Getting the Dick She Deserves on Vacation


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Meryl and Johnny are all packed up and ready to go. It’s a big trip. Their first grown up vacation on their own. They’ve been dating since senior year of school and in the year since graduation they settled into their first career jobs. After some research, they land on an all-in-one resort on the beach. They plan their activities and leave room for a few beach/pool days. Johnny, being the gallant boyfriend he is, offers to drive the whole 6 hours to the resort.

After checking in, Johnny is feeling a little tired so he lays down for a nap while Meryl goes to enjoy the pool, intent to just enjoy the sun and the cool water. At this point, I must mention that Meryl has a fat ass. Meryl starts working on her tan and after a few minutes she rolls over. She doesn’t realize it but all the sudden she’s getting a lot more attention. Half of the people at the pool are sneaking glances at her ass. A few are just outright staring.

Meryl gets up to go to the water and notices lots of guys and girls being very friendly. It’s been a minute since she was single so she doesn’t realize they are flirting with her right away. When a guy offers to buy Meryl a drink at the pool cabana, a light goes off in her head. Meryl realizes what is going on. She hasn’t felt desired by strangers like this in a minute. She can not help but be a little turned on.

“It’s just a little flirting, he won’t be mad at that,” she tells herself as she lightly flirts with a few different guys. She at all times makes sure to break it off before it gets intense. After all, she’s a good GF. She does notice that all the flirting has built her a little wet but that is totally typical. Johnny won’t mind when he’s fucking her later tonight.

Johnny wakes up and texts Meryl. They meet up and enjoy a relaxing day that ends with Johnny eating her pussy and sliding into her very wet pussy. Her mind can not help but think back to all those guys hitting on her earlier that day.

The second day is spent with scheduled stuff. It’s romantic and fun. Of course, Johnny is oblivious to all the attention she’s getting from the guys on their activities. Some of them from yesterday, some are new to Meryl.

That night, Meryl gives Johnny a long, slow BJ. She builds him up and soon as she notices the signs that he’s close, she slows down and builds him up again. She keeps him up until 3:30 with her luscious lips and then makes sure they get up right at 6 am to get the breakfast buffet. They are getting ready for the pool when Johnny realizes he’s really tired. He thinks he needs another nap. Meryl encourages Johnny to take care of himself and assures him that she’ll be fine while he sleeps.

As soon as the door shuts to the bedroom, Meryl is down to the pool. She immediately lays on her stomach to get her fat ass in the air. She’s soaking in all the attention. Meryl looks around to observe as many looks and stares as she can. She’s getting so wet as she absorbs the attention.

Finally, a guy approaches her. She saw him looking at her the first day. She’s expecting a smooth talking from this guy but instead he’s direct.

“Damn girl. That ass is fantastic. You really must like showing it off. You looking for some fun?” Meryl’s taken aback. But he keeps it up and there’s something that is keeping her in the conversation. They talk for a few minutes. He’s being direct and she’s trying to downplay it.

“I’m just trying to sunbathe and catch a good tan.” Meryl says

“I’ve seen girls sunbathing. You ain’t sunbathing like that. You are trying to show off your ass and get attention,” he responds. She usually would be offended. Implying she’s behaving like a sl… her brain doesn’t even finish the word in her thoughts. But she thinks about what she’s doing. She got her boyfriend to take a deep nap just so she could show off her ass and get attention from guys. She was fantasizing about it last night when she sucked off her BF.

Right as she is thinking about how she wants this to end he offers to lotion her back. Meryl knows what he’s doing. She’s a good girl. Good girls say no to this.

“Sure thing,” she says with a grin. Of course it ends with him feeling up her ass. It’s the first time in 9 months since anyone else felt her ass.His hands felt different. Rougher in some spots, softer in others. He squeezed her ass in a way her BF never did. It got her even more wet

He offered her a drink, up in his room. Meryl knew exactly what he meant. This was her chance to back out. Afterall, it was just a little flirting and a little touch. It wasn’t a relationship ender or anything. Before she could really ponder what she wanted to do she felt her lips moving. Reacting in the way she’s at all times responded to guys since dating Johnny.

