Gynecologist Exam Fantasy 2.0 [M/F] – Short Sex Story

You went to the doctor’s office because you are overdue for a Pap smear or pelvic exam. Being a shy girl, you requested a female doctor at the front desk. After the nurse took your blood and pressure, I knocked on the store and entered. We met and greeted, and I asked why you were here. You told me that you were here for a pap smear.

Immediately, you asked if there was another female doctor or nurse.  You looked like a good girl, and I wondered, I cannot wait to instruct her to take off her clothes, show me every inch of her body, and get the opportunity to explore and feel her from inside out. I told you there were no female doctors here today, and it’s only me, and I asked you if it’s okay for me to examine you and perform a pap smear and complete pelvic exam.

The wondered of a stranger male performing such an intimate examination scared you. You started thinking and thinking, “Damn. I had never had a male stranger examine me like that before. He will see and feel my vagina.
He is probably my age. I have to open my legs wide and get fingered. I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure. But I don’t want to be rude. I hope it’s quick.” So you nervously agreed because you didn’t want to tell me no.

I handed you a hospital gown. Being so attracted to you, I want to see and feel everything. I told you, “Please take off your bra and panties and put this gown on.” I handed you the gown with a grin on my face, knowing you would be in my control in a few minutes, so I left the room. You took off your pants and finally panties, thinking, Wtf did I agree to??” but left your bra on hoping I won’t examine your breasts. I knocked on the door. You said okay, come in, and I entered the room. I saw you sitting there on the exam table. I noticed your bra is on underneath the gown and realized that you are trying to save yourself as much modesty as feasible.

Before I could begin the exam, I was interrupted by a knock on the door and I said come in. The door opened, and another handsome young man entered the room wearing scrubs with a notepad. You were surprised to see another man in the room while you were almost completely naked underneath the paper gown and not sure why he was there. You were immediately attracted to him and made eye contact but reassured yourself that thinking that protocol would not allow a male to assist with intimate exams and that he won’t stay during the examination.

I introduced him, “Please meet Brian. Brian is a medical student from the local university completing his ob/gyn clinical rotation. Would you mind him being here with us to observe this examination?”

You were shocked at the request with both of us looking at you, expecting you to permit us. Your mind was scrambling at the wondered of exposing your most intimate areas not to just one but two attractive male strangers, and the idea of you unwillingly submitting to bear all to both of us excited me.

Before you had a chance to decline, Brian started taking notes. It was already too late for you to say no, as you did not want to be rude or immature. You looked down and agreed to let us proceed.

While Brian was standing next to me, I asked you to lower your gown. You wondered I would listen to your heart, but I told you to take it off quickly for a breast exam. You got shy and unhooked your bra slowly in front of me with each bra cup, revealing your perky breasts, one of your favorite sensitive spots. You looked away and uncomfortably folded your arms to cover some of it. I asked you to put your hands behind your head. So you sat straight to my command—hands behind your head. Your nipples became erect. The room was cold. You asked me why I was checking because nobody did when you needed just a pap smear, and I told you that I needed to be thorough. I started cupping your breasts. Felt every inch with my fingertips. I began to reach your nipples. I gave it a light pinch to check discharges.

I told you it’s time for your pelvic exam to give you a pap smear. You started dreading it, knowing what would come next. I see how shy you are. I reassured you, “It is okay to be nervous or shy during these exams. It will be pretty quick. Just relax”.

You quickly pulled up your gown to cover your breasts. I pulled out the stirrups at the end of the table.  I then told you, “Please go ahead and put your feet in the stirrups and scoot all the way down towards me.” You tried to cover up as much as feasible while placing your feet in the stirrup and scooted down the edge of the table at my command.

So I sat on the stool with Brian looking over shoulders from behind. I looked at your face and sneaked a peek under your gown. I waved you to slide yourself further towards me. You slowly slid down towards me with your knees partially closed.
You were so shy about having me see your vagina, much less touching you, or penetrating it with my fingers. You stopped halfway. I told you to continue. I got a quick glimpse of your clean-shaven vulva underneath the gown.

I told you to keep going, so you scooted to the end with your buttocks slightly past the table, and I rolled closer on my stool. 
I lifted the gown and lifted it toward your tummy. Now you are laying there naked from the waist down, showing me everything.  I told you to bend your knees and relax. You clenched your hands and held on to the sides of the exam table. You didn’t open wide enough, so I took control of the situation and slightly pushed both of your knees aside.

So now you’re spreading everything to both of us. I got so excited knowing I was in total control of you and how gorgeous you looked. You lay back naked, waist down with legs wide open with your feet in the stirrups. You were shy and nervous, and two handsome men were between your bare legs and vagina. You were worried about how your vagina looks and how they would think about it.

I told you, “I’m going walk you through this examination and let you know step by step what I am doing. First, I am going to do a visual check”.  I put on one glove in my right hand. I place my bare left hand on your bare inner thigh to initiate contact. I then use both hands to spread your inner thighs and your pubic area for a visual inspection.

