Going from almost drowning, to drowning in pleasure.

Part 1/3

Fun starts at ___

This happened a year or two before the spicy cough was a thing. I was feeling a little burnt out, I wanted a little break. Something to get the stress off my shoulders, even if it was just for a moment, it’d make me happy. The only issue was where would I go? Months ago, Amy told me in passing about how her friend who went to the Philippines/Thailand, not sure which it was, but they loved it. That’s all I remembered from that conversation. Friend goes to place, place fun. That’s a 5/5 glowing star review for me, I’m sold. Probably wasn’t, butt fuck it, it’ll be fine right? I took a gable and bought a ticket to Philippines and rented some place near the beach.

After the first day of doing nothing, it felt great. I woke up to the sounds of crashing waves and birds chirping, the sun was like a solar beam on my face telling me to get up. Having not swum for a while, I decided now would be a good time as ever to get back in to the water once again. I loved swimming when I was younger, by no means was I good, but I’d like to think I was somewhat decent.

Makin’ my way down, walking fast, face is warming up from the sun and I’m beach bound. Walk up to there I see that it was fairly empty, except for some people swimming or sun bathing. There was a rather tall blonde with wavy hair, it’s about mid-way back length and she’s wearing a red bikini set. The bottom had a white flower print on her bikini bottom ooooh just barley covering her beautiful butt.

She looks back and sees me staring and shoots me a smile. Crap, mission failed, I was spotted. Not wanting to be some creep, I smiled back and gave her a wave, even though yeah I was a being a bit of a creep. She goes in to the water and paddles out with her surfboard.

I wasn’t fully ready to get in the water just yet, I put my stuff down and lathered on some sunscreen and watched her for a bit. Damn, this girl can surf! I’m no expert, but you could just tell that she’s got some skill. This made me want to go in for a swim, I went out and swam around for a bit, but got a cramp and I was in a riptide or something. I was flailing about and couldn’t breathe properly, my lung were filling up with water and then I blacked out.

Not sure what happened, all I knew was there’s someone pushing on my chest and blowing air in to my mouth. Only wondered going through my mind was stayin’ alive and then I coughed up water and was greeted by the very same blonde girl surfing standing on the side to me, it was some guy who performed the CPR. However it was the blonde girl who brought me back to shore, I thanked them profusely for saving my life. The guy says *”don’t sweat it, I was just helping out bro.”* However the blonde was not as understanding, she jokingly said that she wanted payment for her services in the form of dinner at some local bar/restaurant place nearby at 8PM. This seems fair, life saved for a dinner with a blonde surfer chick. I’d take that deal any day of the week, she tells me her name is Katherine, her friends called her Katy bear or Katy for short. She says she’ll tell my why it’s Katy bear over dinner and went back to surfing.

Having had my fair distribute of excitement for the morning, I went to lie down and relax watching the group of people playing volley ball. There was one girl who was eyeing me, but wondered nothing of it.

7:30 PM approaches, I get myself ready doing the three S’s; Shower, Shit and shave. I dress myself in the most fashionable Hawaiian shirt that I brought with me, also shorts and sandals to complete my ensemble accordingly to the warm weather. The only thing missing is my puka shell necklace. Then I wondered about it again, whoa that’d be too fancy, this is meant to be a casual thing. It’s just a friendly dinner between to people, who don’t know each other and only just met, nothing more. No need to overthink things.

I made my way to the venue, getting near to it, I looked down at my watch it’s 8:20. Oh no, I hope that I didn’t make her wait too long or her thinking that I stood her up. Upon getting close to the place, I scouted the place from a distance to see if she was there or not, she was not, phew. I head on over to the bar and took a shot to calm my nerves for this casual friendly dinner.

Time passes by its 8:45; the only wondered was why didn’t we exchange numbers or something? It would’ve been helpful if either of us had to cancel. I sipped on some tropical cocktail; don’t remember the name but it’s damn tasty. Overthink, just a bit more and tell myself 15 more minutes and I leave.

It’s 9 PM feeling defeated, I started walking out to go home, as I get to the entrance, Katy walks in with a white bikini and red transparent sarong, her hair is in a messy bun, which I adore.

She tells me how she and her friend lost track of time doing stuff and forgot about the dinner, she had only remembered it at 8:30 and says how sorry the she made me for her so long.

I tried to reassure her, there’s nothing to worry about. We’re on vacation, don’t stress it. Let’s go have dinner and enjoy ourselves, have some fun.

We talked about how she and her friend met and what they’ve been done so far on vacation. Then she tells me about why her nickname is Katy bear. It’s to do with her love of bears, polar bears specifically and how she has this big one in her room. She shows me a picture of it and dayum it was BIIIG, it like the size of wardrobe. Something about my reaction to seeing this made her laugh.

