Great Weekend

Fiction. All characters over the age of 18.

My sister and I have at all times been close. She is 4 years older than me. We grew up in a dysfunctional home and often had to lean on each other for support. We loved to cuddle and give each other tight hugs when no one was around. I knew she was a bit perverted when I walked in on her watching porn on the family computer. One time I was supposed to meet her at the food court in the mall and as I was walking towards the food court I had my eyes on this girl in front of me with a fit ass. The girl turned around and it turned out to be her. I guess you could say I at all times noticed her beauty. When I was 18 she invited me to come live with her at her apartment. We would both be attending the same school. I agreed and it turned out to be a great decision.

On my first day there we went to the beach together. To my surprise, she wore a two-piece bikini. I could tell through her clothes her breasts were big but it wasn’t until I saw her in a bikini that I realized how enormous they are. Her long black hair draped over her tits instantly gave me an erection. We do not look too similar so to others could easily mistake us for a couple. I was really getting into working out and she took notice of my physique. She ran her hands down my abs and onto my pecs and complimented me on looking fit. I blushed and thanked her. She asked a passerby to take a picture of us together. She hugged her arm around me and feeling bold I put my hand just above her ass. The passerby told us we were such a cute couple and my sister laughed. The fact that she did not deny it felt nice. She later asked me to apply sunscreen to her back. She lay on her stomach and unlaced her top. I rubbed the lotion on her with my mind going crazy on how her tits must look like. When we got back to the apartment I ended up jerking off in the shower. Of course, I was thinking about us being intimate. It was not just fucking but truly making love.

The next day she asked me to get some lotion for her from the store across the street. She said she would be showering and to put it in her room. When I got back from the store I saw the bathroom door was closed. I assumed she was in there and I went into her room to put the lotion away. When I entered there she was putting clothes away in a cabinet in the corner. Normally that would not be a big deal but she was only wearing her bra and a thong. Her ass looked so round and firm with her bent over. I panicked thinking she would get upset but she seemed unfazed when she turned around. She said “Oh you got it already?” and began walking towards me. Her enormous tits bounced in her white bra. “Sorry” I said I wondered you were in the bathroom. She explained it was no big deal since I saw her in a bikini anyways. She asked if I could rub the lotion on her back just like I did with the sunscreen. I nervously said yes and she laid down on her stomach on the bed. Her ass in that thong was just begging me to slap it. She asked me to unhook her bra and when I did she exclaimed “It feels so good to let them free”. I chuckled nervously and began to rub the lotion on her back. My dick felt like it was gonna rip through my shorts at this point. As I rubbed lotion on her back she began to roll her hips so seductively saying the lotion felt cold. I glanced over at the mirror on the wall and saw some nice side boob. Her tits smashed up against her mattress. I looked at her face in the reflection and saw her smiling right at me. “You want to see them don’t you?” she said. Before I could answer she said “It’s not a big deal. You’re old enough to see things like this anyways. Plus I saw you grilling them at the beach yesterday”. As I was trying to deny what she said she rolled over onto her back and revealed the most amazing pair of tits I have ever seen. I’m not an expert on bra size but I would say a D. Such an amazing shape and big puffy nipples. She pushed them together with her arms and she asked what I wondered. The only thing I could think of was burying my face in them. “You’re beautiful” is all I could muster up. “You jerked off thinking of me yesterday didn’t you?” she asked. “I did” I said feeling like lying would be futile. “You just need the tension out your system” she explained. “Glancing at my body and jerking off will only make you less confident,” she said as she adjusted her body making her tits shake. She grabbed my hand and ran it up her torso towards her boobs. It felt like an eternity before my hand finally cupped the bottom of it. So soft and supple. This is what a boob feels like. Without thinking I moved my head down toward her face and kissed her. Realizing what I did I wondered she would push me off but she didn’t. Instead, she put her hand on the back of my head and we began making out. Her tongue entered my mouth with my hands now wrapped around her tits.

After kissing for about a minute she pushed me up and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. I did and she stood up and went down on her knees between my legs. She pulled my shorts down and my dick sprang up dripping with precum. I could see her ass in the mirror and I was honestly surprised I did not ejaculate right there. She began stroking my dick gently up and down while licking the tip of it. After she cleaned all of the precum off of the tip my dick entered her mouth. So slippery and warm her tongue felt with her mouth wrapped around my dick. I could hear her moaning and sucking as I spread my legs further aside and pushed my hips forward. She glanced up at me and put both of her hands on my legs. Her mouth came off of my dick and she said “Why don’t I use my tits you’re so obsessed with?”. She wrapped her boobs around my dick and began massaging my dick with them. I had to push pelvis a bit further out from the bed so she could work a bit easier. Her big, soft tits hugging my dick. She could feel my dick throbbing on her boobs and I could feel her heart beating on my dick. “I love you so much” I blurted out. “Oh yeah?” she said. “You wanna cum for me? All over my chest”. She continued to fuck my dick with her tits until it finally exploded in between them. Cum leaking out from the top of it dripping between her tits. She moved back and her tits separated out. My cum dripping between them. “You’re a naughty boy aren’t you?” she said smirking while grabbing a towel from the ground. She wiped her tits clean and then began cleaning my dick off for me. She dropped the towel on the ground and put her hands on my chest with her boobs being pushed together by her arms. “Now that we rubbed the easy one out let’s have more fun” she said. Her gorgeous face and boobs dangling in front of me was a sight to behold.

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NSFW: yes

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