One day, a large set of ballistae shot several giant penises onto an immense shadowy figure advancing menacingly. In the heat of the battle, Sasuke woke up on one of those giant penises constantly spewing white juice like Peter North on steroids. Sasuke looked to his right and saw an infinite row of giant penises flying towards the shadowy figure as the men strapped to it were gasping with wide eyed shock as if they realized that they had a boner and wanted to masturbate to a hentai drawing of Hillary Clinton. It was then that he realized that he was strapped onto the dick also unable to move. Sasuke then looked to his left and also saw an infinite row of giant penises. One of the men pointed to a cord flapping in the wind with his tongue and then proceeded to pull it with his mouth. It was then that the strap loosened up allowing him to move freely on the giant disgusting penis. Sasuke did the same and was able to free himself up. “Hey, you!” yelled the strange man. “Yes, you!” “Who? Me?” Sasuke asked. “Who else could it be, you numbskull?” replied the strange man. “What do you want!?” “See those huge balls? You need to lick them furiously like a pornstar on coke.” “What the fuck!?” “Look below! There are dick sharks waiting to feast on you. If the penis stops spewing cum, you will become their meal.” Sasuke looked below and there were indeed what happened to be dick sharks. Immense aquatic dicks that were adapted to maintain their erections inside a giant muscular and intimidating dolphin vagina. They were constantly clapping their sharp teeth like an angry bear or something. Sasuke looked at the balls, they were throbbing like a cancerous cell feeding off the blood of a man who loves bacon. As Sasuke gagged, the surface of the shaft upon which he was crouched down spurt like a geyser which caused him to swallow a bit of cum. “See, these dick geysers will cause the penises to run out of juice sooner than later and before you know it, you will end up dead.” said the strange man. “Why am I supposed to care? It doesn’t matter either way. We’re all gonna die!” replied an agitated Sasuke. “These dick sharks like to fuck people’s asses without lube and then eat their insides.” informed the strange man. “What in the world!? Are you speaking the truth, stranger?” “Yes, of course, that’s how my friends died yesterday.” Sasuke, after regurgitating the cum he swallowed earlier to get used to this really gay feeling, galloped to the two large balls and started sucking on one of them like a real little bitch. It wasn’t long before the penis sprang onward like a large powerful rocket overtaking all other giant penises. Large foamy white clouds flew by his hopeful eyes as he approached the immense shadowy figure. His eyes slowly brightened as the silhouette seemed to suggest that it belonged to a big-breasted blonde woman who happened to be a giant. But to his terror, the shadowy figure turned into the monstrosity that is gender-swapped Naruto. The blond fur on her crotch softly gave way as to welcome the gorgeous man that is Sasuke Uchiha. As he witnessed the horror unfold before him, Sasuke swiftly swung the penis to the other side and directed it towards the dick sharks below him. The end.

NSFW: yes

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