When she used her hand trying to cover her mouth while laughing, I noticed that she has a moustache tattooed on her finger. I mentioned how I haven’t seen those in forever. Katy tells me about how she got it done forever ago and has good memories attached to it. We continue talking and flirting, as she rubs my thigh and laughs at my horrible jokes with a smile.

Everything was going great, the restaurant was closing up. We head on out telling each other how much fun they had and we our separate methods. A minute later she comes running towards me and tells me that, she normally doesn’t ask guys to come back with her on the first date, let alone some stranger, but she felt safe to ask me because she had a great time and she’s on vacation, so why not?

Yes, why not indeed. My face lit up with a smile and said, yes.

We walked back to hers flirting some more and kissing, on the way back we got some condoms. It started to lighly rain during this, luckily we were close to her place, but our clothes were damp. When we’re in front of the door, She tells me that her friend won’t come back tonight, she’s out with some guy. So we don’t have to worry about her.

Once we went through the front door and closed it, I removed my damp clothes and her sarong, leaving us in our underwear basically, and then we were on each other like horny teenagers. My hands cupping her butt and kissing down her neck to her breast, as she’s moaning and rubbing my cock.

She tells me to stop and let’s move this to her bed instead. Yeah, it’s probably for the best. We fully undress ourselves in her room, my jaw dropped when I saw her naked body. She did all the right moves and the right features were shown off. My eyes were drawn to her left nipple it’s pierced with a black bar, then looking at the entire canvas her C cup breasts, tan lines and clean shaven pussy with some lips poking out, perfection. So yeah, I’m going down.


Unfortunately she didn’t want to waste time with me eating her out, she quickly got my dick hard while fingering herself and put on a condom. The first condom broke, she puts on another, it was a bit tight. I tried to have a taste of what’s between her thighs, but Katy told me *”no, I want your cock inside her now!”* Pushing me on to the bed and dropping herself down all the way on my cock in one go.

There’s something special about a woman who knows what they want in bed and isn’t shy about it, it’s absolutely intoxicating to me. Sure, she’s stunning and a bit taller than me, but the way she moved on my cock and is in control was mesmerising. She was grinding and pounding like it’s the last cock she’ll play with. I was all for it, telling her *”take it girl, it’s yours”*

She eventually cums and hard, it was hard enough to push my cock out. Unsurprisingly it was aggressive enough for it to break the condom. I walked over to get another one, but she stops me.

Katy whispers in to my ear from behind “we don’t need another condom for what we’re about to do and I lied about losing track of time. I was cleaning myself out, just in case thing went well tonight”. She then turns me around, grabs my hands placing them on her sculpted butt and told me *”I want you to fuck my slutty asshole, I’m a huge anal slut.”*

I’ve never been interested in fucking girls in the rear; the wondered of poop dick is pretty unappealing. Also, every girl has flat-out refused or had no interest in it, which was cool, since neither was I. However the enthusiasm Katy had for it made me interested in it. Going raw is more pleasurable generally, so it’s a win, win situation really.

Katy pulls out a small container of Vaseline and rubs some on her arsehole, while I walked out to dispose of the broken condom. I was presented with the sight of her in doggy on the bed. She told me to go slow until she’s ready for more, she’ll let me know when that was.

I rubbed some on my cock and slowly entered her tight hole; she’s panting and rubbing her clit. This goes on for a bit, until Katy loosens up a bit. It wasn’t bad, just not as good as what it’s hyped up to be. Much more different than if I was taking it though. It’s like a blowjob+, a warm wet hole and no teeth. She tells me, she’s ready for more. I begin to thrust a bit more aggressively and slowly increasing speed and momentum.

Katy loves it, she’s moaning and commanding me to give her double of what I’m doing and says *”yeah, yeah that feels good”*. Not long after her legs start to shake and she cums screaming.

We end up fucking for some time, I don’t remember how long, but it was a good time had by all.

Waking up the next day, something wasn’t agreeing with me. I become a royal; I sat on the porcelain throne for a good half hour, then took a shower after. I felt clean inside and out.

Sitting up and waiting for me was Katy; she’s on her bed motioning me to come over to her. She asked if I wanted a blowjob, what a silly question. I told her “only if you want to give it”. Katy grinned mischievously, she tells me to lie on my back and close my eyes and tell her when I close.

This seemed a bit odd, but hey a blowjob is a blowjob. I did as she asked.

Katy gets me close to cumming in no time. I tell her I’m about to cum. She puts a lubed finger in me and plays with my prostate, I came hard and left me panting, she’s sucking on my tip getting the rest of my cum out.

Her friend walks in and sees this and she says *”I guess you really like those huh, Banana”*

Who the hell was this person? My vision was slightly blurry from the earth shattering orgasm. They looked familiar, but couldn’t tell who they were. It was Bianca; she had dyed her hair blonde. Her reasoning was, “blondes just have more fun!”



Part 2 soon.

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