Had my first hookup post chemo. Got my face ridden ❤️😈

Hey all. I posted on a local r4r a while back that I was looking for a hookup to celebrate being done with Chemotherapy, and starting to have control of my body again.

Got an answer, we chatted briefly here on Reddit then switched to snap, we had a good banter vibe and she sent some pics and videos that had my blood flowing, so to speak.

We made plans to meet up in public first, but ultimately the day came and we decided to just go for it, she came to my place and she was just as sexy in person as the photos she’d sent, even sexier really. Perfectly curvy, with beautiful lips and eyes, and amazing tits, felt like I won the internet lottery.

So this being my first time in quite some time, I was pretty nervous. We hung out a bit, chatted, smoked a little, waited for a nice high to settle in, and then it was on.

We made out a little on the couch before it was clear we needed to move to the bed. She had a perfect little lingerie set on that just drove me more wild.

One of the things I was excited to do was eat pussy, I have a bit of a thing for it, so after making out a little I asked if it was ok, was met with an enthusiastic nod, and I made my way down. Her pussy was perfect, and I dove in, exploring her with my tongue and finding the perfect rhythm to begin getting her close to her first orgasm.

She made incredible noises, especially when I reached up and played with her tits. As her first orgasm broke across my tongue, I could taste her getting more and more wet, and I wanted to drown in it.

I asked her if she’d ride my face, which she agreed to, so we switched it up, me on
My back, her straddling my face. I was in heaven, she pressed down onto me and ground her pussy into my open mouth, rubbing her clit on my tongue. I’m pretty sure she came again up there.

We switched it up so she could use her beautiful lips on my cock, and let me tell you, this woman knows her way around oral sex, holy fuck it felt incredible.

I couldn’t wait anymore; I needed to fuck her, so I grabbed a condom and slid inside in missionary. It was so good, she clearly was enjoying my cock, and as I fucked her I started playing with her tits, which was clearly a gigantic turn on for her.

Unfortunately it’d been a while since I’d fucked anyone (chemo reasons), and I didn’t last super long, but as I came she was right there with me, enjoying my orgasm almost as much as I was.

We hung out a little more, and then it was time to part methods. We’ve been in touch since, and are looking forward to next time.

She really helped me step back into my sexuality after it being dormant for a long time, which I didn’t realize how much I needed. Of course now, I’ve got 2 years worth of dormant sexual energy that needs releasing… it’s gonna be a fun few months 😉

NSFW: yes

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