Getting fucked by my old 60 Year old neighbor in his sons room. – Short Sex Story

A couple years back, I lived next to a dad and a son. He was my age and we had been having sex for years. His dad was a busy guy and was never home when i was around but when he was, i’d make it mission to get attention from him. I’d walk around my yard in slutty clothes, bend over for mail, sun bathed nude, ETC. One day while my friend was away his dad came and knocked on my door. We talked for awhile outside until he said something along the lines of how feminine my body looks, and that he finds me attractive even though he isn’t gay. We talked for a little more till we finally managed to begin talking about actual sexual things we’d do to each other. I got his number and we set up a sneaky link while nobody was home at this place. A wore a black hoodie, and some jeans with a pink thong and bra. As soon as he i walked in he led me to his sons room. He didn’t want me in his room for some reason but i didn’t ask why. He closed the door, watched me strip down and i proceeded to get on my knees and unbuckle his pants. He was still soft but he had told me that he took a viagra and was waiting for it to kick in. I started jacking him off till it became hard and then proceeded to suck his dick. He face fucked me for like 10 mins straight😂. Pretty soon he came all over my face but he wasn’t done. He turned me around, put on a condom (i didn’t tell him too) and started to fuck me senseless until i came all over his sons sheets. After everything he told me to leave through his back door and hop the fence to my house. Overall It was an amazing experience!

NSFW: yes

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