Getting fucked by a stranger at an adult sauna (FTM 22) – Short Sex Story

Hi everyone, I’m a trans guy in an open relationship with a cis guy and this is my first sexual experience I had at a sauna.

I had never been to a sauna before, let alone an adult one. I arrived, paid the entry fee, was given a key for a locker and I went in. I was immediately met with people, mostly men, of all different ages and body types. I was a little nervous at first, so I went to sit down at the bar and have a soda water. I got talking to this trans woman, who calmed my nerves a bit.

Next it was time to get naked. I had top surgery years ago, and that’s the only surgery I’ve had, so I look very male from the waist up. My scars had faded, and in the dim light of the sauna, I don’t think anyone would look too close for too long. Regardless of that, if I took the towel off, everyone would get to see my lovely little T cock and bonus hole.
I took my clothes off in the locker room, and wrapped the towel around my waist before I started exploring the sauna. There were some couples rooms, some open showers, a voyeur room, a hot tub, and a sauna, all pretty normal things I would imagine.

As I moved from one location to the next, peaking in and exploring each room, I discovered one of those full body glory holes, the kind where you lie your whole body down and someone fucks you without seeing who it is. I made note of this, and rushed back to the locker to message my partner, who eagerly said I should go get fucked on it. He really gets me.

After another lap or two of the place, I decided it was time. I walked into the room, locked the door behind me, took my towel off and grabbed a condom. I climbed up onto the platform and shuffled my lower half through the hole in the wall, spreading my legs as wide as I could and resting them against the leg rests on the other side of the wall. I then waited.

As I lay there, legs spread, rubbing myself gently, men would walk into the room and watch for a bit before walking out again. Some stayed for a bit, others left immediately. A few people told me that they’ve never had a trans man at this sauna before, so it was no surprise some people were a little confused by me. I didn’t mind, I knew someone would come along eventually, because who would want to pass on a bit of free pussy?

As I slowly jerked my little T cock, eventually one man came in. He stood there and watched as I touched myself and spread my hole open. He soon dropped his towel and my heart dropped. It was about to happen. I was about to get fucked by this stranger.

He grabbed the condom I offered him and began touching me all over, rubbing my little cock and hole with his thumb, before rolling the condom on, covering me in a nice handful of lube and sliding his dick inside me. It felt so hot to be used by someone who I couldn’t see, as I lay there and got pounded. He touched me all over, and judging by his hand and arm hair, he was probably in his 50s or 60s. To him, I was just a desperate little hole waiting to be fucked.

After a little bit, his cock started losing stiffness, so he pulled out much to my dismay. But he wasn’t through with me yet. He began fingering me in a way I had never felt before. It was a little uncomfortable, but in a good way, almost like my body wasn’t sure how this new person would touch me. Every now and again, he stretched his arm through the hole to feel my chest. I wonder if he knew I was trans, or what that even meant. Still, he finger fucked me until I came over and over again. As soon as I wondered he was done, he would begin rubbing me again until I was screaming and moaning from the pleasure his fingers were giving me.

Every now and again, another man would walk in and watch as this stranger fingered my slutty little hole, and I loved the feeling of being so open and exposed and used. This man did not care about his own pleasure by the end of it, only my own, as I panted and moaned on the platform in front of him, taking turns with him to rub my little cock. I wished he had sucked it a little too.

He made me cum one final time, my hole feeling open and used, and I began to shuffle out of the hole again. I wrapped my towel back around my body, and went back into the hallway, my mystery man nowhere to be seen. I wonder how many people could hear my screams of pleasure from outside the room?

Thanks for reading! This is my first time posting and I’m a little nervous. If this goes well, I’ll distribute the story of the orgy I was in the middle of 😉

DMs are open too, I’d love to sext with someone 😉

NSFW: yes

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