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This is a story I wanted to distribute a long time ago but didn’t. That said, here it is now. I have left out all dates, names and places so as to not expose anyone by smart deduction. 

I stayed in the outside flat at my friend’s house for a while when my place was under construction. He lived with his wife and their two children, but the children would go to boarding college out of town during the week. I was still single at the time and spent a good deal of time doing sports and working out at the gym. Staying with my friend and his wife was easy, as we all got along very well. We seemed to give each other enough space as well as social interaction. 

One Wednesday night around 18:00h after I got back from gym, my friend’s wife was watering flowers outside the back door of their house which was 15m from their flat that I was staying in. We greeted each other and had a little chat, as ordinary. After she finished her watering she said to me, “I have a little surprise for you and my husband tonight. Come to our dining room at 20:30h sharp and keep it quiet as it is a surprise for both of you.” I was curious but didn’t think much of it. I went into the flat and prepared myself dinner. I watched a little telly while I ate. Around 19:30h I went to shower, I ended up jacking off while in the shower, as often happened. I was sitting reading a book when I suddenly realized I needed to be next door. It was 20:27 so I grabbed a t-shirt and the nearest pants and walked across barefoot. I went straight to their dining room, it had a small side light on, so it was dimly lit. I could hear music coming from down the passage. Almost as soon as I walked in my friend’s wife walked in and before I even said a word she put her hand on my mouth and whispered “come”. I was already surprised and very intrigued. I quietly followed her down the passage to the main bedroom door. I followed her into the room, and she signed for me to be quiet. What I saw next, you could say, was a big surprise. My friend’s wife had blindfolded, stripped and tied him to the bed width wise. I was quite taken back and did not know what was happening but I stood quietly and watched not knowing what else to do. Then my friend’s wife undressed and climbed on top of him in 69 position. She started to suck his dick while riding his face.

Now at this point you are probably wondering what we all look like. All of us are Caucasian. My friend’s wife is 5’6, 150lb, 36c, long mousy blonde hair, blue eyes and could have won Miss Universe if she was not married. Her P-hair was cleanly shaved except for a small triangle at the top which was neatly trimmed. Her gorgeous 36c breasts have about an inch and a half radius areola with a half inch round and half inch long exquisite nipples. She has an ass to die for. My friend is 5’9, 180lb, skinny but fit, dark full head of hair but kept short with a shaved face. I figured his dick was about the same size as mine which is 8 inches long and has a radius of 2.4 inches when erect. His dick has a dark Bushy mane like a lion. I am 6’2, 210lb and work out. I have a tan, shaved face, brown medium length hair on my head and often shave my pubic hair and underarms. 

Now back to the surprise.

When he was hard she gestid for me to come closer, she reached out and pulled my zip down. Taking out my dick and grinding her pussy against his face she sucked me in her mouth while wrapping her hands around his dick tight. She moved forward off his face and onto his dick and rode wildly all the while holding my dick tight and getting in a few sucks here and there. She pulled me down and pulled my face to her’s. We passionately kissed, tongues intertwined. About 5 minutes after she climbed on his dick my friend started to cum, his wife just kept going with both of us till he fell out of her. She looked at me with this naughty look in her eyes and signalled for me to go to the other side of the bed. She turned around and moved up over his face again. To my surprise she fed him all his own cum while she sucked my dick. After a few minutes she got off and took me by the hand, she led me out of the room to the Lounge down the passage. There she kissed for a while and whispered in my ear, “I am going to make him hard again and I want you to cum in my pussy while he is in me too”. With that I took my chance and started to kiss, suck and play with her amazing breasts. All the while I was wondering how my friend was doing restrained, naked, blindfolded with music going and probably no idea what was going on or that I was even there. His wife then said to me “we have a little thing, sometime if he cums too soon and before me I can make him eat his cum out of me”. I was a little stunned but got over it quite quickly when I put my hands around and on his wife’s magnificent ass. About 20 minutes later after lots of petting, kissing and playing around we went back to the bedroom. My friend was still spread out naked, unable to move lying there helpless, his wife said to him “are you ready to try that again but properly?” He nodded and she put her mouth to my ear whispering “I would like you to lick my ass while I make him hard”. She put her tongue in my mouth and started kissing me again. Then she whispered in my ear again “don’t forget to join in when I am on him again”. Then she got something from a drawer and climbed on the bed and kneeling with her ass in the air, she started sucking my friend’s dick. I was loving the view so much, it was as if I was in a trance. She stopped, looked at me and pointed at her ass hole while flicking her tongue up and down. I moved in close, grabbed her ass in my hands and started doing something I had never done with anyone before, I put my tongue to her ass hole and moved it slowly. She moaned with intense pleasure and went back to sucking her husband’s dick. This went on for a while, I moved between licking her ass hole and her pussy. I was so hard and ready to do whatever she wanted. 

She had got my friend hard too, so she put a tight cock-ring on him balls and all. It seemed he was not going soft this time till she said so. She moved forward and mounted him. While she rode him she kissed him intensely. After about 2 minutes she looked at me and mouthed “come”. I slid up on top of both of them, squeezed my dick into her already occupied pussy and thrust my pelvis against her ass. I took over most of the movement, being on top of them meant they were limited. They obviously didn’t mind because after 5 to 10 minutes we all came hard. Both my friend and I pumped our loads into his wife’s pussy. She was shaking from her orgasm. Once I caught my breath I got up and off the bed but not really knowing what to do next. Then my friend’s wife pushed herself up, slid off his dick and did something even more unexpected. To my surprise she just moved straight up to her husband’s face, sat on it and gyrated her hips. He without a protest just ate both our loads of cum from her pussy.

I walked around the front of them to get a better view, that is when she pulled me closer by the dick and we kissed. Next she took my dick in her mouth and sucked on it for a while. When she was done she shooed me away with her hand, I took my clothes and went back to the flat without a word. Once back at the flat my mind started going wild with all sorts of questions. Did he know? Did he suspect? What should I say? Will this affect our relationship? Needless to say it was difficult to sleep that night. Only an hour later I was jacking myself off to the memory of what just happened and again 2 hours later. Hell, even as I recall and write the story I have just jacked off again. In the morning when we were all getting in our cars to go to work I looked at my friend and he greeted me as if it were just another ordinary day as in the past. I said “Good morning, did you sleep well?” I don’t even know why I said that but he replied in a jolly mood “Good, and you?” His wife looked at me and gave a gorgeous smile as if nothing had happened and said “Good morning”. 

To be continued…… 

NSFW: yes

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