Getting Laid Off Isn’t At all times So Bad [M32/F33] [First-Time] [Coworkers] [Office] – Short Sex Story

I was excited.

It was Friday in the office. The week was over. But that wasn’t why I was excited.

An email ticks in. Our division was shutting down. I had no more job. But that wasn’t why I was excited, either.

It was Tara. Tara was the reason I was happy to hear the news of the business finally closing us down. Now, let me explain.

Tara was the cute girl at work. She started when I started a decade ago when we were fresh out of school. Maybe it was that particular fact that made us great friends from the begin, but we connected. We were through everything together. You never realize spending 40 hours a week with someone builds you into best friends, but that was us. Now, Tara and I weren’t really attracted to each other from the begin. We were just out of school. Our first corporate job. We weren’t really focused on romance at the time. That said, I wondered she was pretty, and she wondered I was handsome.

The thing is, our business had a really strict “no-dating policy”. Which at the time was no big deal. We were in our 20s. We were gonna go wild. There were plenty of other fish in the sea, this pond could stay off limits. So sure, we may have flirted a bit at happy hours, but it all the time stayed that way.

As the years went on, and we got older and matured, we started to get tired of the 3am Saturday nights. We started thinking of slowing down and finding people we enjoy. It was about 5 years ago when I got my first flirty text from Tara. She must have been drinking at the time, but it kickstarted a few more flirt sessions over the next months. We both wondered it harmless. The business didn’t have a a “no-flirty text” policy. We weren’t dating, and we weren’t having sex. So how could it be a issue? Well, what we didn’t expect was how into it we’d get.

It started out slowly. Just some shy casual flirting. Exchanging casual thoughts on what we’d do on a date, etc. It next stepped into a little more raunchy messages. Usually jumping directly to the post-dinner part of the date. Then it escalated into explicit conversations on sex. This took off into deeper and deeper sexual fantasies until soon we knew what made each other tick. We could turn each other on like a lamp. It was amazing. Deep conversations about fantasies and ideas that we explored. All of it in the safest space. She never judged me, and I never judged her.

Now you see. I was excited because years of this flirting had come to an end. We weren’t employed anymore. While that sucked, this was the silver lining. Although, for some reason the silver lining made him so happy. Maybe this was great news after all. Years of passionately flirting over texts was now officially gonna lead to the real deal.

I look down at the clock and it’s 2:30pm. The email had us staying in the office until 4pm for paper-work reasons. An hour and thirty minutes and I’m gonna discover Tara and take her home.

My knee is bouncing. I’m looking around for her. She actually moved to the other side of the office a year ago, so I didn’t have a direct line of sight. I wondered about just walking over to her. It’s not like HR is gonna show up immediately. I shoot her a text message saying, “I guess there’s a silver lining. After work. You and Me. ;-)”.

I giggle. She’s gonna love that. I can feel my knee bouncing faster and faster. I really don’t do patience well.

I decide to just head to her desk. I walk to the other side of the building past the clumps of people gossiping about what happens next. I turn the corner and don’t see Tara at her desk. I feel a little deflated. I wanted to distribute in the excitement. My phone buzzes.

“Conference Room 10F. NOW!”

I book it, nearly taking out a trash can on the way. “Fuck, that hurt”. I walk off the injury. This is game time. I cannot be side-lined. I see room 10F. It’s the small closet size room that people only use for one-on-ones and because it is in a weird spot, it rarely gets used. Which is perfect, because I’m about to have a one-on-one exit interview with Tara.

I knock first, “Tara?”

“Hurry up!”

I open the door enough for me to slide in. The room is dim. Tara used the projector light button to set the mood. You have to respect a resourceful girl. She was leaning up against the small table, her blouse unbuttoned one or two more than work appropriate.

“Hello, sir. I was wondering if I could talk to you about my bonus. I know I haven’t been doing too good, but maybe there’s some extra work I can do to make it up to you. Really. Any… job. I can handle it. Don’t make me get on my knees and beg you, sir.”

I bite my lip to hide the smile. God damn, I probably will marry this woman. You see, that’s how one of my favorite roleplays with her started. She came up with the idea and by the end of her story I shot a load halfway across my bedroom (I may have told her that too. Just not right away. I was a little embarrassed).

“I think you need to beg.” I said, in the most convincing tone I could muster with my body shaking from excitement.

And THAT is what she did. She went down on her knees. She reached up to my bulge, and she rubbed it. Oh, let me tell you. This was edging to the max. For years I’ve flirted with this girl. For years she knew every trick in the book to make me go wild. She had with her the ultimate playbook to my sexual desire and she was now able to use it. The fire that I felt that moment made my face bright red. Even Tara was a little shocked.

“Oh, sorry. You ok.” She apologizes as she pulls her hand away and starts to stand.

I pull her hand back. “No. No. No. Stay. Sorry. That felt electrifying. Keep doing the fantasy.”

Tara smiled and I could see the wondered finally clicked in her head. She had the code to all of my wildest orgasms. The look on her face when she realized that the two of us had years of fantasies to finally act out. The grin. Just that alone would have set me off.

I could tell that now she knew. She wondered of every word I said in the fantasy. Of every action I asked for and performed them for me better than how I had fantasized them. By the time she let me hit my first orgasm I nearly collapse. Tara had to catch me and set me into a chair. My eyes flashed white. My knees were weak. I had pins and needles all over. I was told I kept saying, “Oh my god. Oh my god.” for a minute straight, but I really cannot remember. What I can say is that when my vision came back and her face and body came into focus I met her gaze.

“Well played.” I grinned. “My turn.”

[To be continued? Tell me what you think.]

NSFW: yes

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