Good Girl Gone Wrong Ch. 02 (Oral, Gloryhole, Mast, First Time) – Short Sex Story

Six years ago she’d been a perfectly average eighteen year old high college senior. Beth had been a late bloomer, and after years of keeping the boys away with a mouth full of metal she was practically an innocent until she’d finally gotten them removed. Not that that’s what she wanted of course, but none of the boys in her class seemed to have much interest in her after the first or second date. Even after she’d dated a few guys, she hadn’t gone all the way with anyone. She had sucked Billy Haskin’s dick after the spring dance, so things were looking up though.

Then one day during lunch she was relaxing under the shade of an old cottonwood while her current boyfriend was out of town for a baseball game, and she heard a conversation that would change the rest of her life.

“No, I’m serious,” the high pitched girl said, making Beth’s ears perk up as she put down her phone.

“No – that’s not” another girl started.

“You didn’t,” a third finished before they all broke up into a fit of giggles. Sitting amongst the gnarled roots on the opposite side of the tree from the girls, Beth was invisible. She was just a fly on the wall, and though she wouldn’t consider herself a snoop or a gossip, this conversation seemed too juicy to pass up. She risked a quick glance around the side of the trunk to try to see who was talking, but she only recognized the girls that had responded: Tasha and Rachel, two other seniors she didn’t know very well.

“I did!”,the mystery girl answered once the laughter had died down. “I needed the money to get my phone fixed!”

“So why not just show some old guys your tits online to make a little money,” Rachel chimed in. “That’s what I do!” They laughed again while Beth tried to stay as still as feasible. Prostitution? Pornography? Girls did that? Girls she knew? She still hadn’t brought herself to send her boyfriend a picture that showed her breasts and her face in the same shot, and was shocked by the idea. But the way it made her blush was from a deeper feeling she couldn’t identify.

“You know I can’t have pictures out there of me like that. Even Andrew doesn’t get nudes, though I make that up to him in other ways.” the mystery girl laughed. “After I get my Masters degree in political science and I become a Fortune 500 CEO, I’m going to go on to be the youngest female Senator we’ve ever had, and I can’t let some loser ex with revenge porn ruin all that.”

“But sucking some stranger’s dick for cash isn’t?” Tanya chimed in a perfect deadpan that after a moment of delay set off a whole series of giggles again.

“Listen – it’s through a hole in the wall in a gas station out by the highway,” the mystery girl added seriously, trying to convince her friends what she’d done was somehow ordinary. “No one sees who I am. No one knows who I am. I just make them cum and get a little cash on the side. No harm done.”

“That sounds pretty sketchy to me,” Tanya replied, unable to keep the mirth entirely out of her voice this time. “Yo. How do you know that the dick you’re sucking isn’t your dad’s, or your brothers?”

“Or Mr. Marsh’s!” Rachel added.

“Listen,” the mystery girl said, sounding unsure as she tried to regain control of the situation. Obviously she’d been expecting a different response. “I think you’re both missing the point. I—”

That’s when the bell rang. The three girls got up and walked away leaving Beth with a half eaten sandwich, eight unread texts from her boyfriend, and a head swimming with questions. A whole world she’d never even considered before suddenly sprang into existence. If she’d never been under that tree, she never would have heard that conversation, and never would have gotten wet at the idea of selling her sexuality to make a little money on the side. She’d been taught from a very early age, that sex was ony something you did with someone you were gonna marry, or at least someone you really loved, but the idea of selling it to a stranger? She hadn’t even considered that as an option.

Now she had though, and for the rest of the week she couldn’t stop thinking about it. At home she spent more time looking at blogs and forums on the subject than she spent doing her homework. Her mom and stepfather were at all times working, so there was no one there to catch her on the computer, and there was no one to catch her whimpering in her bed as she masterbated to the idea afterward. Could she do that? Could she sell a guy pictures of her naked body? Could she suck a stranger’s dick for a few crumpled twenties? Both ideas seemed as intimidating as the high dive over at the penny pool, but unfortunately they made her almost as wet as the pool did. She knew that she could never handle having sex with a man she wasn’t completely in love with for cash. Not unless it was like a million dollars of course, but this wasn’t sex was it? Did it count if no one ever found out?