I looked up and saw you turn red. “I’m going to separate your labia,” and I used two fingers, my index, and middle, on my right hand and spread your labia. I see the pink opening underneath the lips. I separate the skin folds. I can see you visibly embarrassed to have me touch you like that, and you cannot wait to leave. I moved towards the top of your vagina to inspect the clitoris and clarified what I was looking at.

“Now I am going to take a quick look at your clitoris,” and purposely rubbed against it. I used the tips of my thumb to lift the hood to take a look. I can see you shiver at my touch there. I was so turned on to see your most intimate, most sensitive spot. “Everything looks good.” I immediately imagined this is where you get pleasure and like to be touched and penetrated by a trusted lover, but here we are looking directly at it.

You nervously closed your legs seconds later. I pushed your knees aside. I told you to take a deep breath, so I go south. While your feet are in the stands, “Now I am going to separate your buttocks from inspecting your anus for any hemorrhoids.”
I got closer and used my fingers to spread the anal opening slightly to take a closer look. I see this excellent tight opening filled with so many nerves. You have never shown any other person this area before. I looked back at you in the eye, and you got even shyer, and I reassured you, “Everything looks good.”

So I told you, “Okay, now we’re going to do a pap smear.” You looked at the table and saw that Brian grabbed the metal speculum and a tube of lubrication, and q-tips. You took this opportunity to close your legs and cover yourself. Brian handed me the speculum, and you got nervous. You dreaded it. I reassured you again, “It’s going to be real quick.”

I told you, ” Now I’m going to insert this speculum into your vagina.” I pushed your knees aside and lifted the gown, exposing you again. “Please let me know if you experience any pain or discomfort.”
I grabbed it and moved it towards your vagina, spreading your labia with my left hand, And slowly inserted it with my right hand. You let out a sigh as it felt cold, and you told me in a very awkward voice, “Ummm, doctor, it’s cold.” I slowly squeezed it open while you clenched your hands and curled your toes. I clicked it to lock it open.

As you laid their feet in stirrups with a speculum keeping your vagina wide open, Brian handed me the brushes to collect the cells of your cervix, and I slowly removed the speculum.

So you are still laying there, visibly aroused, dripping wet, and shy at the same time, with your feet on the stirrups and bare buttocks hanging off the end of the table, wishing it was over. While you couldn’t handle the tension and embarrassment, you saw Brian putting on some lubrication on my gloves. I told Brian, “Just a little bit, please. We don’t need too much lubrication,” to hint that we acknowledge you being aroused.

To much of your relief, Brian thanked you for letting him observe with a smile and informed you that he would be leaving the room for his lunch break. I stepped away to open the door for him and took this opportunity to lock the door after he left.

I started small talk with you. I asked, “When was the last time you had sex? Do you have a boyfriend? He must be a lucky man.” You were so shy to answer all those questions. You were still thinking about what I wondered of your vagina while I was horny to see you laying back at my command, legs spread wide, showing us everything. I told you, “Relax and take a deep breath.  You have nothing to be shy about. Everything looks good so far. This is going to be the last part of the check-up. I’m going to perform a bimanual exam where I insert two lubricated fingers into your vagina and feel your lower abdomen with my left hand”, and you were in complete disbelief. I lifted your gown and draped it to your stomach, exposing you completely.

So I spread your labia again, looking at every fold of skin, and took delight at how hot it was. I looked at your face. We made eye contact for a brief second then you looked away. So when I slid my index and middle fingers in very slowly. You looked away. Again, I purposely rubbed against your clitoris with my knuckles. You closed your eyes and looked away while my fingers were deep inside your vagina, and my left hand felt your lower abdomen. You got soo turned on saw you getting wetter and eyes looking away. You were trying not to think about it, so you closed your eyes and clenched your hands. I told you it might feel uncomfortable as I wondered your ovaries with my left hand. And asked you to tell me if it hurts. You did not answer.

Seeing you laying there shy and horny, with my two fingers deep in you, looking at your face, I can not withstand the sexual tension anymore. Your eyes are closed, and you y touch. You hope you don’t involuntarily make a noise or movement. While you are soaking wet and I can feel your vaginal muscles tighten around my fingers, I took this opportunity to make my move.

I withdrew my fingers, took off the glove quickly, and reinserted my bare and middle fingers in your vagina. You were initially startled feeling my bare fingers but laid back and let me proceed with the examination as if nothing happened. I started massaging your G-spot, and you tried hard to lay still and keep quiet. I used my left thumb to stimulate your clitoris at the same time. As you were about to climax, I stopped rubbing on your clitoris and used my left hand to pull the drape and your gown off your body, leaving you completely naked on the exam table. You crossed your arms to cover your breasts and begged me to resume,e, and I smiled and asked you to keep quiet. I withdrew my fingers and leaned my head forward between your legs, and teased you by tracing your labia with my tongue. Then I moved the tip of my tongue towards your clitoris and started to stimulate it in a consistent pattern. You tried hard not to moan and told me you were close to climaxing. With my tongue still stimulating your clitoris, I grabbed your hips with both hands to keep you still as you were having an intense orgasm.


NSFW: yes

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