Getting paid for it

“What if you just paid ME?” Holly asked her husband, her eyes wide and playful.

“YOU?” he frowned thoughtfully. “But that’s…I don’t know honey, it’s kind of….” He wasn’t sure how to put it delicately to his sweet wife that he wanted to pay a hooker to do things that he didn’t feel quite right doing to his spouse. How could she figure out?

It first happened when they went to Vegas together a year ago. Advertisement for escorts had been impossible to miss. Sean wasn’t gonna mention them, but Holly had asked him – those girls looked pretty, would he ever want to buy some time with one?

Of course not, he was a happily married man, he answered correctly.

But what if it didn’t bother his wife, Holly had asked. And a whole line of questions and surprising answers had been teased out.

And the next day, he’d bought a hooker while Holly was out shopping, with her blessing. He’d worn a condom, and he fucked that poor little strumpet up the ass until her eyes were watering. He enjoyed her in positions that were really only for his advantage, watched her wince as he jammed into her pussy so deep she cramped and whimpered. He choked her on his cock until she gagged, and painted her face with his semen.

“Ugh, you made my ass really sore” was the last thing she whined from the bathroom as she cleaned herself up before leaving.

“Did you have fun?” Holly had asked him on her return, her eyes strangely shining. And he admitted that he’d had more than fun, he’d had a blast. She’d smiled her dreamy smile and they spoke little of it for a long time.

But now she was asking if he wanted to repeat the experience. He’d answered that he wouldn’t mind, but she added one more twist. What if he just paid HER to do whatever it was he wanted to do with a hooker?

“I don’t think I could do it to you, honey, I like you too much, you’re too sweet” he confessed. Her eyes got big with surprise.

“Oh really, is it that bad? Tell me what you did to that poor girl!” Holly gasped, giggling, curious.

So he told her, a little bit at a time, how he’d used her. How he’d throatfucked her until drool dripped down her chin onto her tits, how he’d pinned her down under him and worked his dick up her tight little ass hole, thrusting up her butt while she yelped like a little prison bitch.

“You REALLY couldn’t do that to me?” Holly asked, a note of faint disappointment in her voice, a pouting frown on her lips.

Sean wasn’t sure that he could, but he did his best to imagine it.

“What if” Holly was turning things over in her mind. “What if we really pretend I’m a hooker. I’ll dress up tacky and change my hair and makeup and show up and tell you I’m….Clissy, that’ll be my hooker name. Come on…would that work, if it wasn’t “me” your wife, if I was just some piece of ass…you could do it then, right?”

Sean’s already raging erection pretty much answered the question for them both. They discussed a few other specifics. What Clissy would endure, how they’d prepare, what signals they should use if things got uncomfortable. And they agreed on a place and time.

A few days later, Sean texted his wife while he was at work. “Saw your profile. How much do you charge for a session?”

“$200. That includes a 20 minute massage, oral, and vaginal, with a condom – Clissy” his dear wife texted back.

“Is the massage optional?” he texted back.

“Sure” she replied.

“Anal?” he texted next.

“Anal is $50 extra. I don’t do it a lot, I might not be good at it” she replied.

“And no condom, I’m clean, if you are I don’t need one” he texted. He was pretty sure his wife wouldn’t make him wear one, but he was curious how she’d respond.

“You’re a crazy perv but whatever, fine, no condom, pretty sure I’m clean too” she texted back. “Your funeral :)”

Sean was shocked when his wife got out of her car in the driveway. He hoped the neighbors weren’t watching – she looked nothing like her usual professional put together self. Her tight tube top showed several inches of belly, her yoga pants hugged her ass and hips, and her makeup was garish and colorful. Her high heels clicked up to the door and she knocked loudly.

She slouched, her purse over one shoulder, looking at him cynically. “You Sean?” she said, in the harsh Jersey accent she’d hidden since they’d met. (She hated it when people discovered she was from Jersey).

“Yeah. Clissy, right?” he mumbled. Holy shit, trashy was a good look on his wife. The tube top made her boobs bulge upward and her ass looked deliciously fuckable in the tacky purple leggings.

“Yeah. Look, I just don’t wanna have my time wasted. You got $250 on ya?”

“Yeah, yeah I do”

“Lessee it then.”

“It’s inside.”

“Go get it then, I ain’t comin in ya fuckin’ house until you at least show me you got two fifty” the whore on his doorstep sneered.

Sean’s heart pounded as he sprinted to his room and grabbed the money, showing it to her cautiously.

“Fine. You try shawtin’ me you might find out that some windows get broken on ya cah sometime, undahstand?” Clissy warned him in her nasal Jersey whine. He nodded.

