Getting fisted for the first time [36F]

The first time I got fisted was a few months ago with a guy i like to sleep with. We had been teasing each other all day / night (i loveee teasing him while he’s at work), and I was already so aroused that my body was trembling with anticipation. We spent hours exploring each other with our hands, our mouths, and our tongues, until I was so wet that I could barely contain myself.

When he finally worked his way up to my pussy, I gasped out a moan of pleasure. I could feel him stretching me open as he slowly worked his fingers in one by one until he had worked his entire hand inside me, and I felt a wave of pleasure rush through my body. The sensation was so intense that I couldn’t keep from screaming out in pleasure and moans.

As my husband kept fisting me, I felt a deep-seated pleasure that I had never experienced before. I was so aroused that I was begging him to keep going, and before I knew it, I was quivering with pleasure and cumming so hard.

I wonder will i be able to take it while having a plug or even another fist in my ass

NSFW: yes

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