Had my first affair

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32M I’ve been married 10 years and I’ve been with the same woman the whole time. Her sex drives has declined over the years and our marriage is going the same way. I met this girl 10 hours away from me on another app and we have talked for about a year and a half now. It just so happened she had a training at a location I was driving through for work and we made plans to meet up. She sent me her hotel info and I made my way over. I had a shitty weekend at home and the nerves I should have had weren’t there. I got to her door and knocked and she let me in. She was a nervous wreck but we sat on the couch for a while talking and I kept moving in closer and closer to her, eventually I had one hand wrapped around her and the other was rubbing up and down her thighs. I kept watching her face to see her reactions as I moved my hand closer to her pussy, seeing her smile I knew she was enjoying it. I finally made my move and gave her a kiss and slid my hand under her shorts and pants and started rubbing her gently. She was so wet already and I was getting so hard. I finally slipped a finger inside of her and I was quite surprised how tight she was. She noticed how hard I was and said it wasn’t fair I was rubbing her and she wasn’t rubbing on my so she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my hard cock out getting a good feel. I asked if she’d like to move to the bed and she agreed. I started making out with her and pulled her shorts and panties off and started fingering her again. She’s all the time said she’s never enjoyed her husbands fingers but by her moans and movements and the mess she was leaving on me I could tell she was enjoying it. I finally got on top and put my hard dick against her pussy and it wasn’t going in. I am 7” with quite a bit of girth. To my surprise she thrusted to me and it finally went in. It felt so amazing to me. I just slowly fucked her missionary kissing her all over and about 10 minutes into it she let out the sexiest moans I’ve heard. I let her sort of regain herself and started going faster and faster until filled her up with one of the biggest loads I’ve had for a long time. when I pulled out of her it was gushing out. Even though the sex wasn’t anything wild it was amazing to me. I’m hoping I get to pay her another visit before I head home!

NSFW: yes

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