got felt up by my hot professor 🥰

i’ve been really into the y2k bratz fashion look that’s been all over tiktok lately so i’ve adapted it to my style and i’ve been wearing cute low cut tops and short skirts to class.

i noticed my professor kept eyeing me and he’s so hot it made me blush. i started to ask him for help and he would come over and review the material over with me.

last week he said i looked pretty and i wondered about it all day… i wanted to see if he would notice if i didn’t wear a bra and if he would say anything to me.

so i went to class yesterday w no bra on, said hi to him and sat near the front of the classroom… i “accidentally” gave him a peak of my cleavage and of my cute panties while he was teaching todays lesson.

he asked me to come to his class during his free class period to go over some material before this weeks exam on friday.

when i went to his classroom everything seemed ordinary and he really did begin going over yesterdays lesson. i was a bit disappointed at first because he’s so hot and i wondered he might not be into me like i wondered.

but then he told me he thinks i’m his prettiest student and that i’ve been a really good girl by teasing him in class.

i was full of butterflies… but i tried to keep my cool and act surprised.

he told me i look so innocent but he’s gonna bring my naughty side out for teasing him

he caressed my face and lightly wrapped his hand around my neck, leaned forward and kissed me

i was so entranced…

he used his other hand to feel me up. he pulled my shirt up, grabbed my tits and teased my nipples.

then he started kissing my neck while he teased my nipples w one hand and he pulled my skirt up and teased my thighs w the other.

he told me that i drive him crazy during class and that i make him so hard.

he grabbed his hard dick over his pants and smiled down at me, he told me that’s what i do to him and he can’t wait to give it to me.

he told me not to worry about the exam this friday because our lessons rewarded me an A 🥰 and he gave me his phone number…

as soon as i went home i took my panties off and played with my tight wet pussy.

maybe he’ll be the person i choose to lose my virginity to 💖💖💖

NSFW: yes

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