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Hey there my horny readers, the story I’m going to narrate happened around a month ago and in my apartment which I apparently distribute with my roomie, let’s say her name is Sasha, quite similar to her real name, lol.

It was the end of the semester and I came back to my apartment after a long hectic brainstorming session at my university. I was so fckin hungry I dived straight into the kitchen and gulped down the cold pasta from last night. I noticed that Sasha wasn’t here. I then went for a shower and as soon as I was done I felt so tired that I lied belly down on my bed just wearing a towel. Fast forward two hours, I wake up… I open my eyes and was still so tired that I didn’t bother getting up. After a while I felt kinda itchy down there… I scratched my balls and stretched my dick… It was so relaxing. I then don’t know what happened, I suddenly felt kinda horny. Maybe it was coz of the reason my balls were hot and hanging and my dick was pressing down on the bed. Ngl, it felt kinda good. Eventually I got semi hard. I then got up and tucked my dick downwards and just lied down again in the same position. What next?… I fckin started humping the shit outta the bed… I won’t lie to you guys… I was feeling as if I was so loaded up that I would shoot it all over the sheets.

I was about to cum but suddenly I was hit by a sandal… ON MY FCKIN ASS… I screamed in pain and said WTF… The moment I turned, I SAW FCKIN SASHA STANDING RIGHT BEHIND… I was shocked and the feeling of embarrassment just rushed in, even through the veins of my dick, lol. Turns out I took a shower and fell asleep and started humping HER BED IN HER ROOM. I was so tired that I didn’t even realise that I AM IN THE WRONG FCKIN ROOM !

She started hitting me again and again and again… I started apologizing to her but she wasn’t ready to listen. Then all of a sudden she started throwing punches and the worst happened… She accidentally punched my dick, not so hard, but hard enough to make my towel go down. Suddenly she was in utter shock, seeing her roomie buck naked in front of her. Ngl, I was kinda enjoying it… Maybe I had this fantasy in my head all along, to be naked from head to toe and to see my fckin hot fat assed roomie with her sugar tits held in her tight bra. Sasha kept mum and then slowly said I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you down there. I immediately accepted her apology and started apologizing again from my side. I then grabbe6my towel and put it back on. I held her arms and made her sit beside me… I clearly amd calmly explained everything as to why and how this happened. She was such a sweetheart for understanding and also I dunno why I couldn’t help but stare at her body all along.

She then cooled down her anger, I brought her some water and I told her that I’ll wash her sheets (coz all of that precum that sorta lubed that bedsheet, lol)… She told me not to worry about it and EVEN SAID THAT IT’S HER FAULT COZ SHE SHOULD’VE KNOCKED. Damn man, this gesture of her made me fall for her even more. It was such a wholesome moment that I just went in for a hug. Little did ai know, my foot would get stuck in that long ass towel and I would trip and fall on her…

I was ON TOP OF HER, with my dick hanging out amd guess what… Her face on the bed right where the bedsheet was filled with precum. Damn… She was frozen. I said hey are you alright… She said in a calm and nervous voice ‘maybe’. I could see her right cheek covered with my sticky precum. I took my hand and tried to wipe it off her face.

As I was doing this, THIS HAPPENED !!!

She stopped me, held my hand and SHE FCKIN LICKED MY FINGERS. i couldn’t just believe as to what was happening at that moment. All I know was that THIS IS IT… I could feel her getting excited and nervous at the same time. She came closer and whispered in my ear… “I WANT ALL OF IT”. Then what… I just obeyed her orders man… I held her tiny waist and threw her back on the bed. She started teasing me… My naked body made her wet… She spread her legs wide aside… I could see her satin grey panties getting wet. I got hard… She saw my cock and was about to jump to my cock that suddenly I held her hair and her neck and threw her back. She gave me that scared and seductive sensual look… I was droooooooling… She again pounced but I threw her back again. I jumped on her and held her by her neck, softly… Caressing her body… I dunno what got on my mind… I suddenly tore her black crop top she was wearing. By the look sne gave me… Fck… She was all in. I then started to squeeze the shot out of those titties. I pinched and bit her perky nipples. She let out a short painful moan… I said should I go on, she said, DON’T FCKIN STOP UNTIL YOU MAKE THESE CHERRIES RED… Then what… I did what she said… Her nipples were so sore that I then moved on and started suck6and licking all of her body… I then slapped her inner thighs and spread her red thighs aside… I took off her panties… Licked them up and stuffed it in her mouth… She gave me a naughty smile… I dived straight into here pussy and started lick6and sucking her clit… The more I stimulated her clit, the more she quivered and moaned in extreme pleasure… I used my fingers then, to put her under the effect of extreme pleasure sensation. Her pussy juice was oozing out as I continued to moan… I made her cum 2 times after that… She was so tired but she was not done… She started to literally cry… I made sure that she was okay… she said she’s totally alright… She told me not to make her wait anymore as she was so down for a pounding….. Then I kissed her and promised her to make her cum once again. My cock was leaking so much precum that you couldn’t imagine. I took control of her.. once again… Rubbed her pussy… She let out a loud moan… I rubbed the precum all over my cock and then came the moment…. I took my dick and placed it on her pussy hole… I asked her is she ready… She said yes she is… As ready as a desperate fckin wet pussy whore… Ready for my cock.

I then slowly pushed my cock into her tight hole… I went halfway first.. but then she clawed my hips and pushed my entire dick in her…. SHE FELT SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOODDD… Trust me, when I tell you that the deeper I went, the more she quivered and started shaking and moaned so fckin loud… I thrusted my cock in and out… It felt as if her pussy was trying to squeeze the juics outta my cock… She constantly screamed in pleasure and begged me for my cum… I gave in as I suddenly couldn’t control no more… I told her I was about to cum and the moment I was gonna pull my dick out, she just thrusted her pussy on my dick…. I fckin lost it… It was like something one never expects amd experiences… She squeezed my hips harder and I finally came inside her and we finally climaxed together… I flooded her pussy with my load… We both lied down on each other for a few minutes and were outta breath…

She told me that from now on you can sleep wherever you want… But you can only hump my busty ass… Obviously I agreed… We then cuddled and slept the whole day… Damn… Still get hard thinking of that day…!

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NSFW: yes

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