Generational Divide

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am a married man in his 50’s. I love my wife; but, our bedroom is dead by her decision. I wish I could tell you why she no longer desires any intimacy. It sure is not from the lack of trying on my part. I am not happy about it, but I have stayed with her. Really wondered that I would adjust to this new reality. However, after getting picked up by a couple at a bar and having some the best sex of my life with the wife, as her husband watched, I realized that a sexless life is not for me. And, since the wife refuses to talk to me about our sexless marriage, I decided to go in search of that physical aspect that I am needing.

I work in a high stress environment in health care industry that is dominated by females. Working 12 plus hours a day can bring you close to your fellow co-workers. As the years and decades have moved on, a lot of my fellow older workers have left the field. This created a hole that had to be filled by the younger generations. So, here I am, a 50 plus year old with decades of experience working side by side with girls who are fresh out of college. One of those co-workers was a young 26 year old named Natalie. She was not a super model, she never wears makeup, and she has a very dry personality. If that doesn’t paint a picture for you, Natalie is a very thin, flat chested girl with solid black hair and she at all times wears her hair up.

For the first few months of us working together, I learned that she was most definitely single and, come to figure out, had never had a boyfriend. Most of my fellow co-workers wondered she was a lesbian. But, I did not get that vibe from her. She was just shy and unwilling to change her appearance for anyone. Well, considering the way things were for me at home, I grew closer to Natalie than I should have. One night during our break, we found ourselves in the break room alone. Natalie was listening to a Southern Blues band who I actually knew. As we began to talk about music, Natalie said that the group she was listening to was gonna be in concert at a bar in town. It was her favorite group and she really wanted to go. However, since it was in a bad part of town, and given that she was a small, white female she did not fell comfortable going alone. I really have no idea what came over me, but I suggested that we go together. To say that she lite up at that point would be a enormous under statement. So, she immediately jumped on her phone and purchased two tickets for us.

I didn’t really think much of it at the time, but as the weeks counted down to concert date, Natalie became a whole new person around me. We grew closer as she began to talk about her past. That was when I realized she had never had a boyfriend, was most definitely a virgin, and was not a lesbian like everyone wondered. As the night of the concert arrived, I told the wife I was heading out. She knew I was gonna a bar for a concert. And, she didn’t give two shits. So, off I went to pick up Natalie. To my utter surprise, Natalie not only had on makeup, but she was wearing her hair down. And, much to my surprise, she had on a very tight pair of pants and a crop top that outlined her small breasts very well.

I complimented her on her appearance, as she was giving me a hug hello. What Natalie didn’t realize was that I knew the bar owner and had a arranged a “Meet and Greet” with the band back stage. Natalie not only got to meet her favorite band, but got to take several pictures with them as well. Then, we got escorted to a VIP table in the balcony overlooking the band and the gigantic open area where Standing Room Only packed in. Natalie had the time of her life. During the course of the concert, she consumed four mixed drinks and two beers. Natalie not only became very flirty with me, but very handsy as well. To say my dick was hard the entire evening, would be a big understatement. In fact, close to the end of the concert, Natalie began to rub my dick over the top of my jeans. She wasn’t looking at me, but I know she was doing it on purpose.

As the concert ended, we proceeded to head back to her place. I walked her up to her apartment and was gonna leave when she threw herself into my arms and kissed me. I was shocked at first. But I quickly responded by wrapping my arms around her as she shoved her tongue into my mouth. Natalie, didn’t say a word. She opened her door, and pulled me inside. Once the door closed, her clothes hit the floor. As she stood in front of me completely naked, she did a little spin. Her ass looked so tight I swear you could bounce a quarter off it. Then, she pulled me into her bedroom and helped me out of my clothes. After several minutes of making out on her bed, I felt Natalie reach down between us and position my rock hard cock at the entrance of her virgin pussy. I looked directly into Natalie’s eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want this?” Natalie looked up at me and replied, “I have been wanting this for months. I have fantasized about this moment from the first night we worked together.” “And, you realize I am married. I can’t give you a relationship that you deserve?” Natalie laughed and said, “I don’t want a relationship. I just want to experience sex like everyone else does. And, I want to experience it with you.”

