Gentle granny next door – Short Sex Story


while gyms were closed during one of the covid phases, I went over to do home workouts instead of the daily gym visits. I was surprised how good that worked out for me. I did my workouts in my flat, sometimes also some pushups on the balcony. One day my neighbor, Elke, saw me. Elke is a real lady. She is around 60 years old, has dark blonde, long hair, wears glasses with a big black frame, green eyes, is around 165cm tall, a slim figure. She was on her balcony (next to mine) and enjoying the sun in her pink bikini.

On that day I did some upper body workout. Started with pullups inside and then some different chest variations outside. Elke saw me and said “Hey, good form, I see you enjoy the good weather as well”. I stand up, saw over to her “Hello, yes, I like it when its warm.” She replied “well I should do some workout as well but cant motivate myself to do it alone”. Well, that was my chance “Come over and we can do some exercises together”. She smiled and stood up.

I opned the door for her. She stand in front of me. Still wearing her pink bikini. Her all her nails were in the same color as her bikini. You could see her age but it looked gorgeous and sexy. She entered my flat, walked past me and I could see her butt. Very well rounded and juicy.

She walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. She looked at me and said “You can start and train your abs in front of me” I was a little bit surprised since I did not expect her to take the lead. But her voice and all was very naturally dominant. I walked to her, sat myself on the floor and was about to begin doing some crunches when she said “stop, first of I want you to take of that shirt and I want you to do sit ups. You can clamp your feet under the couch”. She was pointing at the couch she was sitting on. I did so, first took of my shirt, then clamping my feet under the couch right where she sat. It was a beautiful view. With every repetition I got very close to her. Her feet were placed right next to me at around the place where my butt was placed. Every time I got up, I ended with my upper body between her knees.

The whole situation made me very horny. I could not help myself but my dick started to get hard a bit. Erika musst have seen that. She had a smile, blushed a little bit and said “uhh, seems you like the exercise very much”. She then put her right leg up and placed her feet right over my cock and rubbed it through my shorts. My dick very fastly got very hard in my pants. I loved the feeling how she pressed her sole against my cock, rubbing it. She enjoyed it also, than placing her other feet right in my face “suck my big toe like a good boy” She said gently with a smile on her face. I did so, sucked her big toe deeply and passionate. She started to moan and rub more intense. This lasted around 3 minutes till she said “Be my good boy and cum for your granny”. I did so immediatly, bursting my load into my shorts. She continued for a little bit, than stood up, smiled at me, lying in front of her. “See you tomorrow” and she left.

NSFW: yes

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