Groped on the bus part 3 [Public] [Groping] [F28/M28/M30] [Interracial]

You try to response, but there is only a moan coming out of your mouth. ‘Damn girl you’re kinky, I’m so lucky you placed your fine white body in front of me. And the best part? Nobody can see nor help you. You’re all mine’. You begin writing a text to your bf: ‘HELP, This guy behi..’. A finger enters your pussy, pushes the fabric of your dress right in there with it. All the wile the left hand pinches your nipple hard. You squirm under that assault, not being able to text further. His hands keeping you upright. ‘What a wet pussy girl, even the fabric enters you easily, you must like my black fingers, but I have something else you’re gonna enjoy.’ As he puls you back, you feel his member pushing against your ass. That thing is enormous, beginning at your ass and ending halfway your back. That thing would destroy you. ‘We’d have to take that ring gag off, if you want it in your mouth’ you hear him say. His assault on your tits and pussy never stopping. You think about texting your bf, finishing the message to come and help you, but his hand and fingers are doing a number on you. You feel a lot of saliva forming in your mouth. You can’t stop from drooling, it’s coming out under your mask and is wetting the top of your dress. Some of it falling on his hand molesting your breast. ‘That’s hot girl, drooling all over yourself for me.’ You feel his hand gonna your mouth mask. ‘What if I take this of right here? Everybody would see what a slut you are. Open for everything all the time. But i’ll keep it hidden, more fun for me’ as you feel a finger going into your mouth. Oh you wish you could bite down right now, but the ring gag is too strong. He has free acces to your mouth, and is making good use of it too. Entering your mouth with one finger. But keeping it there, unmovable in the center of your mouth. ‘Lick it girl’ you hear him say. His assault on your pussy never stopping. You refuse, so you feel his finger leaving your pussy. Disappointed by the removing of his assault on your pussy, you quickly begin licking his finger. You don’t know how he did that, but there you are. A finger in your mouth, nothing else holding you back. Yet you stay and lick it as best you can. This man has pushed your buttons and you are a drooling mess now. Free to be used and abused. As he removes his finger, he pushes you away a bit. You feel the fabric of your dress get pulled to the back just below your ass. That’s when you feel him taking something out of his pocket. ‘How much do you like this dress?’ He asks. As he cuts a hole in it. With this hole he has solidified his acces to your body. This time it’s not his hands that attack your pussy, but his big black dick. It enters through the hole and passes underneath your pussy tot the front. You look down and see it pushing your dress forward. It also pushes your inner thighs outwards. It’s fucking enormous. You feel as if you’re sitting on a fucking forearm. As if it could lift you up by your pussy. And this forearm is sliding against your pussy, wetting itself with your waterfall between your legs. Slowly going back and forwards. Dispersing your pussy juices over the entirety of his cock. Some of it dripping down on the ground. There you are, this gigantic dick sliding against your aching pussy. Both black hand back to your tits and your hands still holding your phone. ‘Text him’ he says. ‘What!?’ ‘What the fuck do I text him now’ you think. But you obey, you’re alarmed at how quick you obey. This man has you in his control. You’d drop to your knees in this bus for that dick and he knows it. You just hope he doesn’t ask you to. You see the text from your bf:
-‘So fucking horny here, you’re looking so fuckable from here. Hope nobody bothers your easy acces body haha’
-‘are you okay? That man behind you seems close to you, do you know him?
-‘Helen talk to me’
‘Tell him your being blacked’ he whispers in your ear. ‘What the fuck, not going to do that’ you write in your phone and let him read it.
‘Then no more dick for you girl’ as starts removing his big black dick from rubbing against your pussy. ‘Fuck I’m so horny, I need this..’ you feel yourself think. – ‘Don’t go, ok I’ll do it’ you write. And you feel his dick returning right under your pussy. Lifting you up a bit with it’s strength.
So you write those words: ‘I’m being blacked’ and you look at your screen. You’re so horny, you feel an orgasm building up. You feel wanted and used, a drooling little mess in the hand of a big black man. And you realise you indeed are being blacked. Best be honest about it straight away with your bf. You look back at the screen and see it had been sent. His attack on your breasts get wilder, you feel him almost ripping your dress. The fabric gets pushed a bit to the side and some of your breast feel the warm air of the bus. You see that still nobody has seen you being used. Is everyone fucking blind? Maybe they think you guys are together. Anyway you don’t care. You don’t want it to end. You just want to cum. He could undress you then and there. All these thoughts race through your head as his dick is sliding against your pussy. This is so much teasing, you can’t take it. You begin grinding your pussy on his enormous dick. Taking what sticks out to the front with one hand and hold on to it to ride his dick. Your phone vibrates: -‘you’re being blacked? What are you talking about? Are you blacking out? Only a few more stops honey’
He also read the message. ‘He’s sweet’ he says. Now write this:

To be continued

NSFW: yes

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