Giving myself to my dads friend whilst dad was in the next room

George and I returned to being workout buddies the day after he’d followed me into my changing cubicle and tongued and fingered me to two orgasms, the second of which had me nearly black out it was that intense. Luckily it appeared no other women had either come into the changing room at the time or heard what George was doing to me. Since then he had became a lot more hands on than usual with his support with my workout routine and I have to admit it distracted me and had my juices running but nothing further happened and we agreed that we would take things slow between us and just enjoy getting to know each other.

When I was alone, I couldn’t stop thinking about George, how perfect he was, but also what he had done to me in the changing room. He had sent me to an amazing place with his tongue and fingers but now there was something growing inside me that wanted more and it had been a few months since I’d last had sex. It felt like I needed to change that but I didn’t want to rush this so I told myself to stay calm.

Everything was positive again and a week later I was just placing my keys on the keys tree in the kitchen at my dads having just got in from a workout when dad walked in and told me he was going out with George for a meal later that day, with just him and Jen to thank him for helping after dads accident.

“He’s going to come around about 4.30pm to pick us up, he’s on a health kick at the moment so he volunteered to drive. I didn’t argue” dad chuckled and wandered off.

I grabbed some lunch before hitting the shower. I hadn’t showered at the gym that day I was feeling a little anxious about what George and I had done the previous week although it also excited me that we’d done it in a public place.

Standing in the shower my mind wandered back to George and I let one of my hands reach down to my pussy, thinking about how I had sucked George to orgasm and how he had then reciprocated by giving me 2 orgasms ending with me squirting over his face and nearly blacking out. The other hand aimed the shower head at my clit to play the water over my sex, whilst I used two fingers to slide between my lips. If only I had brought some of my toys with me, I cursed myself for a moment, before my thoughts went back to George and his fine muscular body, he really was a wet dream. I placed the shower head back and used one hand to focus on my nipples and one hand to rub my clit, it didn’t take long to bring myself to orgasm. It wasn’t as powerful as when George had eaten my pussy and this only made my desire for George grow even more. I got out of the shower and towelled myself dry before slipping on my robe so I could dry my hair.

It was about 3.45pm when I heard the doorbell, I was lying on my bed still in my robe, having got distracted by a documentary I was watching on Netflix. Shit, I better chuck some clothes on, before I pop down and talk to George for a bit. Although I think he’d prefer me naked, I’m not sure dad would approve. I couldn’t discover anything, I’d forgotten to get my laundry done earlier and I didn’t want to put my old stale clothes on so I had to dig right at the back of my drawers to discover something appropriate to wear.

“George, you’re an early bird” I heard my dad say.

“Yeah sorry, I was at Sara’s and she got a call into work, the joys of cover shifts. I didn’t think it was worth going home for a few minutes by the time I’d got home, I’d then have to turn back to here. I hope you don’t mind.” I heard George say.

“No of course not, I just need to have a shower and get ready. It’ll only take a half hour, forty minues. Jen is already getting ready now. Make yourself at home.” dad said.

I found a black cotton thong and some very tight shorts, my butt and thighs had grown a few inches of muscle since I’d bought these shorts a couple years back, and slid them up my legs into place and was looking through my tops when I heard a light tap on the door. I looked in the mirror, a camel toe appeared as my shorts cupped my pussy tightly, I can’t do anything now I wondered, so I did my robe up to cover my exposed nipples and chest and went to answer to see what my dad wanted. Maybe he wanted me to go and see if George is ok. To my surprise, when I opened my door it was George, he quickly slid in and ushered me to close the door behind him.

“George, what are you doing again!” I whispered with surprise a smile coming across my face, the sight of him though sent tingles through my pussy.

“I’ve been thinking about you since we left the gym this morning and I couldn’t wait any longer” he stepped toward me and slipped his hands inside my robe and around my waist.

His mouth kissed my neck before moving its way across and pressed against my lips. Sending sparks through me and warming me to my centre, his lips felt amazing.

He stepped back and pulled the tie on my robe loose, letting the robe fall open, hanging from just the erect nipples on each of my breasts, side boob very visible. My firm stomach and legs fully on view in just my tiny tight shorts.

“Wow, each time I see this body, I am breathless.” He said before stepping back in to embrace me.

One hand slid up inside my robe to my left breast. His other hand slid down my stomach to cup my pussy. He could feel the heat buiilding down there already, he pulled the waistband of my shorts and panties away and pushed them down to my knees before rubbing his fingers down through my trimmed pubic hair and my silky slick lips.

“George, stop that!” I said.

I squirmed half-heartedly, but I wasn’t in a hurry to move my crotch away from his hand.

dad and Jen could …”

His finger tickled my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body and making me lose all wondered.

“Oh, shit” was what came out.

He sucked my earlobe into his mouth as his other hand gently squeezed the nipple on my right breast. My breathing deepened and my heart pounded. He knew any resistance I had was gone when he kissed over my cheek to my mouth and I turned my head and met his lips with my own. We kissed passionately, and I shot my tongue into his mouth as he played with my body. He moved his hands to remove my robe completing, making it fall to the floor and I stepped out of my shorts and panties that were hanging around my knees.

“Now be quiet, we’ve not got long.” He commanded.

I stood there before him, completely naked again. He slipped his hands around my slender waist and slipped them down to my wide hips before pushing them back to grab my firm round ass, squeezing each globe as he pulled me close. I was all his. Our lips met, and my tongue eagerly fired into his mouth again. He walked me backwards towards my dressing table, and as I felt my butt bump into it I sat back and automatically spread my legs for him to display my desie. He broke the kiss and knelt in front of me.

