Girlfriend & I are late 40’s. She has some pretty intense, pretty exciting fantasizes involving me being with much younger women. She gets so excited & so wet talking about it, and our sex has been incredible!

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NSFW: yes

Last week though she confessed that she wanted some of her fantasies to become a realhas b me to go to a strip club by myself and I don’t feel right about it. And she
seems genuinely let down, disappointed. She knows of a club (she called around) that allows touching,
and she wants me to discover the youngest dancer and see how far I can get. While I have to admit hearing
that got me hard as hl, I have to be realistic. This may be a short-lived thing that she may regret. I
don’t need anyone else, I’m satisfied, but it sure sounds enticing! Has anyone else ever heard of this?
Could she be serious? Or is this something concerning stemming from abuse? Thanks!

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