She never quite shook the other ideas free, and after a couple weeks of fantasizing about it, she finally posted a couple revealing pictures to places like reddit. She made sure they didn’t show her face, or anything in her room that her friends might recognize, but they very clearly showed off her body. The one in the bikini did an especially good job. The plain blue bathing suit left little to the imagination and showed off almost every inch of her pale skin, from her cleavage free chest to her slender waist and flared hips. After she sent that one, she faced a deluge of men old enough to be her dad that wanted to own her, or at least rent her for a night or two. The first one that she opened at random had started out “I’m going to find you, slut. I’m going to hold you down, stretch you out, and fill you up…” and that was far from the most intense message she’d received. Some of those messages were the most erotic things she’d ever been exposed to in her short life, and others were frightening enough that she blocked the sender before she even finished reading their message.

In between those extremes she found a few guys offering to pay her for custom pictures of her naked body, some that wanted her to play a very adult version of dress up with some specific costumes and outfits, and a couple that wanted pictures of her feet. Most of that she was okay with in theory, but inevitably they all wanted to watch her cum on her fingers or toys they were willing to buy her. She told them that she wasn’t sure that a virgin girl like her could do so much, and that videos of her masterbating probably weren’t gonna happen, but she spent almost every night cumming to the idea of doing exactly that. The idea of her newfound sexuality was utterly intoxicating, honestly. In the end though, Beth had to delete the user account. Not because she wanted to of course, but because she couldn’t understand how to get paid for those naughty pictures without revealing some small clue about who she was to strangers.

So instead of becoming a whore for men she’d never meet, she focused on her dating life and her grades for the next couple months. She’d planned to have sex with Billy over Christmas break, after things started to get serious and she wondered that he might be the one. He apparently disagreed though, because one night while they were snuggling on the couch at his parents place she went through his phone and found the pictures and messages from the two other girls he’d been juggling on the side.

“You unbelievable asshole,” she screamed at him, startling him awake while It’s a Wonderful Life played quietly in the background. He shot up immediately to the sound, but when he saw the picture of Brittany’s tits shoved right in his face, all his answers died in his throat. He tried to explain, but his explanations were awful, and she went home thankful that she hadn’t decided to go all the way with him.

“Baby, I love you,” he tried as she walked out into the chilly January night, lost in her thick down jacket. “At least let me give you a ride home.” Beth didn’t waiver though. If he wanted to date a whore with big tits then he need to do that, because that was never gonna be who she was.

She spent the next two days crying, but the next day when she went listlessly with her mom on a Sunday shopping trip, an old wondered was stirred when they got on the highway. One of these gas stations had a gloryhole, and she wouldn’t have to worry about IDs and payment processors if she was paid in wrinkled old twenties… She spent the rest of the trip responding politely to her mom with monosyllables and noncommittal noises, but in her head she’d once again been consumed by the desire to suck some stranger’s dick for money. It wasn’t even about the money she’d decided, not really. It was about just how anonymous and transactional it was.

On the way home Beth couldn’t hold it any more and finally blurted out on the way home “Mom – I really need to use the ladies room.”

“Well, we’ll be home in just a few minutes sweetie, can you—” she answered.

“No, I need to go right now,” she said with real urgency as they were starting to exit the highway. “Just pull over right there” she said, pointing to the old Travel Mart. Her mom complied with only a complaint under her breath, and as soon as she’d parked Beth bolted from the car to the bathroom.

This gas station was so old that it had single person rooms for the mens and womens rooms accessible from the outside of the building. Each of them were secured by heavy deadbolts, and when Beth tried the women’s room she found it unlocked and unoccupied. She quickly turned the lock behind her and then took the room in. It was cleaner than she would have wondered, which was nice, but on first glance it would appear she’d been lied to: there didn’t seem to be any gloryhole. “Maybe they found it and sealed it up,” she whispered to herself, “Or maybe that girl was just lying to shock her friends.”

