Gf fucked guy during 2 day break I reclaimed her

Gf got fucked during 2 day break

Me and my gf are both 19, we have been together for 2 years, she used to be a slut she suck alot of guys dicks before and used to fuck alot, I never ment to date her but it ended up happening and working out. I have all the time been turned on knowing she used to swallow cum and take cream pies from hookups. We got in some fights and she has been crazy and we broke up for a week I ended up having sex with a sexy middle eastern girl and she found out about it a few weeks maybe a month ago, we were on a week break when this happened in October. We fought about it alot she stayed with me but I could tell she was hurt because she was already kinda insecure and the girl I was with is hotter than her with a big fat ass and nice face. So we got in a fight and decided to take a break. The day after I heard from someone that she was gonna fuck a black guy, all day I was very angry and horny, but I didnt want to talk to her about it because if she wants to do it I cant stop her and didnt want her to tell me she is fucking him I wondered maybe its just a lie or misunderstanding. Then the dude who fucked her texted me saying what happened and sorry ect. I instantly got horny and super angry and insecure. I picked up Madison from her friends house where she went after she hooked up with him. She told me everything, she sucked his dick and then rode him and he fucked my girl from behind and she came on him and they fucked like 3 times taking 2 cream pies and swallowed the cum once. After she told me this my dick was so hard. I asked if he was bigger and she said a little bit but mostly thicker. I was so mad and horny I pulled my dick out grabbed her neck kissed her and rubbed her pussy, she felt so wet and stretched out, I took off her black sparkly panties and slid my dick right in her. I instantly felt how wide she was and wet with cum inside of her I called her my slut and asked her why she fucked him she said that she needed big dick because I didnt fuck her for a week. It took probably 5 strokes until I exploded in her already stretched out cum filled pussy. We went another 4 rounds and I nut so quick each time I wondered about how my girl is a slut and just got nut in and swallowed cum from a guy bigger than me. There was this feeling of insecurity and hornyness that is all natural because of nature and if your girl gets fucked your brain goes into extra horny mode so that you can be the one to have her kids. After nutting in her the last time I was still so hard and horny I felt so small inside of my girls pussy that I felt the cum inside of she began sucking my dick with her long eyelashes and her super long sexy nails I asked her if she wants to fuck him again just testing her and she said yes she wants to cum on him again. I was so shocked she said this because we both never cheated technically and are in closed relationship. I got so horny after she said this and fucked her again and nut quick thinking how she was probably moaning louder with him. I felt like a loser yet so horny. Now I think she is gonna fuck him again and I want the sloppy seconds again, but I feel like a loser and will be fucking my side girl again. Everytime I see her ass I think how a guy bigger than me gave her backshots and when I kiss her big sexy lips I think how she is a slut and sucked the cum out of a guy one day into break. Im getting ready for when she fucks him. I kept her panties from the night she got fucked and it makes me so horny and angry and makes me feel like a loser when I think how slutty she is . Now everyone knows how she gave him pussy and wonders why I am still with her but im addicted to her slutty mouth and pussy. If you want pics of her lmk. Also idk if i should let her fuck him again even tho I would probably watch them then get her sloppy seconds and cum in 3 minutes again. Here is her creampied pussy after I added my nut to her filled up slut pussy

NSFW: yes


  1. willt313

    Does she still respect you and are you embarrassed at times now? I get turned on by the same sort of stuff but am worried about going down that road

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