“Happy birthday Daddy [40M}. Don’t you like it?”

I stare, dumb-founded, and, I am certain, a little slack-jawed, at the Doll down on my bed. That is where my daughter had led me to, after blind-folding me, and turning me around just enough times to almost get dizzy. To my own bed.

Where a thing sat.

Well, posed is a better word.

And it looks just like my daughter – in the face at least. Just a bit more make-up than my girl normally goes for. And that pose she put it in, leaving nothing to the imagination, gives an idea of what my daughter ought to look like without clothes on. Though I never would have imagined her posing like that.

“I don’t…I can’t..I don’t understand.”

“What’s not to understand, silly?” She asks, playfully indignant, stepping around from behind me, putting a hand on my crotch. “This part of you seems to understand.” She gives my member, already half-hard in confused excitement, a gentle squeeze through my pyjama pants.

“And this” She lands a playful slap between the legs of the doll, which stays posed, does not react even slightly. “Is very nice. It also has basically no gag reflex. I asked for that. Not gonna tell you if the pussy is custom, or one to one to mine – you’ll have to find out for yourself if you wanna know. But…”

She bites her lip, and looks up at me, sweet and innocent like.

“I maaaaaay have asked, in my order, to tweak the way her peachy little asshole felt, just in case you wanted that.”

There was absolutely Nothing at all about this ‘product description that made me any less excited than I already was, let’s put it that way. But I had no idea what to say. After a moment that felt much longer than it must have been, she giggled.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me Daddy. And you’ve been a though nut to crack – no matter how I flirted with you, you never took the bait.UGH!”

She stands, and steps around behind me, putting her arms around me, in an embrace that feels different than the typical platonic affection I am used to from her.

“I get it. You’re a good Daddy. Can’t just jump on your daughter, even if she is ready for it, and in her prime no less. That thing, though, is NOT me. It just looks like me. You can do whatever you want with it. I even sprung for the extended warranty. You can wreck it any time within the next thirty days, and they’ll send out a new one, no questions asked.”

She shifts a little and grinds against me. I am a little distracted, to say the least, but could have sworn I also heard a gentle moan.

“It’s just like me, more or less. Most of my memories, my personality. It already knows it’s a Doll though, and the website says she should be perfectly fine with that, so no dramas. And, maybe I tweaked her a little, gave a her a few quirks, that will make it easier for you to fuck her. Or, at least, more fun for me to watch.”


I wriggle a little. Much less dignified than a good Daddy ought to be. She steps back, giving me some space. CLearly, she has wondered this through. She it taking all this much better than I, that’s for sure.

“Of course! Did you think I would leave you two alone? Sorry, Daddy-O, but if you want to fuck that thing, I’m not gonna miss a moment of that. And if you don’t.”

She suddenly starts launching into an oh so subtle act of not quite sobbing but she will at any moment.

“If you don’t like your gift, Daddy, I’ll be ever so upset.”

She snaps out of it.

“So, Come on! Just stroke Her cheek with the back of your hand, to activate it, and let’s wish you a happy birthday, Daddy!”


So this is my technically not incest (yet) surrogate daughter sex-doll prompt. I first posted it as a prompt, for roleplay, to another subreddit. But I think I would work as a stand-alone story. If this post gets enough love, and/or I feel like it, I might continue/expand this.

NSFW: yes

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