Both options seemed feasible, but as she sat down to use the toilet, she wondered she had to be missing something. Afterall – if you were a pervert running a company you wouldn’t want to scare off all the ordinary people that stopped by to buy a drink or top off their gas tank, would you? With that in mind Beth gave the issue another look – she looked at the toilet paper holder and gave it a shake, but it was firmly bolted to the wall. If she was getting ready to suck some dick, then the hole would have to be near head level while she was sitting on the toilet, wouldn’t it? She looked to her right, and the only thing that was there was the seat cover dispenser. When she first grabbed it and pulled it first left, then right, it seemed firmly attached, but when she tried to slide it up it came free without any effort. Behind it was a wide six inch hole in the thin half inch metal wall that separated the two rooms. Beyond that she couldn’t see much though because there was another dispenser hung on the opposite side, blocking her view.

The anticlimactic view left her a little disappointed, but she had to hide her excitement when she walked back to the car, and when she helped her mother put away groceries after they got home. She did it. She had finally found her perverted pot of gold at the end of the perverted rainbow. She’d never have cheated on her boyfriend, which is why she’d decided against finding it when the pictures hadn’t worked out, but now that she was single… Well, she knew it was a bad idea, but she had a hard time convincing herself that meant she shouldn’t do it. Afterall, she owed Billy some sort of revenge, so it was either this, or what? Fucking his friends to make sure he knew what he was missing?

In the end her needy pussy won out. It was just dangerous to make her soak her panties at the idea of sucking off some truck driver, and just safe enough with that big lock on the door to make her think she could get away with it. Sadly she wouldn’t be able to do it tonight, or even tomorrow. Her mom had gotten a three day weekend for the first time in forever, so she insisted on spending as much time as she could with her daughter.

Eventually Tuesday rolled around though, and once the sun started to set Beth got dressed up in some tight black leggings and a gray crop top.It was outfit that was more eligible for a gym bunny than a hooker, but it was as close as she could get without raising an eyebrow, and she desperately wanted to look the part. Once she’d finished admiring the way the stretchy fabric complimented her natural curves she put on her earbuds and went for a jog. The gas station was less than two miles away, so it was a perfectly reasonable excuse to use the bathroom there in the middle of jogging a new route… At least that’s what she would tell anybody if they asked her why they saw her there at college tomorrow. It was her greatest fear – not that a man would do something terrible to her, but that any of the girls in her class might figure out that Beth the little goody two shoes had decided to suck cock for cash.

In the end it was anticlimactic though. She jogged to the bathroom without any issues, locked herself inside, and then waited. No one ever came though. She waited for an hour, and no one showed up. It was very disappointing. She’d worked herself up to finally do this, and all that happened was that she sat there for an hour waiting. Reluctantly she walked home, still trying to understand what she could have done differently, but she found no answers. The next day she did some research and found out that most gloryholes announced when there was gonna be someone there on one of several skeezy websites. After a little searching, Beth found the posts that the mystery girl she’d listened to months ago on the backpages website for the city just down the highway from them. It looked like she’d stopped after a couple times, but Beth figured that was when she’d gotten enough money for her phone. So she copied her post.

‘Here for a good time, not a long time. For the appropriate tip I’ll take good care of your tip out at exit 69 in the usual place from 6 to 9pm this Friday. 40 roses will get you a date if you’re all dressed up, but it will take double that if you want to go without… See you soon boys.’

Beth’s heart pounded as she hit submit, not entirely sure what she’d just typed. Dressed up? Roses? She could figure all that later. All that she knew now was that if she could work up the nerve to go back on Friday, then she’d finally have a customer or two to live out her twisted little fantasy.

