Gonna begin gy(m)ing more often

Being the busy guy I am I go to the gym later at night like normally around 9-10pm and sometimes there’s a quite attractive girl who also goes at that time.
I’ve seen her there a few times but when she is there it’s so hard not to stare at her in her tight singlet with boobs slightly bouncing up and down as she walked around and, her tights that accentuate her arse very well.

She’s definitely noticed me looking at me and every now and then she looks back and smiles which makes my dick semi hard.
One night I was working out and she was doing bench press and noticed she was struggling abit so I kept an eye on her as she was doing her sets.
As I finished one of my sets I noticed she couldn’t get the bar up which was stuck across her chest, so I ran over and grabbed the bar and lifted it up and re racked it.
As I’ve grabbed it I’ve touched her perfect tits and i they definitely felt natural which turned me on even more.

She got up and thanked me and we started talking and we kinda started working out together and at this point we were the only ones in the gym, I was doing shoulder press on a bench and asked if she could spot me, her hands on my arms made me very hard so after I got up I had to try and hide but I’m pretty sure she saw me trying to hide my boner.

She came around pushed my back on the bench and straddled me her perfect tits in my face, I reached up and squeezed them, feeling more amazing than they looked and she started pushing her hips back and forth feeling my hard cock on her arse.
I said we should go to the change rooms, so we got up and went to the change rooms and it was convenient there were showers in there too.
We got in the shower cubicle undressed each other, my dick got even harder when I saw the hot pink thong she was wearing. We got under the shower and started making out, our hands exploring each other, I moved my hands down from her perfect boobs down to her vagina sliding my fingers around her pussy teasing her, then I made my way in between her lips gently touching her clit rubbing up and down as our tongues were down each other’s throats.
She had her hand on my cock and she could definitely lift this bar, slowly stroking it up and down before kissing down my body getting on her knees kissing the tip as her hand kept stroking my hard cock.

She then took more and more of cock swirling her tongue around my shaft and her hand following her mouth as I went in and out of her mouth. She came up and I returned the favour going down on her, after making her cum from eating her I came up turned her around, she reached back and grabbed my cock guiding it into her tight shaved pussy, I didn’t fit at first I started slow and eventually I had my whole cock in her as she was moaning saying she was going to cum again I got faster and faster till I felt her knees buckle and let out another moan. I pulled her and kept thrusting in her, she leaned back put her hand on the back of my neck, pulled me towards her and whispered in my ear I want your cum in me.
As she said that I blew a massive load inside her as I squeezed her tits, she put her fingers up her pussy got some of my cum and put in her mouth, my dick was still hard and throbbed even more as she did that.

After that experience, we ended up becoming good friends sleeping together on the regular

NSFW: yes

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