“Kay let’s get goin” she strutted in and shut the door. “I’m on the clock now, and you didn’t want the massage right? I give a pretty good massage, but if all you wanna do is fuck that’s fine. You need to showah off fist?”

“No, just took a shower” he said, and guided her up to the bedroom.

“Nice place you got heah” she observed as they passed through the house.

In the bedroom, his whore plopped down her enormous purse and took off her heels. “You inta rough stuff?” she asked bluntly. “Not really violent, like I don’t need to slap you around or anything, I might want to go a little hard in your mouth and your pussy. You got a cute mouth” he smiled to her.

“Yeah sure that’s fine, just don’t choke me till I pass out or nothin’. And when you stick it up my ass lemme know you gonna do it, don’t just jam it in, and stick it in slow, I got lube you gotta use m’kay?”

“Sounds good” he agreed as they stripped together. He enjoyed watching her stay in character as she stripped. A mix of casual and sexy, brazen, slutty, yanking off her clothes, groping herself to encourage his appetite. “Yeah you like this ass? I gotta nice ass, I know it. I give discounts on repeat business”

“You’s married aren’tcha? Doesn’t bothah me, just askin” his wife added. “Yeah” he grunted as he tossed his last threads of clothing apart.

“Yeah lotsa married guys need a gal on the side now and then, iffya wife don’t take it like a workin’ gal does” the hooker drawled in her nasal accent as she squatted down to get ready to suck his dick. “I tellya what if I had a guy with a house like this I’d take it up the ass from him now and again, y’know? But people ah what they ah”

He let her slurp his erection into her mouth and bob her lips on it herself for a minute or two. Her long, sharp fake nails dug into his thighs as she clutched him and busily glucked her mouth on his dick.

He was starting to get that strange feeling. Almost like rage. A prickling, irritated hunger. The knowledge that this was his sweet little wife fading, the animal part of his brain whispering that this was a hooker. A whore he’d paid for, that he could use however he wanted.

His hands slid up into her hair, gripped her skull, and he started to fuck her mouth. She didn’t withstand, she just held onto his hips.

“Gllg, hgg, glk, glk, glg” he swiftly rammed his hardon against the back of her mouth five or six times, then let her get a gasp of air.

She spluttered. “Shit you wasn’t kiddin, guess yo-” he cut her off, not caring deeply what her trashy Jersey whore mouth had to say. “Glk, hlllg, glllg” she gagged and choked dutifully as he gripped her head and fucked her sloppy drooling cherry-red lips.

Her throat wasn’t letting him in yet, and the challenge of forcing into it excited him. He prodded and shoved at the back of her mouth, feeling her squirm as her gags made her body spasm. They followed that pattern for a few minutes – him ramming the back of her mouth, her choking, spluttering, gasping.

“Grab your ass” he grunted to her. “Both hands”

“Okay fine but don’t forget to gimme a breath now and then” she whined irritably.

He went back to fucking her mouth, now without the little bit of resistance she had put up with her hands on his hips. He forced into her throat, watching her red eyes throb as he deprived her of air for a second, then sliding out with a wet slurp.

She coughed, sucked in a gasp of air, and he was jamming back in.

Why did he want to hurt this poor little bitch? He wasn’t sure, but the feeling of fucking her little gagging mouth and throat was exhilarating. He kept her at it until spit was globbing down her chin and her eyes were full of tears as she coughed gagging coughs between throatfucks.

“Doin’ okay down there?” he asked her playfully.

“Don’t play stupid games with me asshole you know whatcha’ doin” she squawked up at him indignantly. He laughed.

“Stand up. Face the mirror”

She stood, wiping her eyes and mouth and chest. He got behind her, grabbed her hips, spread his legs to get himself lowered to her height, and entered her cunt swiftly from behind. He immediately started pumping her with hard, jerking thrusts, like a horny dog.

“AH! Fuck…jeeeez” she whined, her hands fluttering up to hold her breasts and keep them from bouncing. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them to her sides, watching the miserable expression she made over her shoulder in the mirror as he made her fat jiggly tits bounce wildly.

He couldn’t tell how much of his wife’s performance was acting and how much was real. In fact, he wasn’t thinking much about Holly, his wife. He would never have made love to her like this. His animal brain had taken over, and that brain accepted that this wasn’t Holly. This was Clissy, a dumb, annoying, trashy, foul-mouthed Jersey-accent whore, and he didn’t give a fuck if he made Clissy cry because he’d probably never see her again. She’d get her money.