My pink pussy lips were swollen and clearly very wet. I placed each leg over his shoulders as he buried his face into me. My tanned muscular thighs squeezing at his head to try and draw him in further.

“Ohhhhh…” I sighed as I felt his tongue on my pussy. His tongue licked up into me, tasting me. He clamped his mouth onto my clit, and his tongue licked at it quickly.

“Ohhh God, yes.” I moaned into my arm, my other hand running through his hair. If I didn’t realize it before, I was now positive that I needed this. His tongue felt so amazing, a surge of desire went through my body. But suddenly, to my disappointment, he stopped. Maybe he would give me more this time.

“George, just fuck me, will you” panting frustratingly.

He stood up in front of me and pulled his thick cock out of his trousers as I stared at him. He stepped closer and finally I looked down lustfully at his rock hard cock, then submissively watching him place the fat head against my needy entrance. Then I watched as my lips opened up and the top half of his cock disappeared as he thrust in to me, filling me with a warm feeling.

“Ohhhh…” I moaned, that wonderful feeling of becoming full again hitting me.

He slid back a little, before pushing his cock back in, slow shallow thrusts to allow me to adjust to his size, my hand pushing against his chest to guide him before I gave in to the bubbling feeling of pleasure.

Leaning forward, he began to thrust in and out of me building his pace, his testicles slapping in to my ass as he vigorously pushed into me. The friction of this motion started to create my orgasm which was emphasised by his girth stretching my lips and my clit.

I leant back on my hands and let my feet lock tightly around his back as I used my legs to pull him back into me each time he pulled out. My breasts bounced up and down to each powerful thrust as he slammed into me before he leant down to take a nipple between his lips. I could feel an orgasm rise within me and I needed to embrace it.

George had other plans though. He pulled himself out of my pussy and despair built up inside me again, I was nearly there. I felt so empty and I needed him back in me so badly. He pulled me roughly off the dressing table and spun me around. I was his to do with as he wished, completely helpless to his every whim. I bent over in front of him, leaning on my arms looking in the mirror back at him, pleading with my eyes.

My perfectly shaped golden tanned cheeks spread and my lips glistening between pointing back at him. As if under a spell, he knelt behind me slowly. He kissed each of my ass cheeks, hands beginning to caress and knead them. He spread my cheeks wide, kissing along the inside of my crack.

My heart was pounding like crazy I had no idea what his plans were. I had no clue what would happen next. I was quivering with desire, though, and knew I was at his mercy. I could see him staring at my swollen pussy lips or was it my little asshole. He kissed my lips softly, sending thrills up my spine, lapping my pussy from my clit, all the way to the skin between my ass and my lips. I closed my eyes and just allowed the feeling George was giving me was over my body.

“Ohhhh…” I sighed, softly, expecting him to continue doing that.

I was caught off guard when I felt his tongue lick my asshole. Intense waves of pleasure shot through my body. I felt naughty dirty. I had been fucked in the ass and loved it, however, never had I been licked there! This set off entirely different feelings. My entire core was buzzing as he licked around the entrance to my anus, slipping his tongue inside.

“Oh god George…”

He kissed my ass hole one more time, and then stood up behind me. I was gasping for breath, I was so fucking horny. I had trouble standing still, I needed his cock in me so badly.

He found my wet entrance with his thick penis, and he slid into me easily in one hard stroke.

“OHH!” I cried, eyes closing tightly again.

Holding each globe of my ass, he began to slide in and out my pussy again. I opened my eyes to see him watching my ass cheeks shake with each of his impacts, a tremor going through each cheek.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. I didn’t know if dad or Jen could hear and I didn’t care. I only knew that I was loving this.

“OHHHHH FUCK!” I cried, pleasure rocketing up my spine. My orgasm was truly on the way, my entire body was heating up.

“Ohhhh…” I whimpered, biting my lip.

I was bent over before him, submissively, not moving, just accepting each thrust. He grabbed the sides of my ass and rammed himself forward hard.


That orgasm that had been lingering, had now risen to the fore, waiting to explode.

“OHHHH MY GOD!” I whined, my orgasm hit me full force, exploding inside me and then out of me.

The inner walls of my pussy convulsing around him, squeezing and releasing his cock, all of my limbs were tingling, juice flowing down my legs. My body tensed and my legs started twitching again before it felt like they would give way if George was not inside of me and squeezing my hips with his large hands.

In and out, in and out he pistoned, driving into me over and over. He slapped hard against my ass cheeks, making them shake.

Then he slammed his penis entirely into my pussy held it there, his cock jerked in me and his body tensed before his cum fired into me. His cock continued to pulsate again and again as he stood motionless, more semen shooting into me. I looked into the mirror as my senses returned, he moaned silently, collapsing on my back before he slid out of me and I felt our mixed juices flood out and down my legs too.

Suddenly, I was empty but I felt satisfied, a gigantic smile on my face! George stood up and I turned around, we embraced with a quick kiss. Before he pulled up his jeans and tucked himself back in.

“I better get back down stairs” He said and slipped off out of my room again.

Wow again, George really knew what my body needed, I needed another shower but that would have to wait for now, so I pulled my shorts and robe back on and used my panties to clean our mixed juices from my legs.

Then another light knock on my door, what had George forgotten, I opened the door. This time it was dad!

“We’re off out now honey, we wont be late.” He leant in for a hug and kissed my cheek.

God, I hope I was respectable and he couldn’t see any clues of what George and I had just been up to. I really needed my own place!

“Ok daddy, have a great time!” before he stepped back and left.

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