I got down on my knees and started to kiss and lick her thighs, running my tongue up and down her skin. I could smell her wet pussy and it was driving me crazy! She kept pulling my hair and dragging my head towards her pussy but I resisted and gently removed her hand. After a few minutes I picked her up and put her on the desk. I took a cushion from the sofa to put under my knees and kneeled in front of her, facing her big wet bush.
I started to lick her pussy lips like ice cream. She kept moaning and once said something that I didn’t figure out When I asked her, she said it doesn’t matter, Keep going.

As I was licking her pussy, her bush was in my nose, trapping the smell of her juice. It took a lot of will power to withstand fucking her raw at that moment.
She started to grab my hair and locked her legs around my upper body and I started to suck on her clit while I held her waist in my hands. She shook really hard and made some deep noises that women rarely make. I knew she was close so I started to finger her pussy with two fingers after a few minutes she let out a small scream. She exhaled.

She told me, you look so funny down there! Looks like you have a moustache! I said, your bush is the only type of moustache I want! I like to shave my face! She smiled.
I brought out the condom and put it on my pulsing dick.
I threw her on the sofa and spread her legs open, I was dying to feel her pussy.
The sofa was pretty soft so it was great for sex. As I climbed on top of her, I took a few seconds to appreciate the view.
Her boobs red from all the hard squeezing I did. Her nipples hard and pretty. I kissed her again. And then I slowly started to fuck her. The feeling of her bush against my pelvis was amazing. I kept pinching her hard nipples as I was fucking her and she made a hhmmm sound. Like the sound people make when they are trying a delicious food.
She had her left leg on the side of the sofa and her right leg was on my shoulder, I licked her calf and she let out a squeal. I got it.
She liked it. I kept licking her calf as I was fucking her and rubbing her clit with my right thumb. I felt like I am close, so I stopped hammering and started to kiss her for a few minutes.

When I felt like the urge to cum was gone I started to fuck her again. This time harder.
The sofa was squeaking and she was moaning louder and louder. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer towards myself to penetrate her deeper and deeper.
I wanted to be as close to her as feasible, skin to skin. Our sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. I lay on top of her and kissed her hard. My thrusting was very deep and with every move I felt her pussy pulsing.

I felt myself Cumming and I put my hand under her body and pressed her tightly against my chest. As I felt my dick throbbing and Cumming, I hugged her even tighter.
When I was done, I told her I don’t want to let go. She said, you don’t have to. I’m here.
Then she kissed my neck. And I said, I want to hold you in my arms and fall asleep like this.
She laughed and said, easy for you to say you’re the one who is on top! I laughed!
After that we made out for maybe another 15 minutes and then slowly started to pick up our clothes. We silently left the bakery and she locked the door.
After that trip I visited her many times again and she came to my city once. We are still in a good relationship.
Sometimes you just bond with someone.

NSFW: yes

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