Had to show my friend [39M] a nude of my [37F] wife after losing a bet. While it was worth it to see his reaction, it started a chain of bets where I got to see some of the hottest things ever involving his [40F] wife! [Group] [Cuckold]

Previously I posted about how I have been fantasizing about my best friend’s hot wife after accidentally seeing her topless. I also mentioned how much I enjoyed showing him a pic of my wife in her underwear as a way to make us even for me accidentally getting a peak at his wife topless. Things quickly escalated this past weekend when we got drunk together at the hunting cabin!

After getting back from hunting my buddy and I grilled some steaks, watched some basketball, and started drinking very heavily. Toward the end of a game, we got into a friendly argument over the way a prior baseball series had ended a few years earlier. I was convinced our favorite team had quickly lost the playoff series in question in 5 games or under while he was adamant the series went to 7 games. He suggested betting $50 on who was right. I didn’t have any cash on me at the moment, but I was sure I was right. My confidence may have had something to do with the half-a-fifth of whiskey I had just drunk. It had everything to do with me suggesting to bet a nude of my wife against his $50!

He quickly agreed to the new terms of the bet and we shook on it. One quick google search later I realized I lost and had to show my best friend a pic of my brunette wife with nothing covering her gorgeous 5’2″ and 135lbs body!
What I didn’t expect was how rock-hard I got when I took out my phone and showed him the nude!!!!! I didn’t even need to hear the compliments he gave because I saw in his eyes just how much he was also turned on by seeing the nude mirror shot of my wife.

We kept drinking into the night but we were soon left without any sports to watch since it had gotten so late. Without anything to do, my buddy suggested we play some cards. While I like playing cards I told him I wondered playing with only 2 people would be pretty boring. He suggested betting on a few hands of blackjack. I tried to remind him I didn’t have any cash but before I could finish the last word of my sentence he said “well, do you have any more nudes of your wife?” My hardon immediately returned!

I let him know I had only a couple but if we were gonna bet for them I wanted him to put up some nudes of his wife in return! He looked through his phone and said he had some shots of her in lingerie, one of her bare ass laying out by the pool, and then a few very explicit shots. We then agreed that each hand would be worth one point. If I went up 1 point I could exchange it to see a pic of his wife in lingerie, or if I saved them and got to 2 points I could see her naked ass laying by the pool, or for 3 points he would show me part of her more lewd nude pic and for 5 points would show me the whole thing. He then mentioned in the unlikely event I went up 10 points he had something to show me that would be well worth it. I told him that sounded fucking great but reminded him I only had a couple more nudes of my wife and he had already seen her completely nude. That was no issue for him and he even said he would like to see the nude I already showed him one more time if he got up 2 points. I agreed and said I had 2 topless shots I could bet for 2 points each and one more full nude he could see if he got to 4 points.

The cards were shuffled and the first hand was being dealt by my buddy. As the cards were being dealt I could not believe he agreed to do this. I will spare the details on how each hand went down, but I will say that things started great for me. I won the first hand and couldn’t believe I was about to see my buddy’s fine wife who spends her days working as a school professor in nothing but lingerie!!!

He pulled up the picture and there was his tall blonde wife with the body of a fitness instructor in the sexiest baby blue bra with see thru baby blue panties showing the hint of a landing strip! Fuck she is hot!!!! I ended up winning the next 2 hands and next got to see her tanning on her stomach outside next to the pool with not a piece of clothing on. My mouth dropped open at the sight of her tight nude ass glistening in the sun! I immediately wanted to go jerk off after seeing that and even admitted to him that the pic was going in my spank bank! He laughed and said he had no issue with me jerking off to his wife just don’t fuck her. I laughed and said the same goes for my wife!

My luck soon changed and I went on an unbelievably bad streak! I must have lost 8 out of 10 hands! Much to his appreciation, I ended up showing him every nude of my wife I had!!!
I was pissed because I wanted to see a full pic of his wife in the nude since he got to see so much of mine! I begged him to show me but he said no way unless you have something other to bet. I jokingly asked if he would accept a blowjob from my wife if I lost. He said hell yes but his wife would never let and I admitted I was just joking because I would never ask my wife to do that. Although at that moment I realized I wanted to lose that bet and have him be sucked off by my wife. The wondered of it now is making my hard cock leak precum!

Since a blowjob wasn’t an option, I kept thinking of what I could bet and realized I had an audio recording of my wife having an orgasm when I went down on her. That was a perfect thing to bet and we agreed on a point total.

Thankfully my luck changed and I got to see several shots of my best friend’s wife’s pussy and perky C tits!! I still can not believe I saw those pics!!!!! Although it did come with a price as I ended up losing enough hands to have to play the audio of my wife’s screaming orgasm while I licked her clit and fingered her ass! I even hooked my phone up to the Bluetooth speaker so her orgasm was playing loud enough to hear by anyone passing on the road 500 yds away from the cabin. After listening to that we both had to sit down so we weren’t showing each other our hard dicks!

Since I had shown him everything I could of my wife I asked him what would I have seen on the mystery item he was gonna reveal if he went down 10 pts. He then drunkenly said to me, “hell, how bout if we each pull a card and if I have the high card you have to go to bed wondering what it was but if you have the high card you get to see for yourself?” I picked up the cards and said hell yeah!

I dealt him a card and it was a goddamn king! I was pissed right up until I looked at the Ace I dealt myself!!! I jumped up and ran around the table screaming “Show me the money!!!!!”

Next thing I know he is pressing play on a video on his phone where his wife is standing up in a sports bra and yoga pants. She looks into the camera then starts rubbing her tits over her sports bra then keeps lifting them and jingling them, next she takes 2 fingers and sucks them with her mouth before she slides them down the front of her yoga pants!!! I look at the time of the video and realize there are still 8 minutes left!!! I turn to my friend and say “O. MY. GOD. THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!”

She begins moaning as she fingers herself under her yoga pants all while looking directly at the camera, she rips her top off and goes back to fingering herself while pinching her hard nipples! She slowly turns around and begins to pull the yoga pants down to her knees to reveal has no panties on and her tight, sweet ass is bared for the camera! My mouth was watering at this point!

She then got down on her knees bending over to the camera where you could see her swollen wet pussy from behind as she ran her hand back and forth over it before slipping a finger in and out!!!!!!! With her other hand, she slapped her ass, let out a soft moan, and whispered “o fuck yes”.

She next completely took off her yoga pants, stood up to face the camera fully nude, and said don’t go anywhere!” She walked off camera and came back 5 seconds later holding a thick 10 in dildo that she suctioned to the ground. With her knees on each side of the cock she slid down and began to fuck the dildo!!!! God damn, this was one hot milf!!! She expertly rode that dildo for the next few minutes making the sexiest faces and rubbing her tits. She then began to fuck a little faster while getting louder, saying yes, yes, yes! And finally “I’m cummmming!!!!!!”

I still can not believe what I saw. I have no idea how I’m gonna look her in the eye next time we get together!!!

My buddy and I went right to our rooms after it played but not before I unashamedly told him I was gonna jerk off. He stuck his hand down his boxers and began to stroke his cock. He then said, “I’m thinking of your wife right now…”

Disclaimer: Wives were each fully informed about our showing their nudes to friends. While both pretended to be upset at first, they each ultimately acknowledged just how wet and turned on it made them and would like to explore their exhibitionist side.

NSFW: yes

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