“I have a boyfriend.” Meryl blurted out.

“So?” He responded.

It was a simple response but fuck it made the decision easy. With 2 letters, he dismissed Johnny. He did it so easily, why can not she?

“You’re right. It’s not like he’s here.” As Meryl grab his hand and he lead her to the room

They get to the room and it’s on pretty quickly. They begin making out and his hands are on Meryl’s ass right away. He moves her to the bed and tosses her on it. He climbs on and kisses Merl’s neck while he frees her tits. He kisses down to her nipples.

“How long do I have?” He asks

“What?” Meryl responds, too focused on his lips to think.

“Your BF, when do you need to be back?” He responds between kisses and suckling on her tits.

“Don’t you worry about that…. I just want you to fuck me like a slut,” Meryl responds with a primal tone in her voice. He kisses down her body and starts eating her pussy. His hands explore Meryl’s body as he licks up and down her clit. He responds to her moaning and leads her to a strong orgasm. She bucks her hips widely and while she’s on cloud 9, enjoying her orgasm, she feels herself get pulled to the edge of the bed, her legs pushed into the air. Oh fuck. His cock slides in.

Meryl feels a jolt of pleasure run through her entire body. Holy shit the stranger’s dick feels like it’s emitting pulses of pleasure every time he thrusts. She doesn’t even realize how loud she’s moaning as he fucks her. Once he realizes Meryl’s over the post orgasm haze, he flips her over and starts fucking her in doggy. Her fat ass covered in sweat and mostly absorbed sunscreen, making it all shiny. It looks so good as it bounces against his hips as the stranger strokes into her wet pussy.

He’s plowing into her from behind when he asks “does your BF fuck you like this?” Meryl has to really concrete just to mutter a quiet “no” under her breath.

“What? I didn’t hear you,” he says in a commanding tone.

“no,” Meryl says a little bit louder.

“Answer the question slut,” The stranger demands.

“N… No! My boyfriend can’t fuck me half as good as you!” Meryl nearly yells as the truth emerges from her chest.

“Is his dick this big?” He asks.

“No! You’re much bigger than he is,” Meryl responds again between moans of pleasure. He starts really fucking her hard and she cums again. The stranger fucks her slowly as she bucks wildly. He picks up the pace slowly until she’s back out of her haze. He fucks her to another orgasm and then asks

“Where you want my load?” He asks. “I’d love to put it on your ass but your BF might notice that.”

“Cum down my fucking throat,” Meryl responds without thinking. She pulls herself off his dick and pulls him into the bed. She slides off the bed, positions herself so that he can see her ass in the mirror and she starts sucking his big cock. Meryl’s sucking him off so passionately that porn stars would be jealous. She’s almost face fucking herself. She feels him tense up and he lets out a groan. She knows what’s coming. She picks up her pace until she feels him begin to blast off. She relaxes her mouth and throat as he coats her throat. Meryl swallows every last drop.

They collapse but she leaves before she falls asleep. It’s been 4 hours since her BF started to nap. She leaves the room and as she’s trying to navigate herself back to the room Johnny is in, she realizes she was right next door.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Meryl panics. She’s hoping that Johnny is still asleep but when she opens the door she sees her BF on the couch closest to the room she was just in, masturbating.

“Oh shit”, Johnny mutters to himself. He goes on to tell her that ‘some slut’ next door was cheating on her BF and the sex sounded so hot he couldn’t help but begin jerking off. Meryl realizes that Johnny never heard those moans and the primal, sexual tone in her voice.

“Maybe we can roleplay something similar to that?” Meryl offers, relieved that Johnny didn’t recognize that version of her.

NSFW: yes

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