Slap, slap, slap. His hips jammed into Clissy’s ass, jiggling her whole body. She moaned loudly with each shove.

Then he took her to the bed.

He laid her on her side. He arranged her how he wanted her, on her side by the edge. He stayed standing. Her bottom leg sticking out between his, holding her other up over his shoulder.

Her startled squawk made it clear she wasn’t used to being penetrated so deeply. He gripped her waist and a handful of her ass. She was a little shallow, and he could feel the resistance of her depth holding him back but he ignored it. He could get so deep into her from this angle, and he didn’t care how much it hurt her.

“OW OW! Fuck…shit…fucking SHIT! OHmygawsh…FUCK!” she hissed and wailed and whined as he pistoned in her cunt. He let her hold her tits at least, but his hungry shoves jabbed her cervix and made her squeal until her face was red from yelling.

After a few minutes, he had to stop. Otherwise he’d have cum in her.

“Mutha….fucka” she groaned, sweaty, limp, her legs falling down off the edge of the bed as he stepped away to catch his breath and swig from the jug of water on the nightstand. “Ohhh my gawsh, you’re kinda a piece of shit you know that? Jeez you hurt my fuckin’ pussy.”

“Not used to getting dick in your pussy?” he teased her.

“Not like that, asshole” she scowled at him, sitting up and squirming her legs together. He let her stand and walk around the room, pouring her a drink of icewater.

“Ready for anal?” he asked smoothly.

“Look, if you’re gonna fuck my ass you gotta do it slowah than that, and you can’t just jam it in like you just did, you know?”

“Oh I know, it’s different. I don’t wanna fuck your butt hard, just slow and deep. I’ll go slow getting it in”

“You betta not be shittin’ me. Fine” she sighed. She retrieved lube from her purse and rubbed it onto his dick as he watched and smiled. Then she applied it to herself, inside and out, pushing the tip of the bottle into her anus and squeezing a gush into her own butthole.

“Kay. If you go haad on my ass and put me in the hospital I’ll killya, got it?” she warned him. He spread out a towel, then bent her over the side of the bed and spread her plump butt cheeks wide. Her crinkly ass hole looked tantalizingly tiny.

He still had almost half an hour.

“Oh…ohhhh, shit” she groaned as he leaned down and started to force past her ass hole. “Shit….gimme a sec. Ugh…okay, go ahead. Slow…oh, fuckin’…fuuuuck” she steadily streamed trashy profanities as he forced open her little anus.

She cried out in real pain as he entered her, and he held still as she clutched the bedcovers. “Fuck you got a good little asshole, bitch…nice and tight” he panted in her ear. “Yeah ya think?” she whined.

He kept spearing into her, deeper, deeper, slowly impaling her fat white whore ass while she whimpered and groaned below him. Getting the last inch into her drew another squeal. Her butthole clamped down on his meat, gripping him hard as the lube helped him move.

Her low groan became a shrill yelp as he gave her her first pump, steadily pulling out, then steadily sliding back in. And he just kept at it like that…steady pull out, steady shove in, sinking into the snug heat of her asshole, forcing her to open up. And every shove made her yell.

He fucked his whore’s asshole, hurting her intimately.

Sometimes she grunted like she was being punched. Sometimes she screamed loud and shrill, short barking yelps. He kept up his thrusts deep in her asshole, plundering her tightness, shoving deep into her guts. Riding her whore ass.

He gripped a handful of her hair and turned her head sideways to study her expression as he assfucked her. Tears ran down her cheeks; she winced, pouted, but mostly just yelled, open mouthed, as he sodomized her with deep greedy selfish shoves.

At no point did she give a hint of breaking character. She was perfectly Clissy throughout, the trashy little cute hooker who needed a quick two-fifty and was eager to do things she hated to get it.

The same numbing, exhilarating rage stayed with Sean as he held himself in check, not pounding her, not going any harder than he really wanted, keeping her in place under him as he savagely enjoyed her fat tight ass.

He came in her without much ceremony, a quivering orgasm that shook him silently and left him utterly spent after he shot jet after jet of semen up her burning hot little ass hole. He pulled himself off her, both of them sweaty, and she laid like a limp rag as jizz streamed out of her puffy, fresh-fucked butthole.

“I still got five minutes left” he chuckled to her playfully. “Fuck you, gimme my money, you ain’t fucking me again” she sighed, rolling over and planting her ass defensively downward on the towel. He handed her her money and she counted it out, wiping her nose and sniffling.

Then her head lifted and his wife’s pleased smile flashed from her watery eyes.

“How was it?” she giggled.

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