Guys wife ask me for sex while dining over steak

I’m a waiter at a famous steakhouse in the Atlanta, GA area. I’m 32, fit, with a fairly outgoing personality. Originally from NYC. One evening, I’m serving a couple and everything is going smoothly. After their second round of drinks I notice the wife flirting with me openly. I knew they were married because I all the time ask if it’s a special occasion. “A date night with my wife” he says. Okay cool.

As the night goes on she gets more assertive. “I wish I could take you home” she says and I awkwardly smile and downplay it. When I come back to the table she slips me a note right in front of her husband. “I’m serious, I’m staying at the Hyatt.” Followed by her number. I text her and she send me a pic and we’re flirting. After work I go to the liquor store for a beer and some condoms. I chug the brew, and text her for the room number. The hotel is right across the street, I’m horny, and curious.

She gives me the info, and I’m waiting in the hotel lobby. She comes down, and she’s dressed in sweats, and a tee shirt. She’s in her mid 50’s at least. Slim and tall. Tiny waist, small tits and ass. She looked less attractive now than she did in the restaurant, but I’m already here. We get into the hotel room and she offers me a drink, which I accepted.

We make small talk, and I get comfortable upon her request. She lays on the bed and I sit next to her, my back on the headboard feet up. We make small talk. She tellse about her kids, and where shes lived prior to Georgia. She asks me questions about myself and I male conversation. “Well I invited you her to have sex with you, obviously” she says. “I know, I’m glad we met today” I say. I excuse my self to the restroom and get down to my boxers, neatly hanging my clothes on the rack. I’m already hard, with a nice buzz going and I head back out to the bed. “Thank God I took a shower, before work” I think to myself.

She’s horny, and nervous. Still in her pajamas. I turn to her and tell her to take it off, and she complied obediently. I’m grabbing and kissing her body, and begin licking her pussy. She reciprocates with enthusiastic vigor, sloppily. She takes direction well. I put the condom on, motioning her to get on top. She’s enjoying it, but condoms kill the pleasure for me, honestly. I tell her to enjoy it, and cum for me. She wants to please me equally, submissively attentive to my movements and touch. We switch positions multiple times. My dominance seeping out as I test her limits. Subtly aggressive as I pound her harder. She loves it, as do I, but neither of us will cum anytime soon.

My girlfriend will be home soon expecting me to arrive shortly. I slow down and we relax for a few minutes. I’m surprised at her energy and enthusiasm for her age. She is genuinely pleased with my performance glancing at me periodically. “Tonight was fun, but I can’t stay too long” I say. She understands, and I use the restroom to get dressed. The whole time the husband isn’t there. I never ask her her situation in the relationship, assuming they like to swing. She wants to kiss me but I hug her. She says she had a good time, and I agree.

We’re still talking and we plan to meet up soon. This never happened to me but I’m pleased by the NSA rendezvous, and the sex is great. My first encounter with a milf, and I’m happy I took the opportunity to make a new friend.

NSFW: yes

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