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My gal, Pam, is out of town on a company trip with her boss. No doubt she is getting all she wants. We love being together when she comes by or stays a few days but we both have our other lives and no one is jealous. She kids me about her tall black hair sister who is 28 and 5 years her jr. But it at all times seems like a issue with two sisters when one lives two blocks away.

Yesterday morning I am in the shower and hear someone come in the side door. It’s her sister Sandy and she is calling my name. She say’s my water is off and I am getting in the shower. Thinking she will use the side bathroom I keep showering. Next time I hear her she is just outside my shower curtain saying need some help. I have seen her dark nipple tits and black hair pussy many times but not close enough to touch. By the time she gets in behind me I am hard as a brick. She snuggles up and has a hand around me jacking my dick with those tits pressed against my back. I said..Sandy you finally got me..She said no I am finally going to fuck you.

The teasing has been going for months. We dam near killed each other till about 1pm. Pam called this morning and after the usual how are you doing talk, she ask how’s Sandy. I stuttered a little and she said I told her to take care of you while I was away. I said she minded her older sister well. Pam said if you look I moved the downstairs security camera to the top of the dresser. Loved watching you fuck her. Need to check that out.

NSFW: yes


  1. sliverrainstorm

    She moved the security camera!! Hilariously sly! Hahaha your GF sounds great.

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