Gf and the bar owner on vacation – part one

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This story happened 2 days into our vacation in Portugal. We were staying in a small village that was mainly full of locals, and had a few restaurants and bars. Becca was really wanting cocktails so we asked the girl at reception where is the best place to go. She told us about this little cocktail bar that was run by a guy called Leo. We went for food and it was about 9pm when we decided to head over to the cocktail bar. We were greeted by the owner Leo, he seemed like his was in his 40s, muscular create, and was probably over 6 foot. He was really chat and friendly, talking us through every drink on the menu and making small talk with us (his English was very impressive).

This place was very nice, but only had about 6 tables, was really small. He seemed to take a shine to me and Becca (or should I say Becca) she was wearing a great outfit that revealed a lot of cleavage and something that cling to her ass. Before we knew it, it was about 12am and we had sampled so many cocktails. He told us about his wife who had passed away a few years ago and that he had a daughter who he raises on his own. By this point we were the only ones left in the bar and he said he was gonna close but we could stay. Becca asked if she could have a go at making a cocktail as it’s something she’s at all times wanted to try. As she got up to walk around the bar I noticed he stared at her ass the full way. He then followed closely behind her and went to teach her.

I noticed he was stood very close to her and was pressing his body into hers as he was telling her what to do. Becca looked quite flustered at this point and kept moving her away from the neck and that was revealing more skin each time. He closely stared at her neck and looked confused as to what to do. After about 5 minutes Becca walked around the bar and sat back down with 2 cocktails and Leo brought his over as well. They were amazing and Leo was very complimentary of them and said she would make a great barmaid in his bar. She laughed and asked how much he would pay her to which he replied a lot of money if you are up for it. Becca winked at him and said anything for money to which he started laughing and said “oh really like what”. She laughed and said “I’m not a prostitute you know”! “Oh I know far too beautiful for that”. This actually made her blush. She went to the toilet and again his eyes followed her ass the full way there. “You are lucky my friend, I would give anything to see her naked” he told me. “Why don’t you ask nicely and she might show you her tits” I told him back. He looked excited about this and told me he was gonna ask her when she came back. And he stayed true to his word, when she came back he explained the situation and told her I said it was okay. Becca gave me the look and I knew this was her agreeing.

“What do you want to see first she asked him”. “Show me those amazing tits”. She slowly pulled down her dress and revealed her tits to him. “Oh fuck baby they are amazing, making my cock so hard”. “Why don’t you show me how hard” Becca teased. He stood up and unzipped his jeans, he dropped them to his ankles. He then began removing his pants which revealed a rock hard black cock. He was gigantic, his cock was about 9 inches and caught both me and Becca off guard. “Have you ever seen a black cock” he asked her. “Only on porn! Wow I don’t know what to say” was her response. Becca looked at me while she still had her dress down exposing her tits, I could tell she wanted him, I could tell in her mind she wanted his cock in her mouth and her pussy.

NSFW: yes

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