Guiding My Son Through His Passionate Girlfriend’s Lustful Journey

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From the moment our paths crossed, I was captivated by her undeniable allure. Everything about her, from her stylish outfits to her tantalizing speech, exuded pure sensuality. As much as I adored my son Miguel and his romantic nature, I knew deep down that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy her insatiable desires. It pains me to admit it, being a doting parent, but it was only a matter of time before she grew bored.

The signs started to surface a few months after Miguel introduced us. By then, Ana and I had developed a close bond, often engaging in playful flirting whenever her boyfriend was not around. Innocent compliments about her fashion choices and admiration for my strong physique soon escalated, pushing the boundaries of our relationship. One fateful afternoon, Miguel unintentionally left us alone at the beach house for an extended period, and things spiraled out of control.

As Miguel embarked on a refreshing morning stroll, I luxuriated in a peaceful shower. To my surprise, Ana decided to join me, igniting a fire within both of us. It wasn’t the conventional way to begin the day, but I couldn’t withstand her magnetic pull. Stripped of inhibitions, she effortlessly showcased her expertise with her skilled hands and tantalizing mouth. Even for an adventurous school student, she was an embodiment of passion and experience.

Our intention was a mere quick rendezvous in the shower, but once we gave in to our desires, time ceased to exist. Lost in a whirlwind of pleasure, I should have exercised restraint, but her fervent pleas for more rendered me powerless. Suddenly, Miguel returned, knocking urgently on the bathroom door, unaware of the volcanic passion raging on the other side.

“Have you seen Ana?” he inquired anxiously.

“Well, how would I know?” I snapped, thrusting into her from behind, desperate for him to leave and grant us the ecstasy we craved. “Perhaps, go check the beach. Must I handle everything for you?” Silence followed.

Perhaps the force of my words was excessive, but they achieved their purpose, urging Miguel to leave us undisturbed. Ana reveled in witnessing my raw desire, and assuming that her boyfriend would be too fearful to return, we blissfully indulged in each other’s business. Her clandestine visits to my room during her overnight stays or when Miguel attended classes became a delightful secret affair.

Though we strive to maintain discretion, the wondered of Miguel discovering our shared passion doesn’t daunt us. In the worst-case scenario, their relationship falters, and we can revel in the freedom of openly embracing our love. In a way, by keeping our affair under wraps, I aid Miguel in holding onto a girlfriend who is undeniably out of his league. It’s a win-win-win situation, isn’t it?

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