Girlfriend and the Gym Shower [F25/M30] [interr, cheat, hotwife]


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(This is a work in progress)


Your girlfriend didn’t mean to do it. She loves you very much and wondered she was satisfied with your sex life. But she hadn’t expected what happened when she got a job at the front desk of a gym down the street.

Mostly she was hired to sell memberships, deal with some day-to-day clerical work and look pretty behind the front desk. It was an easy gig and paid alright for the work.

She didn’t have any particular interest in gym rats. She’d been dating you for years and you weren’t all the muscular. But she could turn on the charm when she needed to.

After working there for a month or so, her manager came by the front desk. There’d be a report of a light on the fritz in the change room. The manager wanted your girlfriend to go in and document the exact one so they could arrange for repairs.

Your girlfriend wasn’t dumb. She wasn’t just gonna barge into the men’s change room. That would have been very inappropriate. But she also didn’t want to hang around til after close to do it either.

So when the gym seemed quiet, she went to the change room door. When a client exited, she asked if he was the last one in there. He wondered about it for a second and said, “Yeah, I think so. I wasn’t really paying attention.”

Your girlfriend pulled out the closed for cleaning sign and hung it on the door so no one would barge in. Then she stuck her head through the door and listened. She didn’t hear anything so she wondered she was in the clear.

As she turned the corner, she realized she was wrong. There had been one last man in the change room. He’d been around the corner in the shower and was just now stepping out into the locker area. He had a towel over his head, drying himself, so he didn’t see her there.

He was a tall, muscular black man. At least twice your physical size. But that wasn’t what stunned your girlfriend into silence. Between his legs swung a 13 inch cock the size of her arm. Her jaw dropped.

She’d only fucked a few guys other than you and they’d all been in the 5 or 6 inch range. She’d honestly never considered that dicks got that much bigger. But this man had the meatiest cock swinging between his legs with balls to match and they glistened from the shower.

She’d been so enamored that she’d just been staring silently. So when the man pulled his towel away from his head, he was surprised to see someone standing there. “Oh, fuck!” he shouted. Then dropped his hands and the towel down to cover his crotch.

This broke your girlfriend out of the spell. She looked up to his face and apologized profusely. The man tied the towel around his waist properly and laughed it off telling her she’d scared the shit out of him.

Your girlfriend started to excuse herself when something caught her eye. With the towel around his waist, she could still see the head of his cock swinging below it. The cock was so long. She bit her lip.

“I’m really sorry,” she said. “But I’ve never seen anything like that.”

He was confused for a second. “Like what?”

She pointed at his crotch. “Like your cock. I didn’t know that they grew that big.”

He laughs. Then winks at her and drops his towel. “You like what you see.”

She nodded. “It’s like three times bigger than my boyfriend.”

He laughed harder at that. “That’s really too bad for you.”

She was mesmerized watching it swing in front of her eyes.

He asked her, “Do you want to touch it?”

She nodded but didn’t move. So he walked closer to her so his enormous cock was close enough to grasp. She couldn’t help herself. She ran her fingers down it. Then tried to wrap them around. Her finger tips didn’t even meet. She let out a little moan as she wondered about the cock.

In her soft hands, she could feel his member start to enlarge a little more. She did what came naturally and slowly stroke her two hands down shaft.

He groaned. “Oh my god. That feels so good.”

She looked up from his cock at him. “I can’t believe you’re not even hard yet.”

He smiled. “Keep going and I could be.”

She felt a wave of embarrassment as her cheeks turned red. But she felt something else too. A combination of curiosity and arousal. She licked her lips and still looking into his eyes, she began to kneel down.

With the semi-soft cock at face level, she began to explore it with her eyes and hands. She lifted it, surprised by the weight she felt. Her eyes followed the veiny shaft down to his large, cleanly shaved testicles. With one hand, she reached out and cupped them.

This caused his dick to throb in her other hand. She noticed and looked back up at him. “Do you like that?”

She closed her hands around his balls as he moaned. “Oh yeah, I like that.”

Then she started to play with him fully. Stroking his the length of his cock while she gently pulled and squeezed on his balls, which couldn’t fully fit in the palm of her hand. He started to drip a little from the tip of his cock but he still wasn’t fully hard.

So made up her mind to see if she could get him there.

She used both hands to lift the length of his cock in front of her face, then leaned in. With her tongue, she licked the shaft up until she reached the head of his cock. Pulling back his foreskin, she ran her tongue around the head before travelling back down the cock toward his balls. When she reached them, she opened her mouth and began to gently suck on one then the other. She couldn’t fit them both in her mouth at once, so she moved back and forth.

He was groaning over her. Feeling her warm mouth consume him. He cock that had been arched over her face grew stiffer as blood pumped into it.

Having gotten him completely hard, she pulled away and got back to her feet. Running her hands along his cock as she did. Then she took a little step back to see the large cock in its full glory. She was in awe.

“Oh my god. Your cock is incredible.” She murmured while staring at it intently.

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