That was all I needed, I slowly pushed forward sending my cock into her virgin pussy. Natalie was so tight, I really had to go slow. I went very slow for quite some time in order for her to get used to my size; as well as to keep from cumming too quickly. We continued to kiss deeply as I slowly moved in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Then, Natalie broke our kiss and said, “Enough of the slow shit, show me what a man can do! And don’t worry about cumming inside me. I bought a ‘Plan B’ just for this night.” And there it was. Natalie giving me permission to fuck the hell out of her and not have to worry about cumming inside her. I immediately started to pick up the pace as Natalie pulled her knees up to her chest. This caused me to go deeper inside her. In fact, each time I bottomed out inside her, I could feel my cock hit her cervix.

With her knees pressed against her small breasts, it took only two minutes for Natalie’s first orgasm to hit. She slapped both hands over her mouth as her orgasms washed over her body. I could feel her pussy constricting my cock as she screamed into her hands. I continued to lay pipe as her body finally relaxed. “Holy fuck! So that is what I have been missing all these years.” She pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply. I was really gonna town when she stopped kissing me and said, “I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel a man shoot his cum deep inside me.” It was so sexy and so unexpected, it sent me over the edge. I pushed in one last night before feeling the first shot of cum splash Natalie’s insides. As I was cumming, Natalie had her second orgasm of the night. There we were, locked together in orgasm, feeling the other get off. It was amazing and I didn’t want it to end.

Once we both finished, I pulled out of Natalie and laid on her bed beside her. She turned to me and placed her head on my chest and her hand on my cum covered cock. She slowly stroked me, keeping me rock hard. We talked for a few minutes before Natalie got up, and slowly impaled herself on my cock. She looked amazing. Sweat dripping down her breasts, hair falling down around her face as she slowly fucked herself on my cock. I took benefit of the position and reached up and began to slowly play with her breasts. Pinching and pulling her nipples made them stick out and swell up. This seems to really turn her on, because Natalie began to bounce up and down my shaft telling me she was gonna cum. And then, all of the sudden, Natalie’s entire body froze, her back arched and she took in a gigantic gulp of air. Then, it snapped back and she screamed out that she was cumming. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock as her orgasm continued for almost half a minute.

Once she was done cumming, Natalie crawled off my cock and got down on all fours; sticking her gorgeous butt up in the air. I didn’t need to be told what to do. I got in between her legs and slowly pushed my cock deep inside her from behind. I grabbed both her hips and began to fuck her hard and fast. This must have been exactly what she wanted, because within less than a minute of fucking her from behind, Natalie screamed into her bed spread as another orgasm took control of her. We continued to fuck her thru that orgasm and two more before I sent my second load of cum deep inside her. Once I began to soften, I pulled out as Natalie collapsed forward. I laid down again as she curled up to me. I wrapped my arms around her as our bodies recovered.

We must have feel asleep, because I was awoken to a soft pair of lips sucking my cock back to life. Once I realized where I was and who was sucking my cock, I let go and just enjoyed watching Natalie suck her first cock. I showed her what I liked. Told her to curl her tongue around the under side of my shaft as she bobbed her head up and down. After several minutes, she climbed back up on top of me and we slowly fucked. The feeling was amazing. To be wanted again was all that I needed to discover my mojo. I wrapped my arms around Natalie, and while still buried deep inside her, I picked her up and walked her to the kitchen. I placed her ass on the counter and began to fuck her hard. We continued to kiss until her next orgasm hit. This time, she raked my back with her finger nails as she came on my cock. I could feel myself about to cum as well and told her to drop down and take my cock into her mouth. Natalie immediately hopped off the kitchen counter and took my cock down her throat. Once I felt the head hit the back of her mouth, I grabbed her head, and let loose with my third load of the night. Since this was the first time having a man cum in her mouth, I wasn’t sure if she would like it or not. But, much to my surprise, she swallowed every drop and sucked me clean.

Unfortunately, it was time for me to go. So, she walked me back into her room to get dressed. That was when I realized, Natalie had other plans. She jumped onto her bed and wiggled her ass at me. “If you are willing to stay, you can take my anal virginity as well.” I knew I needed to go, but my cock had other ideas. There is something about a young, gorgeous girl offering her ass to you that makes all decisions mute. She even had lube in her hands. So, I stripped back out of my clothes and took the lube from her. We spent the entire night exploring her new sexuality. I didn’t make it home until late the next morning. The wife could care less. I told her I had too much to drink and crashed at Tony’s place; the owner of the bar who is my friend. I was tired, dehydrated, and sore as hell. But, I knew I had found the answer to my sexless marriage. Natalie and I would have many more adventures together while it lasted.

NSFW: yes

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