Friday came quickly, and other than gonna college and practicing her nearly nonexistent technique by watching videos and practicing on her dildo, all Beth did was count down the hours until Friday night. As at all times she was alone in the house when she left, and no one paid her any mine as she jogged down the dark streets to her destination. This time when she arrived there were enough extra cars parked in the back that it made her a little nervous. Were those idling vehicles waiting customers? She wondered it was very unlikely, but she locked the bathroom door quickly behind her all the same, suddenly worried someone might try to follow her in here.

She didn’t have to wait long though. Almost as soon as she took the cover off of the hole, someone shoved a gnarled old hand through the hole, silently offering her a handful of wadded up bills. Beth’s heart was pounding in her chest as she took them and shoved them in her purse, not even bothering to count them. Instead she stared in anticipation at the hole and licked her lips as a dick finally came through the hole. She’d waited months for this moment, and honestly it was a little disappointing compared to the ones she’d seen in the videos, but it had finally happened. It was thick and veiny, but a little bit shorter than her ex’s, with some gray hairs among the pubes. It felt almost like a dream as she reached out with her right hand to to grab the cock and her mouth slowly followed.When she reached it, she smelled it while she gave the base a few experimental tugs. He smelled of soap and old man, so she was grateful that at least he’d bothered to shower before he came here; she’d read that wasn’t at all times the case.

With a little tremor or anticipation she took the plunge and inhaled the glans of her anonymous lover’s cock into her mouth. He was circumcised, and she swirled her tongue idly around the head wondering how different it would be to suck a uncircumcised cock. After a few seconds of that, she let the cock slide deeper into her mouth, until she was halfway down the shaft, drawing an appreciative moan from the stall next door. “You’re an eager little cock sucker aren’t you, slut?” he said, making her squeeze her thighs together in response to the perverse compliment.

“All the boys at school say so,” she said, finally coming up for air before going back down on his cock, finally reaching the base as she felt the head of his dick bump the back of her throat.

“Mmmmm, I’ll bet they do slut,” he moaned, starting to get into it. “I’ll bet you give all your teachers extra credit and the boys tell each other what a sure thing you are. When I was in school I-I…” while he talked, Beth increased her speed and her suction. If he had enough presence of mind to tell her a story then obviously she wasn’t doing a good enough job. So she attacked the frenulum with her tongue and sucked on the head with her mouth while she started to pump the spit slick shaft with her hand. The results spoke for themselves.In less than a minute her customer went from a long rambling tirade, to moaning and gasping, to finally grunting as he came in her mouth. She’d thought what she would do when that moment arrived, and she’d planned on pulling back and letting him shoot against the wall, but at the last moment she’d had a horrible vision getting cum on her top and having to walk home looking like a whore. So instead she grimaced and swallowed the strangers cum in two quick swallows to make sure there was no mess.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, pulling back and breathing heavily. “You keep letting me know when you’re in the area, and I’ll be sure to swing by.” Beth didn’t respond to that, she just moved her face out of the way of the now open hole so that he wouldn’t get the chance to sneak a peak at her.

After loitering for a moment, he cleaned up, zipped up, and left the restroom. Almost immediately a new guy took her place. His dick was longer, his smell was muskier, and unlike her first customer, he didn’t say a word. He just made little gasps here and there when she found a particularly sensitive spot on his cock. That suited Beth just fine. Doing something so naughty, especially back to back like this was making her ache with need, and without stopping her efforts with her mouth she slid her left hand under her waistband and in to her panties to play with her clit while she pleasured a man she’d never met.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned involuntarily on the man’s cock, surprising herself as she did it. Playing with herself while she was being used like this didn’t just feel good, or a little bit better than fingering herself at home – it felt amazing. She wasn’t in a state of mind to try to puzzle out whether it was because of the anonimity or the prostitution. She didn’t know if it turned her on because she was finally getting a fucked up form of revenge on her ex, or if it was because this was the nicest dick she’d ever seen and touched in real life. She didn’t need to know. All she needed to know is how everything together made her feel so dirty and sexy at once, and that the arousal that feeling caused made every touch of her delicate fingers feel ten times better than they normally did in her bedroom when she was reading a sexy story.

