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This is my first time writing here and english is not my first language, so forgive me for any bad english.

I am a 25 year old male from Saudi Arabia, I have been married for 7 months now. Before my marriage I used to be a cock hungry slut and since my ass is bigger than what other guys in my weight have makes me cock-crazy.

I am fwb with this 48 year old male, he is married with kids, he said that he is looking for a hookup because his wife won’t agree to do anal as it’s haram in islam. We hit off chatted, and sexted on-off. Yesterday I got so horny and my wife slept early because she has a job interview the next day.

I decided it doesn’t matter I will get fucked no matter what so I sent a text for him which he was happy to come and do the job. He had a very big cock I was so turned on feeling his cock through the clothes I switched to bitch mood immediately and started sucking and kissing. I liked how he compares me to his wife sex skills and says what I am better at 😌. I get very horny when he talks about fucking my mother and wife, I loose my mind when he says “what if your wife finds you sucking my cock like what you are doing know bitch?” 😭. He cummed a lot in my mouth while we were in the car driving, he wanted to finish as he tired because he just come back from a trip outside the country but I told him I had prepared a gift for him we went to a public empty restroom and he got instant erection when he saw me wearing my wife panties.

I got dicked hard and he emptied inside of me, I was so tired after the fuck we agree to meet later, I went to my house and slept like a log next to my wife while his hot cum is dripping out of my asshole.

NSFW: yes

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