Hannah’s Wintry Lust, Part 1 [MF] [20s] [oral]

Hannah peers out the window into the dark, snowy forest, trying to determine whether the wine was hitting her quicker than typical or if there really was someone outside.

Just then, a firm, but non-aggressive, knock sounded from the front door.

*Hmm* Hannah was curious and frightened at the same time. The nearest cabin was two miles away, and the highway was ten miles down the twisting dirt road. Who would be out here?

Again, the thud rattled the wooden door, this time a little louder. “Hello?” A young man’s voice muffled through the door.

*Eh, fuck it* Hannah slipped on a soft white robe to cover her otherwise naked body. She opened the door, letting a cold draft of air enter and cause the fireplace flames to flicker.

“Come in, before you put out the fire.”

“Oh, thank God someone answered!” The man shuffled inside and took off his hood. “The highway was closed, so I took the dirt road hoping I’d run into a town. Apparently, there isn’t much out here.” He smiled.

Hannah stood smiling back. The man was quite handsome with dark medium length hair, light brown eyes, and a clean shaven face which exposed his dimple and sharp jaw line. He seemed a bit taller, probably a couple inches above 6 feet.

“Oh, I’m Derek.” He smiled and extended his hand.

“Hannah.” She smiled back and softly shook his hand. “Make yourself at home. This storm isn’t passing any time soon. It’s only getting started.” She poured a cup of hot cider and handed it to him.

“Well, Hannah. That’s awfully nice of you.” He smiled as he took a sip. “Quite the cozy cabin you have here. I hope I’m not disrupting anything.” Derek’s eyes glanced from Hannah to the dildo laying on the coffee table in the living area.

Hannah’s eyes widened and her cheeks reddened. “Oh…ummm..”

Laughing, Derek assured her it was no big deal. “Don’t worry about it. Seems like a nice way to enjoy the night alone. Sorry I had to come along and ruin it.”

The two stood quietly, locking eyes every few seconds before looking down again. After what felt like an eternity but was probably more like a minute, Hannah broke the silence. “Well, perhaps you showing up didn’t ruin it, but made it even *more* exciting.” She offered a flirty grin.

“Oh, is that right?” Derek inched closer to Hannah. “I mean I do have one of those of my own.” He winked as he nodded his head toward the coffee table.

Derek was only a step away from Hannah, as he reached out and grabbed the robe knot and pulled Hannah into him while also causing the robe to come undone and open. Hannah let out a soft whimper in surprise and leaned in to allow her lips to meet his.

Derek wrapped one arm around Hannah’s waist on the outside of her robe while softly placing the other hand on her cheek. Their tongues gently wrestled. Before long, Hannah pulled off Derek’s shirt, revealing his toned body with a dark trail of hair running from beneath his waistband up to his belly button. His pecs were also lightly covered with dark hair. It was the perfect amount to provide the masculine touch while also allowing Hannah to still see the contours of his muscles.

Derek began kissing Hannah’s neck as her hand ran up and down his abs and chest. One of his hands slipped beneath her robe and grasped her ass. Hannah moaned softly as Derek kissed down onto her collarbone. Hannah’s robe slipped off one shoulder, and then both, before falling to the ground.

Hannah stood completely naked in front of Derek. His kisses traced down toward her small but perky breasts. Her pink nipples hardened. Hannah reached down to rub Derek’s growing bulge. Derek’s mouth enveloped Hannah’s nipple. His tongue swirled, mixed with gentle nibbles. Hannah was moaning louder as she noticed a warmth between her legs.

Derek was a stranger in the storm only thirty minutes before, but Hannah was ready to open herself fully to him.

NSFW: yes

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