got to fuck my cousin

My cousin (she is 25 years). Let’s call her Poo her husband’s name is Ak. My gf’s name is R.

I’ve all the time have a huge crush on my cousin. I all the time wanted to fuck her very hard. She noticed it in the past when I got a hard on for her during sleepovers. Her new husband noticed too, but he didn’t do anything about it. Instead he started to flirt with my gf. She told me how he bragged about his big dick. My gf is brown with big tits and ass. My cousin is tiny, whitish. They are both of Indian descent. I have all the curves during sex with my gf. But idk why I all the time longed for tiny.

Ak tells my gf that she looks very good with her curves and that I must have a massive dick to keep her satisfied. He said he must be at least 20cm. She said no unfortunately not hahaha, no one is that big. He told her that he’s 27cm.

She was in shock. Ak said you know he wants to fuck my wife right? R said wth that’s not true, it’s his cousin. He said I know, he all the time wanted to, Poo told me. She said let’s try it out. Let’s lure him into it. So they told Poo about this. (My gf told me all of this at the end) Poo was ready to play along to seduce me.

One day she called me and said to come to her home. There I was and she was only wrapped in a towel. With also s towel on her head with her hair in it. I all the time go crazy on that look. She said oh you’re already here. I said yeah. She said can you want here, Ill get something to wear. I said it’s no issue it’s just me you can stay like this. She said that’s true okay. I said why did you call me? She said oh just wanted to hangout. She asked me if I discover her sexy. I said yes VERY. Then she took away her towel and asked me how do you like my titties, ofcourse they’re not as big as R’s. I said they’re very very gorgeous. She said wanna touch them? I said really? She said yes. So I started to touch them and put it in my mouth. I started to kiss her. She kissed me back. Then I pulled her up, turned her around and started fucking her doggystyle standing. She didn’t hesitate.

Ak and R were watching quietly, this was not the plan, but they didn’t interfere with it. So I fucked the brain our of Poo.

My gf told me that she asked Ak what to do now. He said idk this is not good, it’s not fair for you that he’s cheating on you with his cousin and it’s even worse that you have to deal with a small dick like that. She looked at him and said okay show me your so called big cock. He pulled down his pants immediately and she was in shock of how big it was and started to suck it. His plan worked. He started to give her doggy too and she came immediately. Then he took her in the living room where Poo and I were fucking. We saw them and didn’t know what to do. I kept fucking Poo and he started fucking R. R looked at me, I said don’t worry just enjoy babe. She said yeah you don’t have to say anything because you are cheating. This is the result of what you’re doing. Ak said bro don’t worry I give her a REAL man’s dick. I got mad and started fucking Poo even harder. She came and squirted.

At the end I came on Poo’s face and he came on R’s face. R looked at Poo and said you’re so lucky, I didn’t know dicks were actually this big too. She said yeah he’s amazing. She said that I was amazing too. R came to me and wanted to kiss me, I said no you got cum on your face. She said shut up. Ak said will I see you again? She turned around, winked and said DEFINITELY! I said babe what, she said don’t worry it’s only because of his dick size. I was like uh. I said Poo wanna do this again? She said maybe sometime, but in general I’m good with my big fat dick here, she took it in her hand. She said R is all the time welcome tho to do something with us three.

NSFW: yes

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