good night my buddy’s ex-wife came over. – Short Sex Story

Okay begin from the beginning, the first mentioned several weeks ago in a slut confessions, about having some sexual dreams about my buddies wife well ex-wife now. The backstory is simple, I’ve known him and her for about 10 years along with my now ex-wife. We were apartment buddies the same apartment different doors but all the time spend time together.
So basically the story starts with her knocking at my door for our little get together. We had planned about 2 days early to go hang out, I took her to go get a pedi done for her feet. I recently bought a movie that she had wanted to see and therefore made the date to spend watching it. Want to open the door, Katie all dressed up in a sundress and flip flops walked in with a bottle of whiskey. Neither one of us were big drinkers but this bottle was special to us. So she grabbed a seat on the couch taking a flip-flops off and got comfortable while I open the whiskey and poured to small glasses. Basically I sat down turned on the movie and started to watch it. If anybody who is interested in the movie was called novel desires a classic maybe late ’80s early ’90s soft porn. I know right sort of odd movie to be interested in watching but I had seen it she had not and so here we were. We didn’t get too far into the first half of the movie before she placed her feet on my lap and I found myself rubbing her feet. To be honest Katie’s feet were my attraction. Mine’s if she was a gorgeous woman in her 30s long dirty blonde hair wear glasses sort of skinny more so now with the divorce that also had a nice long legs to add into her little firm bum. But halfway through the movie Katie remarked how wonderful it was to have her feet rubbed down and taking good care of. Her husband and my wife both did not like feet while me and her both admired them.
What’s the movie ended, she had moved to cross the couch to my lap and we started making out. The making out starting to get me hot and bothered in a good way. She climbed on my lap to continue kissing me and definitely felt the bulge in my lap. When she broke her lips from mine, she had said “oh that is a nice Rock hard bulge in your pants”she wasted no time sliding off then pulling my pants down and then off, of course pulling out my dick can begin to suck me off. She had admitted that she had seen me once when I was changing clothes at her house by mistake but seeing me naked like that got stuck in her head. As much as I was enjoying the b****** I end up pulling her up then picking her up and carrying her over to the bed. I finished stripping down with Katie taking off her dress exposing that she had no panties or bra underneath. She climbed on top of my face and we 69. I wasn’t keeping track how long we were there but I definitely know that she wet before but she was soaking by the time she got off my face. She laid down and I get ready to climb on top of her but I stopped to reach for a condom. She took hold of the condom looked at it and then tossed it to the side. I replied should we not be wearing protection,? She smiled with a reply back, no I want your fully erect cock inside my soaking p**** and I don’t want you to pull out. I wasting the time before I was pulling her legs on my shoulder and sucking on her toes while f****** her p****. And I wasn’t paying attention to time wasn’t even caring how fast or how slow I just knew that I was enjoying her body and methods that my fantasies could not tell. I do know when I got close to cumming, Katie felt it too telling me to just let it flow. What I did a whole tight for a couple of minutes still playing with her feet. Of course when I got ready to pull out she sort of jerked telling me that she was a little bit sensitive down there and had been a long time since she felt that way. One of those able to let go I laid down beside her and she was playing with her p****. Only got a few minutes before she climbed on top and started to ride me. I just lay there and watched her small tits bounce. One of that close to coming again I sat up holding her in my arms and studied myself with her being ready for me again. This time we both fell to the side she moved on to my chest and relay there for a while. Fall asleep
Woke up the next morning the smell of coffee and eggs / bacon cooking on frying pan. I got up Katie was in the kitchen cooking grab some coffee and we chat a little bit over breakfast. Breakfast did not last long before we were both in bed having sex again. This time we started off with me mounting her doggy style and her telling me to f*** her brains out. Once again coming in her p**** and enjoying every moment of it. We didn’t stop there we took a minute break before I was on top again missionary style dropping another load into her. It did come a point where she got dressed and was at the door when I took hold of her body again. This time I was quickie with me leaning from behind her leaning on the door leaving her full of cum.. I didn’t ask if she wanted to clean up before she left but she had said I love the feel of your c** in me and it’s gonna be more fun when it come home to where my ex-husband is waiting for me to pick up the kids, where I will tease him or just might let him see some of it dripping down my leg.
I felt bad for my buddy but since it’s his wife and he’s sort of admitted to me he’s cheated on her I wondered this this was fair game. We had made plans to meet up again, her talking about something for my birthday.

NSFW: yes

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