Getting naughty in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a gorgeous city in Scotland. Everywhere you look has a view, old town or new town. The best place in Edinburgh is to walk down the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle down to Palace of Holyrood House. My girl and I did this like any tourist would. It was a historic city with filled with picturesque sceneries and great architecture. Behind the Palace of Holyroodhouse is the majestic Arthur’s seat. It’s a hill that you can actually climb with some effort. Once you reach the very top, you’ll have a panoramic view of the whole city of Edinburgh.

So my girl and I climbed the hill and together with some tourists. It is a hotspot for tourists like us who want to take the best photos of the views. Once we reached the top, we took photos and lay down on the thin grass whilst staring at the clouds drifting by the blue sky above us. At Arthur’s seat, tourists come and go. Once you take the photo, you stay for a bit and come down. There’s really nothing there but the view from it is spectacular. My girl and I took shots whilst we were kissing. We took a video of us kissing whilst moving around so the camera can capture the 360 degrees of the view. We didn’t want to come down yet as it was pretty warm. We wanted to rest. So I took out a Wimbledon tennis towel, the same the players use when they play, to cover us whilst we lay down on the ground. There are other people but are quite far from each other.

I teased my girl by caressing her thighs. She was wearing a skirt and a thong. To be honest, I all the time tell her to wear skirts so I can just lift it and bend her over easily when we want to have a quickie anywhere. Because it’s too public, it is impossible to have sex in Arthur’s seat. The most I can do really is to finger her and make her cum. Whilst fingering her slowly, we continue to chat so that other people will not think that something else is happening under the blanket. I knew she was getting more wet and nearing the big O when she parted her legs a bit more to give me more space to manoeuvre my finger. I got a bit nervous because her right knee got exposed when she parted her thighs. Anyway, I continued. She came in about less than 15 minutes. It should have been quicker but I kept stopping as I inspect the surroundings.

She wanted to reciprocate but it was just not feasible. I told her to just insert her hand and grab my dick. She did. I was happy with that. Back in the hotel, I dared her to have sex with curtains open. I told her that I want her to bend over the window and I’ll fuck her from behind. She agreed. She hates when I dare her like that. So we began fucking. We were in the fifth floor and there are building on the other side of ours. Whether they saw or not, I’m not sure but I know that the other side’s windows were clear. Very few have curtains drawn close because it was summer.

She finished but when I was nearing my climax, I told her that I’m coming. She stopped me and told me to come in her mouth instead. I said fine but she also asked me to get a chair and stand on it. I did. She sat by the window ledge and sucked me. Both of us can be seen from the window. I got nervous but I was overcome with horniness when I saw her sucking the hell out of me. I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed most of it. A bit came off her mouth because of the sheer volume of the first bursts.

That concluded that one fine summer day in Edinburgh, Scotland.

NSFW: yes

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