He probably lasted longer than the first guy, but she wasn’t sure how long exactly, because she was less focused on breathing or the passage of time while she deep throated this guy than she was on how good it felt to cum while she was in this headspace. By the time he moaned and started to shoot down her throat, she was on her third orgasm, and eagerly swallowed his thick semen, almost enjoying the taste while she shivered in pleasure because of everything else. It was the cherry on the sundae for her, and when it was over and he left, she slumped back against the wall, panting with pleasure. There were two more customers after that one, and she made sure they both got their money’s worth, but she was too blissed out on the experience she’d just had to remember much about them.

She decided to wait for another twenty minutes after closing the hole before she finally unlocked the door and took a look around. While she waited, she counted, surprised to see that she’d made over $300. The money was nice, but she’d give it away to the first homeless guy she saw just to cum like that one more time she wondered. After she cleaned up she unlocked the door and took a quick look to make sure the parking lot was empty before she started walking home. Beth was giddy as she made her way home. All those stories and she’d never understood exactly why those women came harder when they were treated like a whore until now. Intellectually she’d known it was hot of course, but to finally feel the eroticism of shame… she was hooked. She’d definitely be doing this again, and soon, she swore to herself.

The next day when she made another post for the following Friday there were butterflies in her stomach. She knew it wasn’t ordinary to get this excited about something so awful but she didn’t care. Beth had never been as turned on by a cute guy at her college as she had been by the idea of sucking off some anonymous truck driver because he paid her. That revelation should have terrified her, but instead she walked around with that secret in her pocket feeling like she finally knew the answer to a question that none of her friends would ever even ask. It made her feel special for the first time in her young life,and that feeling didn’t fade after her next visit, or even the one after. During her second week she had three customers, including her first brown guy and her first uncircumcised cock. She devoured both eagerly, feeling especially wicked, and came hard more than once.

Her third trip to the gas station, she brought a wireless vibe, so she could play with herself while she gave her full attention to all five cocks that had showed up that night. This time she was more confident, and she moaned and groaned as she came while playing with stranger’s dicks. This was also the first night that she had a repeat customer; when she saw those salt and pepper pubes she knew the old guy came back. “Thank you for using me again,” she purred while she teased his dick. If he wanted to keep paying her to use her mouth then she certainly wanted to make sure that he got his money’s worth. Beth edged him for five minutes before he finally exploded down her throat so hard that she wondered she’d given the poor guy a heart attack.

All of these experiences were positive and enjoyable enough, but her last customer of the night was finally the one to scare her. He didn’t seem any different than other cocks she’d played with so far while she was sucking and gagging, but once he was done, he wanted more. “Come back home with me slut. I’ll give you $300 for one night with that body. If the rest of your holes are as tight as your mouth, I’ll send you straight to heaven.”

“Sorry,” Beth said, trying to be conciliatory, “I-I have a boyfriend.” She was about to say that she was a virgin, but realized at the last second that if he knew that he’d try even harder to fuck her.

“If your boyfriend was any good then you wouldn’t be in a dirty bathroom sucking my cock,” he countered, which she was forced to admit was a fair point. “Come on baby, let me rock your world.”

“No thank you,” Beth tried again, “I’d be happy to – ummmm, service you again another time, but I need to go soon.”

“Then come home with me and I’ll give you a ride.You can thank me by—” He started, but Beth cut him off by putting the hole’s cover back on, effectively muting him.

There was a long moment of silence, and then suddenly someone tried the door, rattling the handle several times. Beth didn’t move. She didn’t dare breathe. She just sat there, her vibe buzzing away on low as she thought if this was it – if he would discover a way in here to rape her. After thirty seconds the noises stopped. The door had held. He kicked it one more time and yelled, “You fucking bitch,” before silence returned.

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